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Star Wars protest against forced vaccinations in California

Writer: Joseph Mercola, Physician, Physician.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opened on Might 31, 2019 at the Disneyland Resort in California, and a small group of "freedom fighters" staged a protest against forced curfews. Demonstrated as Star Wars protests against obligatory vaccinations, the protesters took the opportunity to exhibit the violation of the rights of this informed consent. Because the video explains:

“A small group of freedom fighters took the opportunity to spread the truth about the nation's evil compulsory vaccination law. These activists stood in front of all the entrances to Disneyland and held signs that revealed the truth of the vaccination program.

No one who entered the park that day could avoid spreading these activists and their truth in the hope of restoring freedom to the people. nebula. "


Why is Disney a good place to learn about vaccinations?

Activists were likely to pick the spot because up to 200,000 people were expected to visit the theme park on that day, 1 which offers the opportunity for a lot of exposure.

The fact is, many states remove conscientious, philosophical, and religious vaccine exemptions, leaving only state-approved medical exemptions for a doctor or other medical professional – but according to federal vaccine usage guidelines, almost no medical condition is eligible for medical exemption.

In June 2019, New Yorker parents forfeited vaccine immunity. their children's desperate faith in school. Earlier in the year, the Washington legislature voted to remove the personal belief exemption for measles-mumps-rubella vaccine. As of September 1, 2021, parents of fame will not be able to send their children to school with a vaccine for religious or philosophical belief.2

“The legal right to flexible medical, religious and conscientious or philosophical beliefs are threatened by vaccination proposals in many states , ”explains the National Vaccine Info Middle (NVIC).


This violates your right to informed consent, which suggests that you’ve the fitting to be absolutely informed about the benefits and dangers of medical apply and the freedom to make a voluntary choice to simply accept these dangers with out being forced or punished .

to make an knowledgeable determination on all medical interventions, together with vaccinations, is important for personal freedom and particular person well being, particularly in the context of a search that exhibits that some individuals are extra prone to the opposed effects of vaccines than others. Based on a 2012 report from the Medical Institute: four

“Each epidemiological and mechanistic studies recommend that the majority individuals who expertise antagonistic reactions to vaccines have an present susceptibility.

These tendencies can exist for many causes – genetic variants (in human or microbiome DNA), environmental exposures, behaviors, disruptive illnesses or developmental stage, simply to name a couple of – all of which can work together…

Some of these negative effects are inherent Whereas others might not. Some of these tendencies may be detectable before the vaccine is run; others, no less than with present know-how and apply, will not be. In addition, the prevalence of an antagonistic occasion is usually the primary sign of a underlying disease that provides sensitivity. "


Some instances of Disney measles might have been a vaccine reaction.

Early 2015, Disneyland. was the location of the measles epidemic5 that brought the state's vaccine exceptions to the highlight.

Within the Journal of Medical Microbiology, researchers described a new method that was developed to "quickly isolate measles and vaccine reactions to avoid unnecessary outbreaks." 19659003. response measures akin to case isolation and call research. "According to the magazine: 6

" Through the California measles epidemic in 2015, a excessive number of suspected instances occurred just lately. Of the 194 measles virus sequences obtained in the USA in 2015, 73 have been identified as vaccine sequences. "

In other words, 37.6% of the suspected cases of measles in California's Disneyland-Scared Scabies in 2015 were actually measles infections of the vaccine strain and do not cause the spread of wild-type measles.

The CDC currently recommends that children receive two doses of the MMR vaccine; the first dose is recommended between 12 and 15 months and the second dose between 4 and 6 years. A second dose has been recommended since 1989, "in response to at least one dose of main vaccine failure".

Measles vaccinia in the United States are highlighting an increasing number of vaccine malfunctions, and some have called for a third "booster dose". MMR. But there is an important difference: Although supposing that the second or third "booster" dose of MMR "enhances" immunity to disease, this may or may not be the case.


Provided the individual has already responded to the first MMR vaccine, the question is whether the second or third dose will provide a "increase" of immunity from the long-term vaccine. According to the CDC, "While some individuals who develop a traditional antibody titer in response to a single dose of the MMR vaccine develop greater antibody titres than the three element vaccines when given a second dose of vaccine, these elevated antibody levels sometimes don’t proceed. "8 In other words, if you have already responded to the first dose of MMR, getting a second (and possibly a third) may not provide you with more or lasting protection.

The California Fire Vaccine Exceptions

2015 Disneyland measles outbreak which restricted parents' ability to make voluntary vaccine choices for their children, SB 277 became law on June 30, 2015, prohibiting parents from sending their children to kindergartens and schools for personal exemption from religious or philosophical beliefs.9

SB 276 was introduced this year to further tighten the last remaining vaccine. exception – medical exemption – to a small list of contraindications approved by the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. In addition, the state department of public health authorities – not the pediatrician's personal doctor – would ultimately have the question of whether the child's health complies with the CDC's guidelines for obtaining a medical vaccine exemption.


It is estimated that nearly half of children attending day care or school with exemptions for medical vaccines may be denied access to this school year if the new law becomes law. The bill has responded to parents, especially parents of children who have had a vaccine reaction or have already been vaccinated, who can now be forced to receive all government-authorized vaccinations to attend public school or kindergarten.

"Somebody like my daughter who suffered from 16 seizures after her first and solely vaccination can't qualify," Michelle Sabino, of Orange County, told the Los Angeles Times. "He is forced to vaccinate so he can attend kindergarten." 10

Homeschooling grows as vax assignments increase.

California's increasingly restrictive vaccine mandates are not necessarily meant to force more children to vaccinate, because some parents choose their home education for their children instead.

According to a study by the California State of the Los Angeles Times, there were 6741 home-schooled unvaccinated daytime trainers in the 2018-2019 school year, compared with 1880 in 2016-2017. lukuvuodet.11.

Nationally, the Center for Education Statistics reported that the percentage of students enrolled in home education doubled between 1999 and 2012, rising from 1.7 percent to 3.4 percent. As of 2016, 3.3% of US K-12 students were in home school12.


There is a debate as to whether vaccination powers are the driving force behind the rise of home teaching. For example, some parents mention academic standards as their primary driver when looking for alternative education. However, for some parents who are already interested in home schooling, California's stringent vaccine requirements may be a catalyst to persuade them to refuse to enroll their children in public school.

"Those who select homeschooling are already contemplating it [for other reasons]and the laws can be the final push they should make to make this leap," Julie Schiffman, the mother of a California school, told the Los Angeles Times.13. That is, not all home-schooled children are unvaccinated. One study suggested that 38% of homeschool families had fully vaccinated their children, while 56% reported partial vaccination and only 6% reported that their children had not been vaccinated.14

. Another report, published in the Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics, suggested. Families in homeschooling should be given vaccine authority and should not be allowed to make medical decisions for their own children. Some suggest that parents of unvaccinated unvaccinated children are accused of negligence and banned from their school activities as a compelling incentive to comply: 15

“States should encourage their parents to vaccinate their vaccinated students by issuing the same laws as those used in public schools. This could be done by enforcing existing laws by neglecting petitions or by requiring children to be immunized before participating in school-sponsored programs.

Since most states require some filing to allow home education for their parents' children, it would be easy to pass laws requiring that the refrigerated children in the home be immunized or released before registration. "

See how ACIP makes your treatment decisions.

In the video above, you’ll be able to watch the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) discussing hepatitis B vaccine. ACIP tells the CDC which vaccines must be included in really helpful pediatric vaccination packages. As you’ll be able to see, when requested about using this vaccine with other excipients, they did not have "information to make a recommendation in one way or another".

However, the vote was unanimous. schedule vaccination. In line with the CDC, "Vaccines are tested to make sure they are safe and effective for children in the recommended age range" 16, but this is not the entire fact, with issues ranging from inadequate testing to questionable testing. For instance, Gardasil, a human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, is intended to stop an infection by certain strains of HPV virus, which, in rare instances, may cause cervical cancer if left untreated.


Merck Research Info. indicates that Gardasil vaccinations can truly improve your danger of cervical cancer by 44.6% in case you are uncovered to HPV strains 16 or 18 earlier than vaccination.17 ACIP has also been a source of conflict of curiosity. As said by the Department of Baby Health, 18

"eight members of the [F] CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)" who voted in June 1998 to approve rotavirus vaccine tips have been economically-linked drug corporations that developed. ""

You’ve the fitting to informed consent.

Demonstrations such because the Star Wars Demonstration are all the extra vital because of the constant efforts to close down all public discussions about vaccines and vaccines. their unwanted effects as an growing variety of vaccinations are added to the childhood schedule. In response to Barbara Loe Fisher, founder and president of NVIC: 19

“For youngsters born in the USA in 1983, the federal authorities really helpful 23 doses of seven vaccines given between two months and 6 years. At the moment, the pediatric vaccination schedule is 69 doses of 16 vaccines given between the birthday and 18 years of age, and 50 doses given before the age of 6 on the current price ticket of over $ three,000 per baby.

… America in the years to return, that vaccine record and price might double or triple.

The World Well being Group encourages pharmaceutical corporations to accelerate the advertising of more than a dozen new "primary" vaccines for youngsters, pregnant ladies and adults. – and you may make certain that the business goes to encourage governments to empower all of them – respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), streptococcal A&B, HIV, herpes simplex virus, gonorrhea, E-coli, Shigella, Salmonella, tuberculosis, malaria and others.

Where is the scientific proof supporting the idea that forcing everybody to make use of increasingly vaccines for atypical manipulation of our immune system and repeatedly scary inflammatory responses all through our lives produces better therapeutic Third to all? "

That is precisely the rationale and the rationale why the choice of vaccine is important – one which defines the freedoms on which america was based.


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