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Vitamin C protects against water pollution

Written by Dr. Mercola, D.O., Ph.D.

In 1996, the small city of Hinkley, California, gained large arbitration against Pacific fuel and electricity (PG&E). Recalling the story as the idea for "Erin Brockovich" film, where a single mother and a small town lawyer emerged against a utility company that had been dumped in a hexavalent chimney pellet.1

the case was the most important victory ever granted for direct litigation and environmental considerations have been enthusiastic about alternatives. Sadly, Hinkley has turn into a ghost town, and hexavalent chrome has further polluted water assets in the US.

Just lately found levels of hexavalent chromium in Hinckley's water supply. After the investigation, he discovered that the fog had grown during the last 15 years, reaching miles of unique contamination. In 2014, the PG&E feasibility research, which discovered that chromium was removed from probably the most affected areas, can take as much as 50 years.2


In the meantime, city properties have been categorised as uninsured plots. Hexavalent chromium, also called chromium-6, is a carcinogen.3.four Though Hinkley is battling contamination of its water supply, researchers have discovered varying levels of chromium-6 in water sources of more than 250 million People.5 [19659003] Though present water laws exists for complete exposure to chromium Despite the well-announced trial and destruction of chromium 6, there are nonetheless no permitted exposure limits for this carcinogen.6

The info offered by researchers at the Olivet Nazarene University show that antioxidants, corresponding to vitamin C, will help scale back the consequences of widespread hexavalent chromium in consuming water. 7.eight

Vitamin C and tea can scale back water pollution

The research was introduced at the Experimental Biology 2019 Conference in Orlando, Florida9. The thesis was supervised by PhD researcher Ryan Himes, assistant professor on the School of Life Sciences and Health of the College of Olivet.

The US Environmental Protection Company is presently analyzing the permitted focus of hexavalent chromium in consuming water (EPA). The purpose of the research was to find out how antioxidants might inhibit cell toxicity when two forms of human cells have been uncovered to varied chromium-6.10 concentrations


Chromium-6 is a recognized robust oxidant, although a selected mechanism by way of which it causes cancer, not but decided.11 Publicity controls aren’t recognized. The researchers tested the speculation of antioxidants that forestall chromium-6 cytotoxicity.12

They uncovered human embryonic kidney and human intestinal epithelial cells, discovering chromium 6 was significantly poisonous in cell tradition at concentrations of 200 elements per billion (ppb) and higher. Vitamin C clogged 10 ppm (ppm) or antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a main antioxidant in inexperienced tea, at 15 ppm.

The researchers found that the cytotoxic effect was solely by way of vitamin C or EGCG. They then exposed the bacteria to a minimum of 20 ppb of chromium-6 and detected DNA mutations. Nevertheless, when micro organism have been also handled with 20 ppm vitamin C, the cytotoxic impact was again inhibited

Water pollution impacts hundreds of thousands in america

In 2010, the Surroundings Working Group 14 revealed a abstract of at the least 74 million US citizens in 42 nations consuming chromium-contaminated faucet water, the most important of which t some have been more likely to be cancer-causing hexavalent chromium

By 2016, the amount had risen to 200 million15 and, in line with researchers, Olivet Nazarene, 250 million People are at present consuming water contaminated with hexavalent chromium.16 In 1972, the US Clean Water Act17 was to make sure t clean water for swimming, fishing and consuming. Unfortunately, after virtually 5 many years of regulation, waterways are in critical danger.

Based on the World Well being Group (WHO), virtually 2 billion individuals worldwide lack protected consuming water.18 Pressured to drink polluted water, lots of of hundreds

US consuming water is contaminated with pesticides, herbicides, antibacterial products and medicines.19 Collectively In an formidable undertaking, 20 researchers collected samples from the Hudson River to measure the level of drug contamination.2


Earlier checks had found antidepressants, antihypertensives, decongestants, and other medicine. In contrast to the out there info on pathogens, the science of small quantities of the chemical soup mixture of medicine and different chemical compounds continues to be at first.

The place is Chromium?

The viewers in the dead of night isn’t new. The report of the US Department of Well being and Toxic Substances and Illnesses Registry confirmed widespread water contamination in army bases, chemical crops and elsewhere. They warned that these chemical compounds might injury well being at ranges which are significantly lower than these thought-about protected by EPA. relationships nightmare. “Although hexavalent chromium occurs in nature in the environment, large quantities are produced through industry.

Although small amounts, it can cause skin burns, pneumonia and complications during labor. You can find chrome-6 testing in your province on the interactive map of EWG.24 During the evaluation, the EWG has the highest averages for Oklahoma, Arizona and California. Phoenix Has the Highest Level in All Cities

The former EPA Deputy Head of Toxic Substances, Dr. Lynn Goldman, told PBS, “There should be no carcinogens in water. The general problem here is what EPA needs to speed up standardization? "

In an EWG press release announcing their interactive map, they reported that two-thirds of American water supplies are at levels that surpass scientists say they are safe for hexavalent chromium. Of the more than 60,000 water samples collected in 2013 and 2015, more than 75% contained hexavalent chromium. Consumer Commissioner Brockovich commented on the results: 26

”Houston, we’ve got a problem. Greater than 20 years ago we discovered that this dangerous chemical poisoned the faucet water of the California communities, and now these checks and the EWG report present that about 218 million People serve consuming water contaminated at the probably dangerous degree of this recognized carcinogen. [19659003] But then EPA has not set consuming water standards for beforehand unregulated pollution, and there are signs of annoying labels that the company can once more do from chromium-6. This is the failure of the EPA, including the members of Congress who are liable for overseeing the agency, and every American can be shocked by this inaction. "

Vitamin C may also scale back the consequences of air pollution

Vitamin C is water-soluble for human consumption individuals haven’t any capacity to synthesize and get their food plan.27 It’s an important think about many enzymatic reactions, and there’s some proof that means that it may be helpful in addition to typical medical practices. Reduces Heartbeat and Arrhythmias After Coronary heart Process.28


Oregon University29 doesn’t report that enormous amounts, up to 10 grams per day in adults, would have a poisonous impact. Nevertheless, 2 grams per day and more might trigger diarrhea or gastrointestinal disturbances in some adults. The usefulness of vitamin C is said to its means to donate electrons and scale back oxidative stress.30

On this means, it promotes your immune system by supporting numerous mobile features and epithelial barrier motion against pathogens. Although gross deficiency causes dishonest, a useful deficiency weakens the immune system31 and leaves you weak to infection.

Along with helping shield cells from water contamination, as proven in the research of hexavalent chromium, vitamin C can even assist scale back the oxidative stress of air pollution. There’s considerable proof in particulate emissions that air pollution increases oxidative stress, and those with more dietary consumption of sure nutritional vitamins might have a decrease damaging response. In a single meta-analysis 35, the addition of vitamin supplementation to scale back the consequences of pollution brought on by bronchial asthma and different persistent respiratory illnesses, together with the addition of carotenoids, vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids

was noted. tee

The research also found that the antioxidant EGCG found in green tea was efficient against the cytotoxic results of chromium-6. Green tea has been appreciated for generations in China, Japan and the UK. It has additionally named itself in america, where many drink it every day to enjoy the well being advantages of EGCG

Studies have shown that EGCG will increase fat oxidation36 and might help forestall weight problems. and scale back the danger of heart assault and stroke.39 But all green teas aren’t the identical.

In the event you drink it, you presumably anticipate to get the same dose with each cup, but the power and purity analysis of 105 products discovered that ranges assorted enormously between totally different products.40 It is very important look for prime quality green tea to take pleasure in some health benefits.

These advantages embrace preventing bacterial and viral progress, 41 protecting against oxidation. mind and liver, 42 enhancing mental well being43 and decreasing blood strain.44 The tea you purchase might be helpful when it comes to antioxidants and style

. are utilizing unfastened leaves that convey out the right taste and scale back the exposure to undesirable additives that I cope with in my previous article "What green tea?"


Vitamin C An Effective Complement For Cancer Remedy [19659002] Vitamin C has also been shown to be selectively cytotoxic to cancer cells when administered intravenously or in giant doses in liposome type. The presence of vitamin C produces hydrogen peroxide, which ultimately kills cancer cells.45

Regular tissue is undamaged46 with excessive hydrogen peroxide because they’ve several ways to remove it earlier than it builds up into poisonous ranges.47 High doses. Administration of vitamin C together with chemotherapy and radiation also can significantly improve the effectiveness of these remedies.48

Most cancers cells have unstable iron particles, also called redox-active iron molecules, which make them extra sensitive to oxidative injury. high doses of vitamin C. Hydrogen peroxide is produced when redox-active iron reacts with vitamin C, later damages the DNA of cancer cells and makes them more prone to chemotherapy and radiation.49

Administration of vitamin C additionally helps within the administration of vitamin C. Cancer by decreasing irritation, which is the hallmark of cancer. Vitamin C appears to decelerate the growth of liver and lymphoma in animal experiments.

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