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Why I'm leaving for Facebook, Dr. Mercola

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Fb and its founder Mark Zuckerberg at present face legal problems on many fronts. A category-based claim to cage-related safety measures elevated the danger of id theft when 201 million cages are 50 million users. have been operating last yr

In accordance with Fortune Journal 3 three, if an organization is discovered to have breached the settlement, tons of of hundreds of thousands of dollars could be charged. In line with a report by Wired on March 4, 2019 4, the US Home Judiciary Committee can also be investigating hyperlinks between Cambridge Analytica, Russian President Trump and WikiLeaks.

In addition, the FTC lately launched another controversial investigation into the corporate's controversial knowledge sharing apply. The highest leaders additionally depart the corporate – a sign that the rats are fleeing from a ship sinking on Fb.

Amongst them are Chris Fox, chief product supervisor of Fb, who has been with the corporate for 13 years, and Chris Daniels, vice chairman of WhatsApp, the place he has held solely after Might.5,6


FTC probe # 1 ] The first ever ongoing FTC research revolves across the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which found that Fb acquired strict access to British political info from some 87 million Fb users, allegedly used to drive public opinion in US presidential elections. As Fortune stated last yr: 7

”In 2011, the agency [FTC] was claimed in a draft of eight chapters that Fb had breached its promise that customers might hold their info on Facebook personal.

Fb had assured customers that third-party purposes solely had access to the knowledge they needed, while purposes had entry to virtually all the consumer's personal info.

Beneath Arrangement, Facebook agreed to allow customers to share info with third events. It additionally required Fb to create a complete privacy safety program, block access to the consumer's account within 30 days of its removing, and stop it from making fraudulent claims about its privateness practices. "

Fb insists that it did not violate the consent agreement, and that Cambridge Analytica acquired consumer info by means of the appliance developer who violated Facebook's practices.8 In response to Facebook, Cambridge Analytica informed them that the info is simply used for educational functions.

Lately, nevertheless, the New York Occasions Report, 9 “A great edition of a data collection quiz, which can be used commercially. New criminal investigation in progress

All this is now coming to an end when another criminal investigation into Facebook's database According to the New York Times, 11 federal large juries are looking for partnerships that gave technology companies and equipment manufacturers wide access to Facebook users' information, and Facebook may face FTC fines billions instead of hundreds of millions. t privacy settings. This despite the Facebook claiming that it ended this practice in 2015. According to The New York Times: 13

”Sharing bids empowered Microsoft's Bing search engine to chart associates of just about all Fb users with out their specific consent and allow Amazon to receive consumer names and contacts with their associates

Apple was capable of cover from Fb customers all the indications its units had even requested for info… Fb has defended the partnerships aggressively by saying that they have been allowed beneath the supply of the FTC, which coated service suppliers – corporations that operate as social community extensions . ”

Zuckerberg reveals a plan for a Facebook-based encrypted communications surroundings

Despite a transparent historical past of Zuckerberg's breach of privacy. his newest Facebook plan, saying that the company is shifting out of public sharing, "encr ypted, ephemeral communication" 14 saying the messages would not only be encrypted, but can be routinely deleted after a certain time period (until the consumer chose to reserve it longer). [19659002] As explained within the Verge comment The advantages and disadvantages of the plan in paragraph 15 – if it really comes – and the governments and regulation enforcement authorities are more likely to oppose its implementation. Rules for a platform for communication and social networking focusing on knowledge safety, ”Zuckerberg writes. However increasingly more individuals need to privately subscribe to the digital equivalent of the lounge…

I consider that a privacy-based communication system will turn into much more necessary than immediately's open platforms. Knowledge safety provides individuals the freedom to be themselves and extra naturally…

I consider that the future of communication will more and more shift to non-public, encrypted providers the place individuals can belief what they say to each other to remain protected and their message and content material gained t hold ceaselessly. This is the longer term that I hope we may help.

We are going to build this as we’ve developed WhatsApp: Give attention to probably the most primary and personal use – messages – make it as protected as attainable after which build more ways for individuals to interact, including calls, video conferencing, teams, tales, businesses, payments , trading and finally as a forum for many different personal providers. “

Ironically, it was discovered that Facebook was stored in millions of user passwords in a readable text file (as opposed to scattered) in an internal repository system – a real basic error. To protect your account, you may wish to update your password. Wired writes: 17

“… [F] After the Krebs Security Report, Facebook recognized an error in its password management systems that caused hundreds of millions of Facebook, Facebook Lite and Instagram passwords to be saved as plain text

This means that thousands of Facebook employees could have searched and found them. Krebs tells us that passwords go back to those created in 2012 …

[A Facebook vice president said] Facebook is now corrected for password logon error and that company announces hundreds of millions of Facebook Lite users, tens of millions of Facebook users and tens of thousands of Instagram users with passwords may be exposed. Facebook does not intend to recover the passwords of these users.

Zuckerberg's Views on the Change of Privacy with the Wind

Although this sounds good and well, it is seriously questioning what Zuckerberg says, as he has repeatedly shown that there is a lack of integrity in fulfilling the promises of privacy. He does not even seem to understand the bare basics of privacy, and he has been caught talking on both sides of his mouth more than once.

For example, in the 2010 Crunch Awards, he said "privacy is no longer a social norm" 18, which means that networking online automatically meant that you could no longer expect privacy, and that the company decided to change it to 350 million users privacy regulations, because "we decided that these would be social standards now, and we just went ahead." Zuckerberg simply decided that zero privacy was a "new social norm" and "just went for it", making changes that prevented the right to wait for privacy first.

billion 20 of them have been invasively tracked through a number of platforms that are not only Facebook but also its various business partners.

And while some may argue that if you decide to join a free service on Facebook, you simply have to wait and accept that you are going to follow hundreds of different personal data, the problem with this statement is that Facebook has become such a huge monopoly that you want to communicate with family or group. Your friends, you have little choice but to join Facebook because there's everything.

Facebook is no longer just Facebook. It also owns other massive platforms such as Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. Last year, WhatsApp founder Brian Acton told CBS News that he was selling [his] user privacy when he agreed to sell the company back to Facebook in 2014.21 ”I made a selection and compromise. And I reside with it day by day, ”he stated.

In line with reviews, Facebook is now planning to merge three platforms, 22 "that make it troublesome for Facebook to interrupt down and turn away, as governments have proposed and regulatory authorities," Express announced on January 26.23. Some people suspect on March 13, 2019, that a cut off of about 14 hours at the same time on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp might have been associated with this unrecognized metadata association.

Officially, Facebook blamed the "server configuration change" disorder that ended up affecting the company's applications and services.

”Was Facebook's entrepreneurship interrupting systems and searching for regulators, especially when this month opened an open discussion about whether to buy Facebook from Instagram and WhatsApp should be restored? "Packt asks.25 Likewise, the registry advised: 26

" [T] hat-server configu change "might be extra of a conspiracy than a cockup; Such a big and sophisticated effort led to 14-hour downtime. It may well assist clarify why Biz is so secret that it’s the explanation for the break. Combining all the roofs is definitely one strategy to keep away from any deregulation. ”

Emphasizing Privateness In all probability Purple Herring

The mixing of Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram is a number of know-how specialists. because it will possibly additional tighten proverbial noise round customers. As Ari Ezra Waldman referred to within the Slate article, which is value studying in its entirety, despite the fact that I mention right here a bigger half here, 27

”Mark Zuckerberg want to see winter coming into the invasive past of Facebook's privacy… The information comes a few month after it had first leaked that Facebook was within the course of of combining messaging providers on its numerous platforms… to create an interoperable, encrypted communication system by the top of 2019 or early 2020…

Some of his plans are constructive. Ephemeral messages which have already been launched on Instagram may give individuals extra confidence to share. Finish-to-end encryption, which is already used WhatsApp, will assist to ensure that the one individuals who can interpret the message, the sender and the recipient …

And yet I'm frightened about. Zuckerberg's message… [is] deviation, magician misunderstanding that is filled with purple herring… Learn extra cynically, the message appears to be using a slender definition of the idea [of privacy] to distract us from how Fb is more likely to proceed to broaden

That when Zuckerberg thinks about privateness, he thinks about encryption… In apply, privateness is a limitation of knowledge assortment, imposing restrictions on users who can access and course of consumer info, and reduce or forestall info from circulate to 3rd events. Zuckerberg mentions some of his performances.

When he talks about encrypting the messages he sends, he neglects to mention that Fb continues to be capable of acquire metadata from these messages, akin to who messages from individual customers and when. [19659002] When he talks about interoperability, he denies that the merger might require customers to give up their anonymity, what they could have for WhatsApp to adjust to Facebook's real identify necessities. When he speaks of a new digital front room, he additionally leaves away the advertisers who are invited to those areas.

And all the new ways during which discussion board connections are made potential by our info – profile info, communication features, clicks and hovers, interaction, GPS location, outdoors searching historical past, and software usage – to assist Facebook goal advertisements in additional invasive methods. "

The monopoly of Facebook must be broken

in the review article 28 of MIT technology, Konstantin Kakaes also calls Zuckerberg's essay" a power hidden in revolution ", which states that" it’s inconceivable to keep away from the conclusion that if privateness is meaningfully protected, Facebook have to be damaged. " out:

”The problem [principle] is the way [Zuckerberg] dealing with interoperability. Zuckerberg allows people to choose between messaging services…

Ions that are beyond the control of Facebook would be dangerous if users could send messages that are not covered by Facebook's security and security systems.

In any case, we should allow the use of any communication service as long as it is under the control of Facebook for our protection. Zuckerberg denies the stricter and stricter integration of Facebook's various features.

Monopoly is also a problem for companies that just make a lot of money by selling widgets: it gives them the ability to influence the regulatory authorities unnecessarily and eliminate consumers. But it is particularly worrying for a company like Facebook, whose product is… At least, sharing WhatsApp and Instagram on Facebook is a necessary first step.

The German Competition Authority's regulator puts brakes on Facebook's unlimited data collection

February 7, 2019, Forbes29 told the German competition authority, the Bundeskartellamt, to be the first to deny "application-to-application sharing that helps Facebook's advertising business model." According to Bundeskartellamt:

"In the future, Fb will not be allowed to drive its customers to simply accept the gathering and sharing of nearly unlimited Fb info to their Facebook account

Facebook-owned providers, akin to WhatsApp and Instagram, might proceed to collect knowledge, nevertheless, by providing Fb info If consent shouldn’t be given, the knowledge must stay with the service and can’t be processed together with Facebook info. ” other nations comply with the pattern, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram message integration drops – as you in all probability would

As mentioned, Fb isn’t just a national monopoly, it is international, and combine on Instagram and WhatsApp, it nonetheless strengthens two new monopolies to what you’ll be able to name a worldwide supermonopoly with unprecedented (and doubtless unknown) mining capabilities that injury each shoppers and industries.

Facebook Caught Censoring Sen. Announcements by Elizabeth Warren

For US Presidential Senator Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, has turn out to be a clear supporter of the demolition of monopolies, similar to Amazon, Fb and Google, and has promised to introduce "a new broad regulation of Silicon Valley" if elected president , Los Angeles Occasions Stories.30 A detailed presentation of his plan may be present in his article on March eight, 2019, Medium.31

”To rebalance the facility of democracy, promote competitors, and make sure that the subsequent era of Know-how Innovation is as vibrant as the last, it's time to break down our largest know-how company, ”Warren writes, including:

” We should be sure that as we speak's technical giants don’t displace potential rivals, suppress next-generation good know-how corporations, and use so much power that they will undermines democracy. "

As you probably know, Facebook has promised to fight" counterfeit news "on its platform, but it seems that censorship does not end up blaming roughly fake news articles – far from it. Unfavorable information for Facebook (or its advertisers) is still censored – including Warren's campaign to break down the Facebook monopoly.

Three Warren ads were removed from Facebook by announcing that ads were removed because they went against "Fb advertising insurance policies." Warren took Twitter to comment on the removing, saying that this is an example of why his proposal is so badly wanted.

Fb returned his ad by commenting that they have been eliminated as a result of that they had removed the Facebook emblem that violates Fb's advertising coverage.

I've determined – leaves on Facebook A on my return I gave

survey, so I might see how it will be like Facebook as an exit. The results at the moment are, and the majority agrees together with your choice to break away.

Though it doesn't come into effect instantly, I’ll close my account, so in case you are not yet a subscriber to my publication, I invite you, your mates and your family to sign up now. My publication is revealed every day, and ordering ensures you get three day by day articles delivered on to your inbox (all listed in a single e mail).

We at present have almost 1.eight million Facebook followers and want to give everyone some time to sign up for publication subscriptions before we shop on Fb. The concept I have contributed in many people's invasive knowledge mining, has never sat nicely with me, and I really feel like I left the platform, and to return by e-mail, depending on, is a responsible option to proceed.

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