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The Disabling Power of Health Care The Big Ag and the Battle of the Processed Food Industry Protect

Remark by Ronnie Cummins, International Director of Natural Shopper Association

“A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt 19431

Welcome to the Degeneration Nation 2019. Genetically modified meals and crops, poisonous chemical compounds and manufacturing unit farms – the unholy trinity of industrial meals and agriculture – are very damaging to our survival. Public health and dwelling country health – our soils, forests, wetlands, river basins, oceans and the local weather – are being destroyed shortly, with critical injury brought on by "profits at any cost" of business agriculture, Big Biotech, Big Pharma and Big Pharma. Big Food.


Most cancers, persistent sickness, obesity, loss of fertility, melancholy, learning difficulties and reproductive issues have now develop into normal as well as environmental degradation. The rhythms and cycles of nature – the environment, the carbon cycle of the soil, the water process, biodiversity, climate and even the integrity of DNA – are eroded.

Until we will translate things, shut the manufacturing unit premises, restore our soil, restore our river basins and forests, and get rid of toxins, GMOs and greenhouse gases that pollute our bodies and our surroundings, proof that we will transfer, maybe in one era, quickly with no return

The fallen system threatens the setting and health

Despite all our efforts in the area of public schooling and mobilization, corrupt government officials, regulatory businesses, and worldwide commerce bureaucrats have allowed Monsanto / Bayer, Syngenta / ChemChin, Dow / Dupont and multinationals Farmers, Chemical compounds, Seeds and GMO Corporations Cable, Assisted and Supported by Madison Avenue, Wall Road and Media, Capture Food and Cultivation System and Slowly Definitely Do Not Scale back Health, Weaken Soil, Scum setting and destabilize the local weather.

Despite the fact that Big Food, the giants of genes and the Manufacturing unit Farm lobby have succeeded in decreasing our efforts to ban GMOs, toxic chemical compounds and factories in the United States and the relaxation of the world, individuals are beginning to wake up.

After several many years of strain from shopper activists and seemingly countless food security scandals, Big Food Inc. has misplaced its credibility and market share. With the help of corrupt politicians and highly effective commerce organizations, reminiscent of the Association of Grocery Manufacturers, the overwhelming majority of giant meals corporations are strangers to tens of millions of shoppers preventing the obligatory 'nation of origin' and the labeling of food GMOs.

Searching of their merchandise, giant multinational food and beverage corporations like Basic Mills, Nestle, Campbell, Coca-Cola, Cargill, Pepsi, Kellogg's, Danone, Perdue, Unilever and others To attempt to get the nation's popularity and market share by shopping for every major organic model that is ready to sell out

At the similar time, shopper demand has increased gross sales and store chains in North America and around the world, together with Walmart, Kroger, Safeway and Amazon / Entire Foods. advertising of the model's personal manufacturers of organic and 'pure' merchandise.

Even fast meals chains reminiscent of McDonald's, Burger King, and Su Cramp, beneath strain from hundreds of years of gross sales and competitors for pure / genetically modified meals similar to Chipotle and Panera, have expanded their alternatives and emphasized vitamin.


income from purely natural procurement, meals giants are recruited by the military of PR corporations and political lobbyists to help them unfairly "green wash" and to market billions of dollars of typical (GMO, chemical and manufacturing unit) products " natural, "" All natural "or" ecofriendly. "

In response, groups, together with the Organic Shopper Group (OCA), Past Pesticides and Food & Water Watch, have launched a quantity of litigation makes an attempt to deceive corporations by marking their products as natural, pasture

In spite of all its funds and power, Big Food Inc. continues to be in a defensive place that is desperately making an attempt to get rid of o eternal shoppers who are conscious and aware of what the OCA and its related food activists have informed us about. for 25 years: Industry, GMO-contaminated, pesticide-loaded, plant-based products are dangerous for health, dangerous farmers, poor for small farmers and farmers who are dangerous to the setting, and more and extra individuals are beginning to perceive badly for the local weather.

GMO, Industrial Agriculture and Poisonous Chemical compounds

The rising number of acutely aware shoppers is starting to know the risks of pesticide and drug residues in our meals and water and the menace of toxic chemical compounds in everyday shopper products, together with clothing, body care merchandise, cosmetics, plastics, laundry and cleaning merchandise, mattresses, bedding, cell telephones and pc gear. 19659003] Rising American Health Info is a vital think about natural, grassroots, pure health and inexperienced merchandise. But the industrial and agritoxic contamination of food, water and the setting that we have now, in current many years, has also been dragged into the world of Brave New Genetic Engineering and Frankenfoods.

Genetic engineers, chemical corporations, and Big Pharma have embarked on radical and random redesign with little or no anticipation, safeguards or precautions – from life plans. They are genetically changing bacteria, viruses, seeds, crops, animals, food, timber, medicine and now individuals.


Almost half of American land is dedicated to GMO crops, together with over 140 million hectares of GE. corn, soybeans and cotton. Seventy-80 % of supermarkets, eating places and faculty cafes cope with genetically modified corn, soy, crispy, high fructose corn syrup and cotton seed / vegetable oil.

At the similar time, 90% of our meat and animal products are coming from factories the place cattle have been crammed with GMO animal feed (corn and soy), and negligently allotted with Big Pharma veterinary medicine and progress promoters

And of course it's not simply genetic engineering, guest DNA, antibiotic marker genes, and viral promoters in these everyday (inorganic) Frankenfoods and cultures that we need to take care of.

We also need to reply that these gene products and animal feeds have been used to struggle poisonous pesticides, insecticides and fungicides. . After 30 years of entry into drive, a big quantity of untested, unlabeled GMOs and low-fat, nutritionally deficient meals and crops which might be hooked up to pesticides resembling Roundup, dicamba, 2,4-D, chloropyrifos, atrazine, malathion, neonicotinoids and Bt are fed to the public. It’s no marvel that public well being is consistently deteriorating.

The impression on the surroundings of GMOs, chemically intensive industrial agriculture and manufacturing unit amenities is equally damaging. They are answerable for water pollution, aquatic zones, water layer degradation, soil absorption and water retention, air pollution, grassland and wetland loss, biodiversity loss, wildlife, insect and pollinator killing and soil erosion, and large carbon dioxide emissions, methane and nitrogen oxide emissions

The most harmful is the influence of industrial agriculture on soil fertility and soil carbon loss, which has undermined the pure capability of wholesome soil, crops. grasses and timber successfully carry out photosynthesis and pressure removing, which weakens their means to decompose excess carbon dioxide from the supersaturated environment to the soil and life.

Plant factories, GMO feeds and prescription drugs

Ninety % of the meat, average consumption of dairy products and poultry (malnourished, lowered) American shopper comes at present full of soiled, hellish factories and forage areas, eup

The food regimen sometimes consists of pesticides operating on GMOs, antibiotics, progress promoters and different Big Pharma veterinary medicine. The meat, dairy and poultry meat coming from these animal farms are nutritionally insignificant, routinely contaminating harmful micro organism, pathogens and veterinary medicine, and have poor fats that trigger arterial blockage (low omega-3 and high omega-6).

Publish-study analysis combines the deteriorating health of the nation, including the continual health epidemic of youngsters, with growing quantities of toxic chemical compounds and GMOs (primarily pesticide delivery methods) which were exported to the surroundings and hooked up to food.

Based on current research, about 12 % of American shoppers try to guard ourselves and our families by all the time buying natural merchandise, and 47 % typically achieve this, most of us are exposed to poisonous, carcinogenic, hormone-disrupting chemical compounds and GMOs day-after-day

American Common Eating regimen As Mercola.com and others have pointed out, they primarily consist of highly refined junk food (70 %) and vodka, in addition to factory-grown meat and animal merchandise – that’s, what variety of meals you should purchase at an area service station, fast meals restaurant, or comfort store.

What are the well being effects of this poisonous violence? Just lately, a research by Rand Corporation found that 60 % of People endure from no less than one persistent condition reminiscent of heart illness, most cancers, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis; and 42% have two or extra of these illnesses.

Persistent illnesses now account for over 40% of the $ Three.5 billion donated by Big Pharma and the medical industrial complicated. Scientific research present that the majority of these persistent illnesses are on account of environmental and food poisoning slightly than hereditary elements.

Half of all People at the moment are waiting for their cancer at the least as soon as in their lifetime. In line with current studies, US males born in 1960 have a lifetime most cancers danger of 53.5 %. Ladies or 47.5 %. Seventy % of US consuming water is now contaminated with Roundup, a poisonous herbicide in Monsanto, while 93 % of shoppers have traces of Monsanto's poison (the lively ingredient glyphosate) in urine.

Right now, one in 9 US youngsters has severe food allergic reactions; 6–24% have extreme bowel problems; 20% are obese; 60% have continual headaches and 20% endure from mental issues and melancholy. One of the 41 boys and 1 of 68 women is now recognized with autism.

The deterioration of public well being isn’t just an issue in the United States. 99% or more of the chemical compounds imported from the toxic plastic and surroundings of GMOs or poured into food or other shopper merchandise have by no means been individually examined for his or her toxicity to animals or other dwelling organisms, much much less along with other artificial chemical compounds that most individuals and animals take pleasure in or are experiencing. contact with them.

In consequence, most of us are actually uncovered to tons of of totally different toxins every day, whether we are talking about meals, water, air, the residence and work surroundings, medicine or day by day shopper products. Australian Organic Farm Director and Pesticide Professional Andrew Leu factors out:

“Regulators do not take into account a large number of peer-reviewed scientific studies showing damage caused by pesticides and make decisions about information requirements… The US Centers for Disease Prevention found in the blood and urine of many Americans many toxic chemicals. ”

Soil degradation

Genetically modified (GE) cultures, toxic chemical substances, industrial monocultures and manufacturing unit farms are steadily degrading only for our health and air and water, but in addition for our soil. Erosion, condensation, nutrient loss and salinity at the moment are widespread.

Wholesome soils with high carbon content of natural matter and microorganisms, in addition to crops, timber and animals that depend upon carbon-rich soil, are key to human health and health. vitamin. Our soil is the foundation of international biodiversity. They are additionally the most essential think about maintaining the stabilizing stability of the environment between the quantity of carbon dioxide in the environment and the ocean and the amount of carbon in the soil and habitat

. GMOs and industrial uncooked materials can’t develop without the monumental use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers

In reality, GMO seeds are specifically designed and patented by corporations similar to Monsanto to promote their very own pesticides comparable to Roundup. could be maximized. Sadly, the injection of pesticides and the dumping of big chemical fertilizers on farmland kill the soil, remove soil organic matter and microorganisms that cause soil fertility and nutritious food.

The influence of degenerative foods, cultivation and land use, which embrace deforestation, heavy plowing, multi-layered (annual progress of the similar crop), and the robust use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, have misplaced 30-75 % of the unique organic carbon in the soil.

Seventy-five billion tonnes of topsoil with a market worth of $ 400 billion annually loses erosion of wind and water, mainly from farms and livestock farms utilizing chemically intensive soil degrading cultivation methods.

Previous to carbon-binding forests, combined typical cultivation and lawns have been chemically destroyed by the use of GMO and at present industrialized agriculture (and industrial forestry), soil organic matter typically from 6 to 10 % of soil – three to six occasions at present. industry-typical 1–Three% levels

In different phrases, chemical industry agriculture, manufacturing unit farms and unrestricted grazing (together with industrial forestry) have changed the soil of the nation (which nonetheless incorporates 3 times as a lot carbon dioxide as the entire environment) that it is a major local weather stabilizing carbon sink for large and harmful greenhouse fuel emissions; and

Forty % of the world's agricultural land is now categorized as degraded or degraded. Which means up to 70 % of the soil is gone.

Until soil is regenerated and forests and wetlands restored, billions of small farmers and rural villagers will lose their livelihood and be pushed out of the country. In the meantime, shoppers in billions of cities endure from eating nutrient-deficient, chemical and GM-contaminated meals

Wholesome soil can also be a key think about determining whether or not three billion farmers and rural villagers in the world can stay in the nation or whether or not they should transfer to huge cities or overseas to seek out work and respectable. normal of dwelling. In line with the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

“The Earth is the pillar of civilization… Soil erosion, desertification and water shortages increase society's stress and breakdown. In this sense, soil contamination can be seen as a "threat boost", especially as it gradually reduces people's ability to utilize land for food production, water supply and other vital ecosystem services. 19659003] The destruction of soil carbon (and soil fertility) through degenerative cultivation, grazing and inappropriate land use is worrying because 3 feet of world soil is three times as much carbon as the entire atmosphere. This makes the soil a large carbon store (together with forests and oceans) and thus an important factor in maintaining climate stability.

Deforestation and destructive farming practices have released 320 billion tonnes of carbon in the atmosphere over the last 10,000 years. The burning of fossil fuels has released a further 292 billion tonnes. Over time, the steady loss of soil carbon (and soil biodiversity and fertility) released into the atmosphere has not only changed the climate, but has also affected the quality of food.

Today's inorganic foods have lost 25-75% of the amount of essential nutrients and trace elements compared to 50 years ago


According to a scientific American magazine, "… fruits and vegetables grown decades ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than most About Us Get Today. The most important culprit in this disturbing diet is soil impoverishment: Modern intensive farming methods have increasingly removed nutrients from the soil where we eat food. ”

Large soil degradation has occurred in each country, not just in the US In a current news report, scientists point out that the UK appears to be 30-40 years away from" soil fertility eradication ".

From Degeneration to Regeneration: 5 Steps

OK. Sufficient dangerous information. What are we doing about all this? How can we move from degeneration to renewal? How can we win Bayer / Monsanto, Big Food and Big Pharma? How can we regain well being and control of our food plan, clean up the setting and participate in international efforts to revive a secure environment?

Thankfully, tens of millions of us are already abandoning GMOs, pesticides and factories and overlaying organic food and pure well being practices and life. Right here are some things we will do:

  1. Stay up to date with organic, biodynamic and regenerative meals, agriculture, and pure well being messages for household, associates, and neighbors. Some of the greatest newsletters, websites, social media, and info sources are Mercola.com, OrganicConsumers.org, and RegenerationInternational.org.
  2. Boycott GMOs, poisonous pesticides and factory-grown meat, dairy and poultry – at present and each day.
  3. Purchase organic, biodynamic, 100% grass, pasture and other regenerative foods and shopper products.
  4. Participate in different pure well being activists and regenerators by changing public coverage at native, state, and national levels. Turn into a grassroots citizen lobbyist with the Residents 'Shoppers' Group or grassroots residents of OCA.
  5. Make a tax-deductible donation to the Organic Shoppers Affiliation or Regeneration Worldwide to help our ongoing campaign towards Monsanto, GMOs and manufacturing unit amenities

* The article initially appeared in Mercola. Restored with permission.

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