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You win when this giant collapses

10. August 2018, the jury, on behalf of Dewayne Johnson, closed the claimant in a very historic case towards Monsanto (now owned by Bayer AG). Johnson, the first of several hundreds of pending authorized instances, claimed non-Hodgkin's lymphoma brought on by the Roundup, a herbicide herbicide.

Forty-six-year-old Johnson sprayed about 150 liters of Roundup 20-40 occasions a yr, working as a land supervisor for the Beniche faculty district in California from 2012 to 2015. In 2016, a lawsuit delivered to her incapacity, accused Monsanto of hiding Roundup's health hazards.

Based on the judgment, Monsanto has acted as nausea or oppression "and was responsible for" negligent failure "because it did not warn consumers about the carcinogenic effect of this dangerous weed killer. The jury ordered Monsanto to pay Johnson $ 289 million to Johnson. The judge accepted the guilty verdict, but lowered the damage to $ 78 million.

Jury Decision: Roundup Culprit & # 39; Cancer in Another Test

19. March 2019, the United States jury decided Roundup to be a major cause of another applicant's cancer. Edwin Hardeman. In the second phase of the trial, the judges decide whether Bayer / Monsanto will act by default and that he will have to pay damages.


Hardeman's lawyer Jennifer Moore said he was "very happy that the jury was unanimous that Roundup induced non-Hodgkin's lymphoma."

After August 2018, Bayer's shares have fallen by more than a third, and they lost about $ 28.2 billion of the company's market value, according to the Financial Times. growing list of glyphosate cases pending in US courts – 11,200 in the most recent calculation – investors have every reason to feel ashamed. you do not The company was working properly and therefore not responsible for the damage, it is likely that Hardeman's jury is convinced and furious about the evidence, as Johnson was.

In the Johnson case, the evidence presented contained email correspondence and business documents that created a comprehensive report on corporate abuses and co-operation with US regulatory agencies


You can view many of these "Monsanto Papers" websites on the US Knowledge Web site. Hardeman's main documents are also available there. Some of the evidence against Monsanto has also been summarized in the article "Spinning Science & Silencing Scientists: The Case of the Chemical Business Affecting Science" – a report on minority administration, dated February 2018, prepared for members of the US Scientific Committee.

"The Monsanto Papers: Poisoning the Scientific Nicely", published in the International Journal of Risk & Safety in Medicine, June 2018 Leemon McHenry describes the importance of document caching:

”Documentation Writing Monsanto Sponsored Articles toksikologialehdissä and newspaper media, interference of peer review, the effects of the rear of women repossession and the creation of the so-called academic website the defense front part of Monsanto products … the third

-party use of researchers in the defense businesses of glyphosate reveal that this practice extends beyond the medical corruption and will continue in spite of the efforts aimed at ensuring the industry transparency of manipulation.

Scientific evidence of glyphosate-based herbicides is growing

In view of the evidence presented against Roundup and other glyphosate-based herbicides, I think the days of the chemicals are numbered. As previously discussed in many articles, glyphosate and glyphosate-rikkaruohomuotot have in recent years joined the wide variety of human health effects, including:

  • Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
  • body's ability to produce fully functional proteins
  • Shikimaattiradan Blocking (found in intestinal bacteria)
  • Disrupting the Function of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes for Vitamin D Activation and Nitric Oxide
  • Important Minerals Chelating
  • Disruption and Transport of Sulphate Synthesis
  • Interferes with the synthesis of aromatic amino acids and methionine leading to folate and neurotransmitter shortage
  • Decomposition of microbiomas acting as an antibiotic
  • Weakening of the methylation pathways
  • Preventing the release of thyroid stimulating hormone, which can lead to hypothyroidism
  • Promoting chronic kidney disease by facilitating tremors release of alleles such as arsenic and cadmium into the kidneys

Reduction of poisoning because your body can replace the glycine molecule in glyphosate with amino acid glycine. Glycine has been used in the detoxification process. Due to the toxicity of glyphosates, many of us may not be sufficient for effective detoxification. The 11 pesticides included in this study were:

  • glyphosate
  • chloropyrpyrr
  • diazinon
  • azephat
  • malathion
  • Permethrin
  • bifenthrin
  • methyl bromide
  • imidacloprid
  • ] Myclobutanil

According to time:

”Overall, the study involved nearly 38,000 people with 2 961 cases of autism. The researchers found that pregnant women who lived within a radius of 2000 meters from a highly sprayed area were 10-16% more likely to be diagnosed with autism than women who were living further from the injected areas…

On average, they detected 30% higher children who had been exposed to pesticides when they were in the womb. Exposure to the first lifetime increased the risk of autism by up to 50% compared to those not exposed to certain pesticides.

Glyphosate Harms Wildlife, scientists warn

In related news, researchers also warn of glyphosate-based herbicides that can damage animal species and insects at the bottom of the food chain. According to Environmental Health News:

”According to long-term thinking, relatively benign plants and animals are evidence that the active substance in Roundup, glyphosate, can affect the metabolism, growth and reproduction of aquatic organisms and may change

One such study, published last year, found glyphosate-based Formulations that "affected normal cellular respiration and fats metabolism" in Folsomia Candidia, a soil species observed in the soil. oxidative stress and loss of biological life cycle mechanism such as molting and reproduction.

In this case, the adjuvant-surfactant polyethoxylated tallowamine (POEA) was identified as the primary guarantor, not isolated as glyphosate. According to the authors, this refers to "the toxicity of the formulated product to the excipient as an alternative of the lively ingredient, glyphosate."

Different research have confirmed that glyphosate-based formulations are more poisonous than glyphosate isolation. Even otherwise inert elements can contribute to toxicity. As reported by the scientific group in 2014,

”Glyphosate An important adjuvant for Roundup formulations is clearly cytotoxic to human cells earlier than the good thing about glyphosate and its metabolite. It also strengthens the poisonous effects of glyphosate…

It is extremely possible that Roundup's main target, particularly its POEA surfactant, is mitochondria, which play a key position in the improvement of sperm and sperm motility. In addition, male infertility could also be as a consequence of ROS injury to mitochondrial DNA. ”

Glyphosate alone can also be associated with numerous drawbacks in animals, together with water fleas, mosquitoes, bees, mussels and crabs. Glyphosate has additionally been recognized as a driver of antibiotic resistance

Vital quantities of glyphosate found in meals

Checks have also shown that should you eat non-inorganic meals, especially processed foods, you repeatedly use glyphosate. Farmers use almost 5 billion kilograms (more than 2 billion kilograms) of glyphosate per yr worldwide on crops.39 US $ 300 million is used on US arable land

In 2016, 70 % of People have been detected in glyphosate. Between 1993 and 2016, the human body's glyphosate content material increased by 1 208%. A current research by Journalist Carey Gillam that Roundup has been detected in virtually all foods tested, including granola and biscuits

Laboratories of the Institute for Health Research (HRI Labs) have additionally performed glyphosate testing and found a chemical in Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Other glyphosate-contaminated foods embrace grains, legumes, beans, orange juice and wine

HRI exams also present that people who repeatedly eat oats have a double amount of glyphosate system than people who don’t (in all probability as a result of oats are dried with glyphosate earlier than harvest). On the similar time, individuals who eat natural food repeatedly have an 80% lower degree of glyphosate than those that not often eat organic.

The way to check glyphosate content material and take away it from your system

Given the potential risks of glyphosate, it will be sensible to attenuate your exposure, and if you already have a high degree of action, take action with out toxicity. HRI Labs has developed residence check kits for each water and urine, and in case you have elevated ranges, you possibly can drive glyphosate off with low cost glycine.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt recommends taking 1 teaspoon (four grams) of glycine powder twice a day for a couple of weeks after which counting a quarter of a teaspoon (1 gram) twice a day. This forces the glyphosate out of your system, so it may be removed via your urine.

* The article originally appeared in Mercola. Restored with permission.

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