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"The Art That Raises Our Spirit" Exhibition

Ober-Rae Starr Livingstone, Touch Sensation, Oil, 24

We are pleased to current the Inspiring Art Exhibition "The Art That Raises Our Spirit", August 15 – October 15, 2019. This exhibition showcases the exquisite artwork and statements of over 50 artists all over the world, and options quite a lot of types and instruments. We received many wonderful jobs that made the curatorial course of very challenging. Finally, I selected photographs that mirror innovation and technical know-how, retain interest, match the topic, and present that art has the power to positively change physiological state and perception. We hope you benefit from the artwork and the utterances of the artists. Go to the artists' web sites to study more about them and call them to buy or exhibit their art. Also visit our on-line artwork gallery. Study extra concerning the therapeutic energy of artwork and artists and our mission here.

Essential Word: All works displayed at the exhibition are the copyright of every artist. All rights reserved. Don’t copy pictures without the written permission of the artist.


Ober-Rae Starr Livingstone ~

ART AND ARTISTS Healing Energy Winner Featured Artist Membership Award

Ober -Rae Starr Livingstone, Really feel Your Contact, Oil, 24 ″ x48 ″.

I consider that when one connects with the great thing about nature and feels peace, and even respect for the connection and healing of the soul. When an artist is able to depict this beauty with the help of paint or other means, he or she also can provide a tube for that a part of us that is related to all things and which, by doing so, provides therapeutic.

Winner The Therapeutic Energy of Arts and Artists Widespread Artist Membership Awards

  man looking at the galaxy, digital art Roslyn Rose Roslyn Rose, Step in the direction of Heavenly Fireworks, photograph montage, 21 ″ x 21 ″.

I’ve I’m fascinated by astronomy and area for teens my age onwards. When NASA provided the public the power to download pictures from the Hubble Telescope, I used to be one of many first to enroll. For years, toivonani that I might enter that world, I have discovered satisfaction by means of inlet artistic endeavors. Hope the viewer feels the same feeling.

Winner of the Therapeutic Power of Arts and Artists

  Karen Johnston, Outside Tomorrow, Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas, 24 ”x 30”. Karen Johnston, Beyond Tomorrow, acrylic and combined media on canvas, 24 ”x 30”.

Delaying the inside and bringing it to life with delicate gestures and sensible hues is on the coronary heart of my work. I rejoice in nurturing the sensation till it rises to the peak of hope and the light shines in my fabrics. The mixture of high quality, intuitive notations and shade markings lyrically combines my abstract narrative spiritually poetically.

Winners of Outstanding Awards

  Denisa Prochazka, Angels of Carved Dreams - Metamorphosis, Clay, 60 Denisa Prochazka, Angels of Carved Goals – Metamorphosis, Clay, 60 ″ x 42 ″ x 8 ″.

I’ve all the time believed in creating artistic endeavors that elevate, improve and rework the human spirit, providing a visible dialog chic. Symbolism transcends the physical realm of the religious. My aim is to convey artwork to public spaces so that passersby can find peace, beauty and a therapeutic connection for the second in their life's journey.

  Mary Chaplin's portray of a colourful garden Mary Chaplin, Francoise Garden, acrylic on canvas, diphthyl, complete measurement 47.25 ″ x 78.74 ″.

Instantly captured moments, free and energetic brushstrokes, shiny colours, blossoms blowing within the distance, a storm rising within the distance, the morning sun shining by means of her garden and giving my work shifting, life, pleasure and ever-changing dwelling beauty.

  giraffe sculpture All About Me, lost wax bronze and granite turntable, 18 "x 15" x 13 ".

ER-document I have succeeded and failed to save lots of lives, broken our bodies of proven and has offered heart-breaking information for folks and households. Most assume we’re hardened by it all, but we cry together, go house and hug our youngsters, and discover methods to restore our personal souls. Art has been my healer.

  photograph from canna lilly with occasional Barbara Markoff, Canna Lily Leaf with Raindrops, photograph, measurement varies.

When photographing nature-related pictures, I methodically search distinctive colors and patterns that symbolize the nuances of nature. I typically visit a number of occasions to review how natural mild optimizes my topic. I have two separate photograph types, macro and landscape, and pictures from around the globe. Your photographs add consolation and delight to healthcare, enterprise and residential areas. My motto is “Art Humanizes Spaces.”

  Nancy Reyner Painting on a Blue Danube Nancy Reyner, Blue Danube, Acrylic and Gold Journal for a 48 ″ x 60 ″ panel.

I paint versions of heaven. . Places which might be lovely and meditative that are not commonly discovered on earth. Nature is my museum within the mild interpretations of free, water, earth and lightweight. By creating imaginary new worlds, combining my literal and metaphorical paintings, I fly somewhat between pure abstraction and a sensible landscape.

  sculpture by Esther Lo, Freedom, Resin, 16 Esther Lo, Freedom, Resin, 16 ″ x 17 ″ X 17 ″

My work reflects life and celebrates the human life. Fused in type, it blends basic parts with modern parts; delicate and crowd pleasing, while being powerful and dramatic. Like an actor who brings viewers into the internal world, each touching app pulsates like a heartbeat, infusing your subjects with compassion and sensitivity that brings the soul to your artwork. Earth, acrylic 36 ”x 48”.

Measurement folded my profession, I have been motivated to create an paintings that expresses the human spirit and celebrating the great thing about nature. I consider that the perform of art is finally to affect the viewer in the same approach. I have adopted this research path as knowledgeable artist for 40 years.

  drawing of a woman sporting a hat by Patti Bradeis. Patti Bradeis, fan, graphite, carbon, charcoal, 13 ″ x 15 ″.

For my artwork, I intentionally choose themes that whisper pleasure, love, contentment, hope and lightness. It’s inevitable that once I draw a portrait, I grasp the mood of the subject and find myself smiling.

  Abstract Painting by Kari Bienert Kari Bienert, From the Beginning, Oil on Canvas, 57 ″ x 71 ″.

My apply is inspired by both the magic of the organic world at macro and micro ranges and the affect of know-how in the best way I visualize and perceive actuality. Inspired by the dive into the abstract world, depicting adventures in wavy colours, shapes and patterns. The process is a stability between physical motor expertise and psychological power.

  Sculpture inspired by James Sondrow's Rebekah James Sondow, Rebekah's Properly, painted resin, 61 ″ x 51 ″ x 35 ″.

Much of my work brings forth Biblical ladies who turn out to be the focal points of my sculpture. As the fashionable world fights for a extra female-centered future, it is very important look back and recast the matriarchs of our most famous stories. Rebekah joins the oasis that provides life to the properly.

  abstract flower painting by Candace Knapp Candace Knapp, Flowers Laughing, Acrylic on Canvas, 34 ”x 34”.

Inspiration comes from deeply felt kinship with nature. I take photographs in the parks and mirror on the shapes, colors and patterns I find. By way of sketching and painting, I discover that these pictures mirror something inside me. I’ve my very own unexplored wildness and we are all made of sunshine.

  Elizabeth Weiss butterfly portray Elizabeth Weiss, thresholds, oil on linen, 15 x 14 ”.

The best opportunity for change is usually. found in probably the most difficult however profoundly illuminating circumstances – an alchemical threshold that transcends resilience: becomes each stronger and brighter as a direct result of unfavorable power. Magnificence, knowledge, clarity, and inspiration mysteriously reduce via our personal experience within the short-term chest. The polished and sensible human spirit can grow to be ever extra radiant.

  portrait portray by a young lady, Elizabeth Nguyen-Espinoza, because it is my heart, oil on canvas, 20 ”x 18”. Elizabeth Nguyen-Espinoza, Because It's My Coronary heart, Oil on Canvas, 20 ”x 18”.

With my artwork, I need to encourage others to worth life more. My objective is to encourage others to protect the great thing about the world and to pursue humanitarianism in a selfless method. I consider that using art touches individuals emotionally, intellectually and compassionately to affect constructive modifications on the earth. Editor's word: Elizabeth Nguyen-Espinoza founded ISEE, a company dedicated to using art for philanthropic purposes.

  Bonnie Kamhi, Wake Up, Photo, 29 Bonnie Kamhi, Wake Up, Photograph, 29 ″ x 23 ″.

The female type is grace and wonder that creates a marriage between my sculpture and nature. My sculptures and compositions evoke a sense that I need to share. My photographs took shape and then each. I’ve a sensible relationship with my compositions. I exploit Photoshop to mix them to create two or more composites.

  Terri Albanese in Glass Terri Albanese, Storm, Glass, 12 ”x 12” x 2 ”

While in the midst of a fireplace, our burning wishes could be silenced. Simply as sand turns superbly into glass underneath hearth, our hope can change us too. My stained glass window is designed to rework us – to evoke feelings that ignite a fireplace or soothe a storm.

  Kristy Goggio's painting of a lady with flowers and birds Kristy Goggio, Nurturing Begets Nurturing, oil, 36 ”X 24”

A lady I paint depicts femininity by cultivating the natural world. She has photographed Mother Nature. I attempt to describe him as a diner, the rewards he gives. Nature is nothing deep. Whether or not a mother-nature is taken into account religious, spiritual or scientific, culturally transcends every little thing she provides, the miracle of the whole lot evokes us.

  James Campbell, Delivery Becomes Acrylic on Wooden; 53 ″ x 44.5 ″ x 3 ″. James Campbell, The Delivery Comes From You, Acrylic on Wooden, 53 ″ x 44.5 ″ x 3 ″.

This piece may be interpreted at totally different ranges, although every may be thought-about insurance. Whether or not it is the personal importance of embracing femininity or recognizing our planet's position in creating and sustaining life, it is an acknowledgment of the inherent great thing about the enabling circumstances of life

  Steve Leonard. Clearance Storm on Rodeo Seashore, printed on paper, canvas or aluminum, up to 29 x 36 Steve Leonard. Storm storm at Rodeo Seashore, photograph paper, canvas or aluminum sheet, varies in measurement.

My footage are referred to as "intimate scenery". They’re (for my part) lovely or putting parts in a wider perspective. I'm in search of subjects that beg the story, I gained't tell a single one. In black and white, I solely have the topic, the attitude, and the sunshine to work with. There isn’t a shade. Mild is the important thing to creating drama.

  our bond with nature Joan Metcalf, Solar Matured, Oil and Metallic, 36 ″ x 48 ″.

since 1961, and since then I have created paintings rejoice the wealthy beauty. nature and invigorate, maintain and heal myself and others in sad and turbulent occasions. I have tried to boost the spirits watercolor, acrylics and oils, and observed that the present combination of oils and metallic leaf to supply a fair larger rise experience.

<img class = "size-full wp-image-14148" src = " .jpg "alt =" The Dream Catcher, by Lisa Botto-Lee., Dream Catcher, Oil on Canvas, 36 ″ x 24 ″.

Dream Catcher is rich in indigenous symbolism and round shape represents circle of life Some Indian tribes believe that the spiritual messages of their dreams come from the dream song. As an artist, I continue the uplifting, telling story to bring power to others. Reflecting Aerosmith's words: "Dream till your goals come true."

  Patrick Fleming, Sandran , Oil Painting and Fabric, 61 Patrick Fleming, Sandra's Backyard, Two Items, Oil Painting and Material, 61 ″ x 54 ″

My artwork is predicated on destructive area and the duality of human nature, creating pressure and waves with colour and area, I persuade the viewer to see what isn’t there, permitting the cavity to develop and personalize the art.

  John Davis Held Pastel Painting for a Goose, John Davis Held, Because of the Golden Mild, Pastel, 16 ″ x 20 ″.

My artwork is all the time a wonderful feeling of tranquility, hope and peace. Pastel lets me work with nearly pure pigment so the color quality is totally different than different media.

  Marlene Siff, Follow Your Dream, Acrylic Linen and Wood, 46 Marlene Siff, Comply with Your Dream, Acrylic Linen and Wooden, 46 ″ x 44.5 ″ x 18 ″

My paintings, paperwork and sculptures symbolize personal Events and psychological issues. They are expressed by geometric shapes of layered and intersecting shiny colours that penetrate the viewer's area and interest her or him to take part. They symbolize the puzzle of our non-linear life, which we attempt to assemble as we search to penetrate the illusions of actuality and reveal the thriller and essence of the soul.

  photograph of the setting sun in the Caribbean Mary Gerakaris, Caribbean sundown, photograph, 14 ″ x 11 ″

I paint with my digital camera. From childhood, I have been concerned about particulars, patterns and shade. I am fascinated by the color, texture, mild and sample present in both pure and man-made objects. I compose with my digital camera by changing the color as little as potential and typically removing it as a result of the pattern itself is.

  Donna L. Byers painting from a view of water. Donna L. Byers, Desk A View, Oil on Canvas, 20 ″ x 24 ″

The artistic process allows me to put footage which might be seen to the attention but recognized to the guts. Art possesses a singular and unimaginable means to revive and renew us, to raise us up and transport us to a better, happier place. It comforts, heals and evokes.

Casey Shannon, Tree of Information, Sumi-e, (ink and watercolor), 23 ″ x 14 ″.

There isn’t a larger healer than the contact of nature. . Hugging a tree, observing birds, or taking a look at flowers is a "spiritual uplifting" and meditative activity. I exploit the facility of nature in my work to create a sense of well-being for myself and others.

  Anne Bevan's Painting on Reflections in a Water Pool Anne Bevan, Secret Pool, Acrylic, 48 ″ x 56 ″

Our physical and psychological connection to water is especially restorative, and I’m repeatedly drawn to water in many types as a metaphorical expression. I dedicate your water collection to Haruki Murikam, whose words, "One thing is certain, when you come in the storm, you are not the same person who walked in."

  Inspirational Portray by Katherine McNeill Art That Raises Our Spirit Katherine McNeill, Dwelling Water, Oil on canvas, 72 ″ x and 58 ″.

Praying for inspiration and eager to feel the sunshine coming by means of the Aspen timber provides me that peaceful and religious feeling. The water flows freely to characterize baptism and to feel His religious integrity. I donated this portray to Assien St. Francis in Fort Rock, Colorado. It has been the overwhelming reply to this portray.

  PAINTING OF A FISH MAN Gordon M. Scott, Wisdom Salmon Honor, Oil, 20 ”x 26”.

Mild is a captivating quality of that painting. I feel it’s an irresistible problem. Daylight brings new hope and might be both an internal awakening and an exterior image of promise and therapeutic. Folklore and mythology are the source of my story. I attempt to create an atmosphere of miracles and mysteries in all my art.

  visionary hand painting by Irmtraud Kogler Irmtraud Kogler, Reaching Be the Veril, acrylic 36 ″ x 30 ″

. countless prospects to interpret visually the encompassing world. Visionary artwork is the expression of the soul that comes from visions of inside worlds that vibrate at larger frequencies, stretching your creativeness, taking you to different realities past the visible world. Painting is a meditation that permits me to cope with the worry I’ve felt throughout my life.

  Karen Shulman's photograph of forest on moss-covered benches Karen Shulman, Come Sit With Me, photograph, 24 ”x 24”

As I stroll in rural Scotland, I’m referred to as by a bench coated in gentle moss. I'm at peace and I permit myself to embrace this second.

  Painting of two youngsters by Agnes Jorgensen Agnes Jorgensen. Every dream begins with a want, oil on canvas, 24 ”x 20”.

Art My works are impressed by the invitation to precise your emotions, take a deep delicate ideas and make them cooperate with konkreettisia.Mieheni I'm a non-profit organization, which paints a brand new world, an assistant director of the African artists to return to their communities.

  Peter N. Van Giesen, Sailing Past Discovery Lighthouse, acrylic, 24 Peter N. Van Giesen, Crusing Past Discovery Lighthouse, acrylic, 24 "x 20".

I paint some fascinating moments about watching the natural world that make my life soar. Gratitude is the right lens for dwelling life and by painting, I hope to encourage myself and others to breathe deeper into the memory. A work of art is my religious work, a present to share.

  Abul Nielsen Abstract Painting Lightweight, reconfigured (first mild) pastel on paper. 30 ″ x 22 ″.

My newest work continues in the collection "Light, reconfigured". In essence, mild and colour have the facility to convey a way of celebration and spirituality. As I push into the realm of the summary, I can focus and research the formal parts of line, shape, colour and lightweight. Invisible, which is made seen by visual image processing.

  Teri Leigh Teed, Light Portal, photo, size varies. Teri Leigh Teed, Mild Portal, photograph, measurement varies.

Inspired by nature, I take pleasure in creating “Healing Spirit Art”, a photographic artwork infused with constructive, inspirational and life-affirming thoughts and energies. My objective is to assist the viewer find their own inside peace and keep in mind who they are. Once we open our hearts and create artwork with the intention of sharing love, we give therapeutic power to ourselves and the world.

  Christine Debrosky Painting the Path with Flowers Christine Debrosky, The Street to the Coach Home, Pastel, 16 ″ x 18 ″.

Marvel and pleasure all over the place in the colors of sunlight are my causes for painting. Whether or not it’s the kingdom of wounds group, or an exquisite trip on a river and beyond, I’ve spent my life, delighting in nature to offer a easy beauty. It's all the time there once we need time to look.

  David Montgomery, Heartsong, Bronze and Metal, 8 x eight x 18 David Montgomery, Heartsong, Bronze and Steel, 18 ″ x 8 ″ x eight ″

Every time I am sculpting, I’ll all the time increase my vibrational power. This may increasingly or might not have the identical effect on the viewer, but each work still begs the query, "what is stopping your spirit from rising at this moment?"

Sandra Belitza-Vazquez, Gray Towers Pool, images 16 ” x 20″” width=”800″ peak=”533″ /> Sandra Belitza-Vazquez, Gray Towers Pool, photograph, 16 ″ x 20 ″

I take a look at the on a regular basis, widespread, typically abandoned, and often forgotten things that could be. reworked into lovely things, and even amazement at my vision and eye for the unique design and want and skill to maximize the visible impression of sunshine and shadow on this stuff. This has been considered one of my lifelong passions.

  Andre Chatelain, A Different View of the World, Oil on Canvas, 30x36 Andre Chatelain, A Totally different View of the World, Oil on Canvas, 30 ″ x 36 ″.

I beloved Africa throughout my first trip to Kenya. It was a revelation. I felt at house, near individuals and the best way they stay in happiness, love and dignity. I have been painting African magnificence via its individuals, hoping to convey to the viewer the feeling of standing by presenting totally different features of this continent. To cite Buddha: “You’re a youngster of the universe. No less than like timber and stars. "

  Carla Thomson, Oil on Canvas, 48 ​​″ x 30 ″, painted by timber towards a blue sky in winter .

I paint magnificence and pleasure, a sense of comfort, like someone seeing a cheerful smile. I feel immense satisfaction and success once I see someone watching my work lovingly. Nature evokes me from the great thing about one bloom to the breathtaking landscape. We are remembered to take pleasure in and have fun this unimaginable world of nature to which we belong.

  A.E. Richardson, Blind Faith, Digital Photography, 20x20 A.E. Richardson, blind faith, a digital photograph, 20×20

I am self-taught photographer who makes use of digital manipulation to create pictures that inform our feelings, our decisions, reiteistämme and human nature of duality. Based mostly on my PhD in psychological health and subsequent analysis, I hope to make use of photographs to the touch, inspire, empower, and encourage individuals to act and reside life to the complete.

Ann Croghan, Second of Mild, acrylic on canvas, 48 ​​″ x 48 ″.

My e-book is about emotions of joy, peace, divine grace, spirituality, and hope. Utilizing transparent layers of colour, I develop complicated relationships and interesting surface depths which are ethereal and emotionally evocative. The color curtains and expressive markings draw the viewer beneath the floor and the rich shades under, the place they discover sources of light inside.

  Claudia Marulanda, Be the Change, acrylic and oil on canvas, 30 ”x 48”. Claudia Marulanda, Be the Change, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, 30 ”x 48”.

As an artist, I create significant art that evokes ladies. My quest is to share my discovery of myself; categorical what I expertise in my heart and soul by means of the comb; my biggest joy and my biggest sorrow. Words are woven into hair to precise emotion and / or categorical an opinion.

  Wood Sculpture of Summary Figures by Ronald Sullivan Ronald V. Sullivan, Cowl, Wood, 16 ″ x 16 ″ x eight ″.

I create artistic endeavors primarily from wooden and stone. Perhaps what pursuits me most concerning the & # 39; raw material I exploit is their & # 39; pure & # 39; and abundance. My objective is to create something that reveals natural & # 39; raw materials & # 39; internal beauty, I need to incorporate themes like spirituality, household, nurturing, perfection and stability into my songs.

  Sandra Lett, Passion Waves, digital artwork, 12 ”x 12”. Sandra Lett, Ardour Waves, digital art, 12 ”x 12”.

Art chose me … it’s therapeutic, healing and galvanizing. Art speaks to the soul a profound, uplifting language. Art can change your angle instantly. I accept shade, abstraction and adaptability in my fashion. I share this passion with viewers.

  Julia Gostling, Lily, combined media (acrylic, ink, beads, mica, and so forth.), 60 "x 30" Julia Gostling, Lily, combined media, (acrylic, ink, gems, mica, and so forth.), 60 "X 30"

My work seeks to mirror the range and natural great thing about pure shapes and patterns. I attempt to harmonize simplicity, complexity and symmetry. My work reflects the underlying environmental and religious consciousness. The energetic juxtaposition of ethereal, holographic high quality, delicate complexity, floor richness, and glowing shade and distinction may be seen as speaking with the divine or religious.

  photo composite of man on lawn by Alan M. Richards Alan M. Richards, Tan-Fastic, photograph composite, measurement varies.

I try to inform a narrative with each picture. For Tan-Fastic, to begin with it's Summertime and Livin is straightforward. Secondly, I am an enormous fan of David Hockney and his lovely west coast type. That is my tribute to each the summer time and the good artist, but on the East Coast spinning.

  photo of flower in dark place Melanie Hood Melanie Hood, Soar, photograph, measurement varies.

I research and uncover hope in small places in my yard by photographing crops and weeds that survive despite being burned and disregarded. I’ve a fantastic cope with these surviving crops as a result of that is just what my childhood felt like. I need to convey nature indoors to heal the hearts of severely stricken individuals, as a result of it lifted my mine.

  Painting by Frida Kahlo, oil for painting 20 ”x16”. Manon Germain, Frida Kahlo, oil for painting 20 ”. x16 ”

Painting is a moment of spirituality that helps me discover the secrets of my existence. It's about creating a portrait that displays the human being. My paintings are a way of expression and communication with others.

  Summary Painting of Galaxies by Helen Kagan Helen Kagan, Beloved Galaxies. acrylic and combined media on canvas, 48 ​​″ x36 ″

As an artist and healer, I created a singular concept, method and elegance for HealingART that mixes fantastic art with the artwork of healing. My work are intuitively created, infused with healing qualities, activated with sacred power, and saturated with movement and keenness. My imaginative and prescient and mission is to encourage joy and happiness, “lift your spirits” and enhance therapeutic by adopting the vibrational multi-sensory experiences of my oscillating artwork.

  Annie Shaver-Crandell, Multi-Level Partners, Monotype, 5 3/4 Annie Shaver-Crandell, Multi-Degree Companions, Monotype, 5.75 ″ x 7.75 ″.

I attempt to stability my work with the damaging forces of the world. To anticipate my very own future, I try to create it myself, inspired by mild and colour. As a painter I choose to create pictures impressed by the energies of nature. Giving visible type to my internal vision improves healing.

  Len Cicio, Langham Manor Stairs, Colored Pencils and Oil Pastels, 22 X 30 Len Cicio, Langham Manor Stairs, Colored Pencils and Oil Pastels, 22 ″ X 30 ″

My background in textile design helps me see footage. I mix colour pencils and oil pastels for an in depth surreal look. I draw stairs and subways with dramatic and luminous options. My objective is to point out a supernatural vision behind my artwork. The Creator marked the color of love in the lifetime of his creation.

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