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The researcher advises Armenian girls to understand the risks

(Erin: Notice: Although this text from Hetq is from 2017, the knowledge continues to be true and necessary to us at present.)

Hetq examines the effectiveness of Gardasil vaccine for Armenia. The vaccine is meant to forestall HPV (human papilloma virus – the commonest sexually transmitted an infection). Hetq contacted Colombian journalist and anthropological researcher Mario Lamo-Jiménez, who has raised considerations about Gardasil's uncomfortable side effects, and is now aiding legal professionals accusing 700 ladies in the country concerned, claiming about $ 160 million in compensation from Merck, a vaccine producer.


When was the obligatory use of HPV vaccine in Colombia introduced and through which age group have been / have been in the program?

The HPV vaccine in Colombia was launched in 2013 in a wierd trend: Congress created a regulation (Regulation 1626, adopted on April 30, 2013), which said that HPV vaccination was "free and mandatory for the target audience". The authorities spent virtually 100 million dollars on vaccines and started a vaccination program the place households or vaccinated girls had no phrase on it. The vaccine was compulsory for girls in grades 4-7 or between 9 and 17 years of age.

What kinds of HPV vaccines have been utilized in Columbia as part of this program?

The vaccine used was a quadrilateral HPV vaccine, Gardasil

How does the program's obligatory part work? What if a woman rejects a vaccine?

Girls have been vaccinated in their faculties. They never obtained knowledgeable consent to signal. The vaccine could not be refused. The vaccination program established a vaccination quota to be crammed. Following the trial, the Constitutional Courtroom of Colombia amended the regulation, stating that the vaccine was not compulsory and that if an individual needed to refuse it, it was their right and that he had the proper to a knowledge-based consent.

When and why did you determine to examine the negative effects of HPV vaccine?

I started learning this vaccine in February 2013 once I learn from the paper that the vaccine program started in Colombia and that the vaccine was free and obligatory. I knew the uncomfortable side effects of other vaccines and determined to examine the potential unwanted side effects of this vaccine. Selvi's deaths and the disabilities that this vaccine had induced around the world.

What are the conclusions of the research?

That is an ongoing analysis. I’ve revealed a conclusion in newspaper articles and videos. For this objective, I have read dozens of scientific articles on vaccine, vaccines have learn the related coping with docs Books, spoken to the relevant girls and households and participated in two worldwide conferences in the United States, where speak of side-effects. vaccines in Colombia and trade of data with scientists, journalists and activists

The third Colombian paper ( censors my first article on the risks revealed in 2013, claiming that there are not any such dangers. I have argued in the article that Gardasil was innocent vaccine, which had induced a number of deaths and disabled young individuals in girls, and that the US judicial system, Judicial Watch, had revealed the Freedom of Info Act request that the Gardasil had brought about numerous deaths in the United States, and disabled individuals characterize, and that these the info was hidden from the public, see the following hyperlink

Right here is the title of the 2011 article entitled "Legal viewing opens FDA Gardasil records describing 26 new reported deaths." 19659002] Washington, DC – Oct. 19, 2011

Judicial follow-up and prosecution of public administration corruption has announced that it has acquired new documents from the US Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation. Freedom of Info Act (FOIA) detailing studies of opposed effects of human papillomavirus (HPV), Gardasil vaccine. Antagonistic reactions report in detail 26 new deaths between 1 September 2010 and 15 September 2011, in addition to seizures, strokes, blindness, pancreatitis, speech issues, short-term reminiscence loss and Guillain-Barré syndrome. The documents come from the FDA Vaccine Aspect Effect Reporting System (VAERS) utilized by the FDA to monitor vaccine safety. The documents have been acquired on the basis of the FOIA request of 15 September 2011 concerning the studies made between 1 September 2010 and 15 September 2011.


For years I’ve released extra information about negative effects. Gardasil vaccine in Colombia. The following summarizes my principal findings:

1-adjuvants in vaccines can produce autoimmune illnesses akin to dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld, who studied the so-called adjuvant-induced adjuvant. ASIA syndrome or autoimmune / inflammatory syndrome. Gardasil vaccine accommodates aluminum, which is considered one of the adjuvants chargeable for the autoimmune illnesses of girls who’re affected by Gardasil vaccine. Http://] 2-There are a selection of issues that have brought about the vaccine that we’ve got seen in girls in Colombia as well as to ASIA syndrome. One among them is early menopause, with affected girls having untimely ovarian failure and turning into sterile. In Colombia, we’ve got seen several instances, and that is considered one of the articles that report this dysfunction.

Three-Guillain Barré Syndrome, “Girls and women who receive Gardasil vaccine to prevent cervical cancer may have a rare but serious nervous system disorder during the first few weeks after taking them, researchers report. "(1.2)

4-As US researcher Lloyd Philips, which I have personally interviewed, Gardasil does not kill or prevent cancer, but may increase the risk of getting it. This is a quote from his website:

”MERCK spent $ 100,000,000.00 on promoting throughout Gardasil's first yr of deployment to“ train ”individuals to scare wrongly that Gardasil might forestall cancer. Gardasil doesn’t block most cancers or kill cancer. Gardasil and Gardasil9 have each proven guilt for cancer, and the medical trial knowledge offered by MERCK and the FDA knowledge present that Gardasil causes a 44.6% improve in cancer if given to a person already uncovered to HPV. Exposure might divide the towel, washcloth, drink, toothbrush, makeup, and so on. with a sexually lively pal or family member, together with a mum or dad. ”

Do you’ve any answers from the relevant government businesses?

revealed several articles on Gardasil vaccine, exposed its risks and documented the sufferer's testimonies, see for instance this video:

It was introduced at the HPV Conference in Colorado this yr. The Colombian Authorities or the Ministry of Well being have not replied to my articles in any method

As an investigator, do you think about that vaccine administrators properly examine ladies in Colombia earlier than vaccination to exclude negative effects

No research have been carried out in Colombia prior to the release of Gardasil, though the manufacturer explains in the Appendix that the vaccine shouldn’t be applied to HPV contaminated or pregnant girls. In reality, certainly one of the girls affected by the vaccine at Carmen de Bolívar in Colombia was pregnant when she was vaccinated.

How many lawsuits are there in Colombia that requires vaccine compensation

is presently just one lawsuit in search of compensation for the victims of the vaccine. The lawsuit is presently pending towards Merck for $ 160 million.

You stated that you simply had worked with a lawyer for girls who had been vaccinated and who introduced the matter to courtroom. What did you do in courtroom?

I have offered background info and studies from different nations translated the Spanish. As a result of my work is journalistic and informative, it isn’t used immediately in trials, however solely in research revealed in scientific journals

How many ladies have acquired the HPV vaccine in this case?

Virtually 700 girls affected by the Colombian vaccine are represented in the Merck case.

Might you inform me some of the unwanted effects of the vaccine, particularly the worst?

Please observe that in the finish it says, “For a complete list of side effects, ask your health care provider.” There are not any uncomfortable side effects: 1 – Dying 2-ASIA syndrome (explained in query 5) Question No. 5) 4-Early Menopause (defined in question 5) also: 5-faint 6-paralysis 7-memory loss 8 Bleeding 9-Hair Loss 10- Eye Loss 11- Irregular Menstruation Ion 12-Dysautonomy

Who replaces girls if will they win the case? Merck or authorities?

Merck has to substitute the girls concerned.

In your presentation, you announce that the girls protested on the road before going to courtroom. What was their actual demand? Why the government felt so quiet. Are additionally they quiet once they have applied to courtroom? Has the government been silent after the trial?

Girls and Families Want a Response from the Authorities: Why the girls have been sick after the vaccine and what the government did for their remedy. The authorities replied that the girls have been "mentally ailing," ready-made responses that Merck or their consulting company could repair, which was used in several countries, stating that it was a "psychogenic illness of the mass".

How can girls show in courtroom that the effects come from an HPV vaccine?

A number of docs and researchers have proven that there’s a direct link between the vaccine and its unwanted effects. See, for example,

What advice do girls in Armenia have to be vaccinated?

Armenian girls ought to ask for an entire record of reported unwanted side effects of the vaccine and assess whether or not the risks outweigh the benefits.


They should take into account that vaccines are given to healthy individuals and that if the girls turn out to be unwell after receiving the vaccine, some could also be in the improper vaccine. They should ask themselves why the whole inhabitants ought to be vaccinated to forestall HPV an infection (not to forestall cancer because the vaccine is supposed to forestall a cancer-causing infection), which in itself accounts for 98% of the instances. They need to be entitled to informed consent, which signifies that they need to have the proper to know all the potential risks of the vaccine and will have the proper to reject the vaccine if the risks outweigh the advantages. Additionally they need to remember that this vaccine has not prevented SINGLE cancer as a result of it is just recognized for 20-30 years because young girls do not develop such most cancers. Lastly, they should ask an alternate, akin to Pap Smear, who has helped forestall cervical most cancers greater than anything without unwanted effects.

Thanks to HETQ for this article.

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