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Why was a Tennessee lawyer representing a mother against DCS accused

Connie Reguli, a Brentwood lawyer, was charged this week with allegedly harassing the Tennessee Division of Youngster Providers (DCS) after permitting a shopper and her baby to stay house final yr. On 17 July 2019, Reguli turned to the authorities of TN in Brentwood. He was released on the same day together with his personal identification.

Connie Reguli, a Brentwood lawyer, was charged this week with allegedly disturbing the Tennessee Department of Youngsters's Providers after allowing a shopper and her youngster to remain house final yr.

Reguli stated he allowed his shopper, Wendy Hancock and his daughter, to stay at Regul's residence in Brentwood last yr after the childcare department tried to maintain Hancock's daughter in DeKalb County

To take away Hancock's daughter from detention final August, and based on Hancock, he handled medicine and bodily abused his youngsters.

Reguli says he is doing several entrepreneurs to talk to DCS employees before ordering. He advised his shopper that he and his daughter might stay at Regul's house until they planned the courtroom listening to.

This led Tennessee Investigation Bureau to challenge an alert for an endangered baby after the 12-year-old woman had disappeared. He was found on Brentwood the subsequent day. Reguli added:

”I stated,“ Just come to Nashville, I'll attempt to get a date for us. I take the view that violations of the process and violations of jurisdiction have been full. In this case, there were so many screw supports. "2


According to a Brentwood police report, when they arrived at Regul's home, the girl was found to be well cared for. 19659002] When the children of Hancock were in DCS detention, they were transferred to treatment for 10 months. They were returned to Hancock last month. According to Regul, DCS's allegations of irregularities and negligence were investigated and found to be unjustified and charges were dropped.

Reguli has been a voice opponent of the DCS for years, and has defended the constitutional rights of parents for over 25 years. He says that the current attempt to get him accused is a counter-agency when he speaks against the agency. Reguli is director of the LawCare Family Law Center in Tennessee. He is also the founder of the Family Forward Project, which advocates for the rights of parents and children nationwide in cases of abuse of child protection and ancillary services.


When asked by the media, DCS issued a statement stating that "it isn’t a regulation enforcement or prosecutor's workplace and doesn’t deliver legal instances to a giant jury." . He encouraged him to turn himself instead of having a police storm in his office or home to arrest him

After he had told his Facebook followers what had happened, a military veteran and a father who had their children medically kidnapped in Kansas called Reguli , and interviewed him at night before he turned to where he explained the stock option case. Medical Kidnap reports the details of his YouTube interview below the video



Lawyer Reguli begins by stating:

] has never broken the law and never arrested for anything, I'm 67-years old, I never had a DUI was … never been one criminal charge.

And here we are, because I was trying to get a proper parent process, which means the notice and opportunity to be heard

I am now criminally responsible for it.

At a recent Tennessee legislative session before the committee that oversees the Tennessee Department of Child Services (DCS), Attorney Reguli says:

I told them this system is so broken and that parents' rights are being violated so no one stands up to them. There is no control, no one is looking on their shoulder.

I've been a lawyer for 25 years. I know the law. I know what the constitutional rights of the parents have been given, and I have been for them to spike.

According to Regul, his criminal prosecution involves the ex-parte regulations used by DCS to remove children from their homes. They are taken when there is no emergency, and sometimes they do not even have a valid judgment that the judge has signed. No hearing occurs when a child or children are removed from their home ex parte


Reguli has known and represented Wendy Hancock, a mother in Dekalb County, a small rural area about one hour from where she lives he explains their relationship.

The Department of Child Services has been bothered by him many times. They have gone to school and pulled their children out of the class and disturbed him.

In 2015, when they came after him, I represented him in court and they rejected the case by email. I mean, when I got the case and said they were breaking the constitution, and I drilled him to get me to register and hear it, they sent me an email and said the matter was rejected.1

DCS claimed, however, that in 2017 DCS: n employee started to disturb again.

This time I called the DCS employee on the phone and recorded it. I saved it, and I said "Deedee", Deedee Miller, that he is his name, Deandra Miller, I said, "I would like you to know that I symbolize this mother and you don't name her once more. Name me."

And she goes: " I don't assume I can speak to you, "and he hangs on to me.

I sent this recording to our Facebook group, The Family Forward Project, and I pointed out that this is what I would like to talk to a DCS employee when you have advised me. 1

In 2018, it was again claimed that another case was raised against Wendy Hancock, and Reguli once again tried to work with a case worker, and this time he did not even ask him, so Reguli left a message that he wanted to work with the department on behalf of the client the "safety plan" 1 he says is not controversial.


As the investigation was ongoing, Reguli called the search. [19659002] I say "don't speak to my shopper with out me present." He said "Okay." 1

On Friday, August 10, 2018, he asked the police detective if he needed to know about the emergency, and he claimed not. 1 Then, on Monday morning, Reguli said he had summoned the court and asked the officer for some of them to be rejected, and they said no. 1 They raised the matter at 15.43 and Monday, just a few minutes before the court closed at 19.00.

Reguli asked the officer to send a fax to him, and the officer said "for positive". 1 He waited for the fax, but it never arrived. He called back and knew they couldn't fax it to him, and that he needed to drive out to Dekalb County Court House to get it. The drive was more than one and a half hours, and was forced to take Reguli for a half day there to run the file.

They had not served the customer. I didn't know at the time, but they had another hearing behind their back. They didn't call her and told her they were hearing. They didn't call him and tell him they had left nothing.

They did everything ex parte.1.


To order the removal of DCS, the children were not even signed by a judge, their Reguli explained. They went to another province to get an ex parte emergency, and even then, Reguli says the judge didn't even sign the order.

These Kangaroo Courts, This Asylum System That Is Going – Not Another

If I have an agreement and want to go on a restrictive order on behalf of someone or another company, I have to file a document with the court and then go to the judge, and then the judge makes the decision

This one is able to buy the papers from DCS employees to another county claiming they have some feak emergency – it must be stopped! 1

Reguli further explains that the purpose of ex parte ranking criteria is to deal with emergencies where there is no time to wait for the court to meet and hear. The purpose of the standard is to: "There’s a hazard of irreparable danger earlier than a trial might be organized." 1


DCS Employees Abuse System Using Ex Parte Commands to Remove Children Immediately

They make these ex parte orders for antonymic hints, vague claims that they have no content, they don't do research.1

Regarding the case where he is charged with criminal charges for "facilitating freedom and equipment after the very fact" Reguli states:

They claimed that the mother was a drug dealer. They never proved that her mother was a drug dealer. And it was last August.

The children are at home with the mother. The DCS rejected their case.

I made four different complaints to the Department of Childcare Services, showing them all the violations. They had taken these children, they had sent them 300 miles away in nursing homes with needles, and windows in windows in a culturally inappropriate setting that wasn't exactly the kind of setting that childcare was supposed to be.

They told the children that they would never go home to their mother.1


When asked if he thinks this crime against him is retaliation, Reguli states:

E. And they know in this case that this is a federal case – it is a civil law violation, it is a civil lawsuit waiting to happen. And in Tennessee we have a very short deadline. I already have a complaint about 80 percent. This is just a distraction to steal time.

So we're going to make it a mess for everyone.

When we have a preliminary hearing, I get the cameras in the courtroom, and we have the opportunity to get to know some of these people, including the judges, the workers, the police – we get them there and look at them.

was never found that this mother was a drug dealer. And this was their whole foundation for the abandonment and abduction of these children.1

Regulate your way through a call with the police that they charged her with "arresting disorder" and charged her as a mother's lawyer. "to facilitate the crime". But the case had already been dismissed, and the children were already at home with their mother. Reguli specified why he thinks he is so upset with him at the point of search (wrong)

Here is another reason why they are angry with me. So I save everything. I have Olympus digital recorders that connect to my computer. I carry them with me all the time. I'll put them on the table. There is no secret. Everyone knows it. When I go to the courtroom, I set the recorder on the table.

When we heard on February 26, I got the recorders out on the table, take a short break to do something, and I left on the recorder. I just left it. I didn't turn it off when I walked out. I came back and we stop what we do. When I return to the office, I download my voice and try to find something in my voice. So I pulled my voice and realized what I had done by holding it on.

Well, during the break, the DCS lawyer and DCS employees spoke to me. In addition to a justice officer, a judge at the Sheriff's Department speaks to me and the client. They sit there giggling and laughing at it, and I sent it online too.

They're live on it. They are definitely kind to say that the barrier to unification is Connie Reguli. Well, it shows you that it was personal. This was a personal seller.1


See the full video here.

Attorney Connie Reguli turned to the authorities last week for a confiscation certificate. It is clear that the judge does not consider him a threat to society. In targeting, he didn't need any warranties, and published Regul on his own identification.

Wendy Hancock's warranties were set at $ 1,000.00, which means he was forced to count only $ 100.00 to get away from prison

Reguli released a live video on Facebook, explaining how he and Wendy were in handcuffs and chained to the wall when they were in prison.

Reguli mentions those named in his trial:

Deedee Miller, we got your name and your number, you are defendant # 1. The civilian suit comes down. They did this with a sealed charge. Earlier I was a district lawyer, and all this lawyer was this joke that you could raise the ham. Because all they do is go in and tell their side of the story. They are intended to disclose relevant prosecution evidence. If not, it is unconstitutional. This is called "careless analysis". 1

  Why a Tennessee lawyer representing a mother against DCS was accused

  Why a Tennessee lawyer representing mother against DCS was accused

Detective Lori Russ. Image Source

Detective Lori Russ, careless research. Did you know about it? Do you know what ex parte orders are? Do you know what the competence is? We're talking now. There are no more gag orders. I know they think that if they are accused, they will not talk about it because we use these videos in criminal law.

Reguli talks about how he is going to ask the jury for a trial now that he has moved to criminal justice. He said that DCS's accusations and corrupt acts are exposed.

  Why a Tennessee lawyer representing a mother against DCS was accused

  Why a Tennessee lawyer representing her mother against DCS was accused

of Wendy Hancock and her daughter.


Yeah, good. Because we're going to make a jury trial. And we call all DCS people in. We invite people to talk about money.

Because you know what this matter is in criminal law, Mens Rea. And what is your spiritual understanding of what is happening. And arrests, guess what? Fear of being harmed is a defense.

We know what a child's care is. And then we know what's going on with DID in childcare. So fearing children who go to education is real.

Knowing that DCS can get your child to vaccine HPV vaccines behind your back, it's real. ("They did it to him," the mother says.) Failure to meet other medical needs, which is real.

Moving children to six different homes in ten months and four schools that are real. It's a disadvantage. If a parent moved their children to six homes and four schools during the year, what do you think DCS is saying?

Taking children to parties where they smoke a pot and drinking. ) – Do you think your kids are really scared about childcare?

Good job Deedee Miller. We're not gonna forget you.

Detective James Cornelius, with the Smithville City Police, when I said I wasn't talking to my client without me, I meant it! And when you took her into custody and started interrogating her, and didn't give Miranda a perfect warning, and you've already said NO to interviewing my client without me, do you think there could be a small Fifth Change problem? And let's talk about "arrest issues." So Detective James Cornelius, you knew where his son was, and also you refused to tell him on August 10, and he had full custody of your youngster, and you refused to tell him? [19659002] After which Deedee Miller, did you’re taking his son to reside with a drug supplier at the weekend? – permission to rewrite absolutely granted, hyperlinks to the unique story?>

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