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Short film reveals water fluorination

Short film reveals water fluorination

Writer: dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O., Ph.D.

The US Facilities for Illness Prevention (CDC) have greeted water fluorescence as one of many twelfth century's most essential public health achievements. Since 1945, it was claimed that including fluoride to consuming water was a protected and efficient method to improve the well being of human tooth. Over the many years, many purchased this hook, line and sink, despite the fact that all the other proof was. The film "Our Daily Dose" presents some of these evidence. As said in the film summary:

”The filmmaker Jeremy Seifert defines the risks of water fluoridation informatively and creatively, highlighting the newest analysis and interviewing legal professionals, activists and legal professionals near prime legal professionals. Via a radical evaluate of previous beliefs and new science, the film informs us of the menace to health of water and drinks every single day.

Share this film with those nonetheless dwelling on the Fluid Fence

The film might not supply many new new announcements to those who are already properly conscious of the history and documented dangers of fluoride.


It was created primarily as a educating device for many who will not be conscious of these issues or who might not but be absolutely convinced that consuming fluoride isn’t an excellent factor. Please share this video with all your friends and family members who’re on the fence on this matter and ask them to take a look at it. It's solely 20 minutes long, however it accommodates lots of compelling particulars for these 20 minutes.

The consequences of fluoride on the body and the brain are particularly necessary for folks with younger youngsters and pregnant ladies. It is actually necessary to know that you need to never mix toddler milk with, for instance, fluorinated tap water, as this will exceed your baby's 100-fold "safe" fluoride publicity degree for infants!

In case your youngster suffers from ADD / ADHD, consuming fluorinated water may also worsen his situation. Ditto for these with impaired thyroid gland. So, share this video into your social networks as it may make an enormous difference to individuals's health.

Fluoride is each an endocrine disorder and a neurotoxin

Scientific research have proven that fluoride is an endocrine-disrupting chemical and a developmental neurotoxin that affects short-term and occupational memory and lowers IQ in youngsters. It has been a contributing factor to each the rise in hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and thyroid disease

Fluoride was used in Europe to scale back thyroid insufficiency in thyroid sufferers as early as the 1970s, and decreased thyroid perform related to fluoride ranges as low as 0.05-Zero, 1 mg fluoride / kg physique weight per day (mg / kg / day).

For over 50 years, fluoride levels have been too high, government grants

Youngsters are notably weak to the unfavorable effects of overexposure, and in April 2015, the US government admitted that the "optimum" fluoride degree beneficial since 1962 was truly too high . In consequence, greater than 40 % of American youngsters show signs of fluoride over publicity – as dental fluorosis. In some areas, dental fluorination is as much as 70-80%, some youngsters endure from advanced varieties.

Thus, for the primary time, the US Department of Well being and Health (HHS) lowered its really helpful degree of fluoride in consuming water by 40%, from the higher limit of 1.2 milligrams per liter (mg / l) to 0.7 mg / l, in response to HHS. Youngsters prior to now ten years to assess in the event that they have been right when this new degree is protecting towards dental fluorosis. But what’s the degree of acceptable injury within the identify of cavity prevention?


A number of studies have proven that youngsters with average or severe dental fluorosis are diminishing cognitive expertise and IQ checks because the age teams without fluorosis – a transparent revelation highlighted in the film as a result of some still insist that Dental Fluorosis Is Not Just A Cosmetic Query

The worth to be paid for cavity blocking

In accordance with the film, CDC estimates that the reduction of water fluoridation within the tooth won’t be greater than 25%. Nevertheless, current studies recommend that the actual influence may be a lot smaller. Based mostly on the outcomes of three papers on fluorescence efficiency based mostly on tooth decay, researchers discovered that water fluoridation doesn’t considerably scale back cavities in everlasting tooth.

In that case, why are we nonetheless endangering youngsters's long-term thyroid and brain health by adding fluoride to consuming water?

Fluoride, like many other toxins, was initially reported to be protected based mostly on dosage, but now we all know that the timing of publicity can tremendously affect its effects nicely. Youngsters fed infant components combined with fluorinated water will obtain very high doses and should affect their lifetime because of this early exposure.

Fluorine can even cross the placenta inflicting exposure of creating fetuses to fluoride. Considering that fluoride has endocrine disrupting exercise, this is hardly a state of affairs during which a toddler can health. It is very important understand that fluorine just isn’t a nutrient. It’s a drug and it’s the solely drugs that has been deliberately added on to consuming water.

This transport route utterly bypasses the standard rules for knowledgeable consent as the idea for moral medical apply. Worse, dosage cannot be monitored.

Infants are closely and routinely overdosed with fluoride

Based on a current Iowa research funded by the Nationwide Well being Institutions (CDI), youngsters and infants are high in overdose of fluorine. On this research, which is the most important research in the USA measuring the amount of fluoride youngsters, it was discovered that:

  • 100% of youngsters receiving toddler formulation combined with fluorinated tap water obtain greater than the assumed protected dose of fluoride. Some youngsters in the formulation feed 100 occasions day by day on protected levels
  • 30% of 1 yr olds exceed the advisable protected dose
  • 47% of individuals aged 2 to three exceed the protected dose [19659029] Most water authorities use toxic waste, not pharmaceutical grade answer

    ] As said above, fluorine is a drug, and the fluoride well being results research is predicated on pharmaceutical quality. Nevertheless, most water authorities do not even use pharmaceutical fluoride; they use hydrofluoric acid or hexafluorocarbon – poisonous wastes from the phosphate fertilizer business, typically contaminated with heavy metals comparable to arsenic, mercury, cadmium, lead and different toxins.

    won’t be mentioned when its use is claimed. Retaining the selected officers chargeable for making certain that the precise fluorochemical used meets fluoride health and security laws and complies with all laws, legal guidelines and danger assessments required for protected consuming water has been a profitable technique for stopping water fluoridation in a number of US environments

    Though the thought of ​​hiding toxic industrial waste in consuming water can be questioned by most individuals, the US Environmental Safety Agency (EPA) welcomed it. In a letter dated 1983, Deputy Assistant of Water Rebecca Hanmer wrote

    “… The use of fluoric acid as a source of fluoride in fluorination, this agency considers such use an ideal environmental solution for a long-term problem. By collecting a by-product of fluosilicic acid from the manufacture of fertilizers, water and air pollution is minimized, and water plants have a low-cost fluorine source… ”

    Water does not help fluorination in water

    Seven % of Western European nations don’t fluoresce water, and World Health Group (WHO) The info collected show that non-fluorescent nations have seen exactly the same reduction in dental cavity as america, where a lot of the water continues to be fluorinated. If fluoride have been in truth the cause of this trigger, non-fluorescent nations shouldn’t show the same development

    It is clear that the lower in dental decay shouldn’t be self-evident that water fluoridation actually works. It also needs to be famous that already greater than 99% of the fluoride added to consuming water does not even touch the tooth; it only drops the drain, pollutes and pollutes the setting

    Source: KK Cheng BMJ 2007.17 The prices of cavities have decreased in nations with and with out fluoride

    Stopping fluoridation is the most important public well being within the 21st century

    Though scientific evidence doesn’t help fluorination, those that are questioned or against it are sometimes brazenly demonized and inscribed as loopy conspiracies. . Many fluoride supporters claim that the science of fluoridation had "settled" about 50 years in the past – effectively rejecting all the revelations produced by trendy science!

    To defend their position, they depend on outdated science as a result of they are all.

    Actually, because the film says, stopping water is among the biggest public well being achievements of the 21st century, and I shouldn’t stop until it occurs. For extra info on why water fluoridation is contrary to good science, widespread sense, and basic interest, see the following video, which tells about 10 necessary fluoride elements.

    The most effective cavity prevention is food plan

    The easiest way to stop cavities shouldn’t be by means of fluoride, however by treating the food plan. One of the keys to oral health is eating a standard weight-reduction plan or actual meals that accommodates plenty of recent, untreated vegetables, nuts and grass. By avoiding sugars and processed foods, you’ll forestall the proliferation of bacteria that cause disintegration.

    In line with Dr. Francesco Branca, Director of WHO Well being and Improvement Policy: "18 We’ve robust evidence that maintaining free sugar under 10% of complete power consumption reduces the danger of obese, weight problems and tooth decay. ”

    Other natural strategies that may considerably enhance dental well being, eat giant quantities of fermented greens, and draw oil with coconut oil. Also ensure you get plenty of top quality animal-derived omega-3 fat, as research recommend that even average amounts of omega-Three fat will help remove gingival illnesses. The favourite supply is krill oil.

    Writer: Dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O., Ph.D.

    * The article originally appeared in Mercola. Restored with permission.

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