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Pharma's mouthpiece makes her ass to hand over her into a container

(Erin: Observe: I'm so glad that I discovered this video a couple of weeks again, at full capability, and forward it to Dr. Mercola I attempted several occasions to contact the producers of the video and allow them to know that their movies have been despatched to 35 million the eye. however by no means acquired the reply that i can discover. I hope they take pleasure in it. In recent times, nevertheless, we now have seen the horrible erosion of those civil liberties beneath the guise of "protecting public health".

I’m talking about steady efforts to cease all public discussions on the security of vaccines. aspiration to attain fever now, because on-line communication methods have begun to actively censor knowledge that query the security and efficacy of vaccines

Truthstream video, "Free Speech and Vaccine Discontinuation" Media, discusses this annoying event rounds. As said in the video, all videos associated to YouTube vaccines now have a “Vaccine controversies” info panel that warns viewers that:

”Vaccination is a reluctance or refusal to vaccinate or vaccinate a baby. The World Health Organization has identified one of the prime ten well being threats on the earth in 2019 and is in battle with the overwhelming scientific consensus on the security and effectiveness of vaccines. "


link to the Wikipedia" vaccine hesitation "page, which also states that" distrust is the result of public debates on medical, ethical and legal points associated to vaccines "and that" regardless of the overwhelming scientific consensus that vaccines are protected and efficient, they’re unjustified That is nonetheless propaganda that is the most innocent as a result of:

a. There isn’t any scientific consensus that vaccines are protected and effective. 2011 The Supreme Courtroom of america declared that state-authorized and really helpful childhood vaccines are "inevitably harmless".

b. truly publicity to vaccine safety (or lack thereof). It spreads because most individuals now know somebody who was wholesome, vaccinated and became permanently sick or injured (or died).

Extended private expertise is the actual purpose for the rising 'vaccine hesitation', and subsequently the vaccine business is so onerous that any public debate on vaccinations is stopped and all vaccine exemptions removed. If they succeed, the disadvantages can nonetheless be wiped down underneath the carpet and their exceptional facilities of profit can grow unhindered.

Like Barbara Loe Fisher, Founder and Chair of the Nationwide Vaccine Info Middle (NVIC). “Not taking prisoners in vaccine culture”:

”The American Public Health Authority, Professor, or Legislator can’t explain why tens of millions and tens of millions of youngsters and over half of all adults are chronically sick or disabled.

That is a actual public well being emergency that moms and dads need to speak about, however Congress and medical trade teams are not looking for to talk about. That is an elephant in a room in any respect public hearings, where it is proposed to withdraw or prolong the knowledge-based consent of the vaccine, which is presently thought-about as state legislator.

A abstract of how free speech is launched in the USA

video, in addition to a number of current articles, offers with growing efforts to seize (if in a roundabout way felony) those that categorical their considerations about vaccine security and close the free word in the USA – but just a speech that vaccines, not the advantages of vaccines.

The World Well being Organization lists 'vaccine hesitation' as one of the world's prime 10 public health threats.

In an interview with CBS Information in January, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Illnesses (NIAID), lied when he denied that vaccines might cause damage or dying. The very fact is that the Federal Childhood Vaccine Damage Act, established in 1986, has offered a federal vaccine compensation program (VICP) of $ 4 billion for vaccine injury and demise, and only 31 % of all petitions sought [19659019] Associated story:

27. February 2019, Fauci additionally lied to the US House Subcommittee on Supervision and Analysis "Towards a growing public health threat: measles erupted in the United States". In his testimony, he claimed that MMR-like vaccines are utterly protected and don’t cause critical reactions similar to encephalitis (irritation of the brain). The information are:

a. The MMR vaccine package deal revealed by Merck states that "encephalitis and encephalopathy have been reported approximately once as a dose of a vaccine containing 3 million M-M-R II or measles mumps and rubella vaccines."

b. Vaccine Notification (VIS), which docs have underneath federal regulation (beneath the 1986 Vaccine Virus Act) have to be given to mother and father before youngsters receive a CDC-recommended vaccine; long-term seizures; coma; lowered consciousness; and brain injury. ”

One of the“ moderate ”unwanted side effects associated with MMRV vaccine is encephalitis.

c. Research have proven that MMR may cause encephalitis and encephalopathy (acute or continual mind dysfunction).

d. As said in Vaccine's 2015 doc, “We intensify post-vaccination epidemiological data on fatalities, including examples of well-founded scientific evidence that vaccination causes or contributed to death.”

Uncommon instances of recognized or probable theoretical proof the danger of post-vaccination dying consists of anaphylaxis, vaccine and systemic infection following the administration of reside vaccines to severely immunocompromised people, post-vaccine after intussusception, inactivated influenza vaccine; critical problems of smallpox vaccine, including eczema vaccinatum, progressive vaccinia, post-vaccinia encephalitis, myocarditis, enlarged cardiomyopathy, and paralytic poliomyelitis related to vaccination by mouth. "

Dr. Nancy Messonnier, Director of CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, also held the wrong congress when he said:" Youngsters with sure very particular immune-system-related problems have few instances where the vaccine is simply over.

He lied when he stated that the MMR vaccine "does not cause brain swelling and encephalitis" in healthy youngsters, and that oldsters know if their youngsters have been in peril as a result of their youngster's physician informed them if this have been the case

In February, FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb threatened state legislators to intervene with the federal government if they didn’t remove vaccine exemptions

California State Senator Dr. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, urges US surgeon to drive obligatory vaccination on federal public health agenda. vaccines, like smallpox

A related invoice:

A invoice has been introduced in Washington to permit minors of all ages to obtain vaccines within the city without their mother and father' information or consent after the physician says the kid is "mature" is sufficient to make a choice.

Over the previous few weeks, the media have come to understand how know-how environments and social media improve "vax" fears and spread false info, and do nothing to forestall the sharing of vaccine-related material between customers.

Art Caplan, Professor of Bioethics and Director of Medical Ethics on the University of Drugs, New York University, has said that "businesses cannot give themselves" the undesirable results of false info "and they need to censor information that may lead to people avoiding empty [19659002] In response, YouTube has demonized the "anti-vaccine" channels, preventing them from advertising on the platform.

Facebook hides vaccine-critical content and blocks "advertisements that include incorrect information about vaccines."

] Pinterest blocks vaccine search terms as well as "anti-vaccine propaganda targets"


Amazon has removed critical movies about the safety of the vaccine from Prime video streaming service, such as

Google burying vaccine safety issues and videos

Dr. The case of Peter Hotez

for quite some time separates Dr. Peter Hotez's influence and good reason. Over the past two years, Dean Hotez of the Tropical Medicine School of Bayez Medical University has demanded a violent suppression of the safety data of the vaccine, bullying of parents of children who have been injured by the vaccine, calling them "anti-vaxxer", even though they discuss child injuries that occurred as a result of vaccination, not because they had not vaccinated them – categorizing vaccine safety and knowledge-based groups such as NVIC as "hateful teams" who "hate youngsters" and said we must "sniff" (a term typically reserved for gangster-style murder) "anti-vaccine " -movement. He also said that vaccination is just not a selection; it is responsible. ”

“ Free Speech and Stopping Vaccination ”tells of some of Hotez's work history, which reveals how robust his ties to the vaccine business are. He even revealed a paper final yr that developed a "personal brand" as a researcher, saying he received the idea in 2012 and has developed his brand as a "vaccine and father of autism" ever since. "Combating a well-organized and well-funded anti-pseudo-vaccine lobby."

It is not surprising that Hotez requires any scientific dictatorship that guides what can be said about medical and scientific topics.


Hotez has proposed Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Reddit, Instagram and other online platforms at least twice, including the recent appearance at the Joe Rogan exhibition. Manage, filter, and regulate content that is really a ridiculous proposition with the definition of freedom of expression.

Are parents with information about the vaccine flooding?

According to Hotez, parents are so anti-vaccine propaganda that they have no chance of getting to the truth. "The vaccine foyer now owns the Web right now," he told Rogan that there were about 500 websites against the vaccine, and every time you search online, all you do is misinformation.

"Free Speech and Ending the Debate" shows how ridiculous that idea is and you can test it yourself by using any search engine you want. Just type in any search term related to vaccination and see what kind of results you get, and how far you need to scroll to find the right information that includes not only the complications of infectious diseases, but also the complications of the vaccines that can cause brain and immune system damage and chronic badness Health

Today there are about 200 million active websites, so clearly what Hotez labels in the "anti-vaccine lobby" of up to 500 sites are not "personal" and even dominated by any imagination. It’s truly less than a proportion of zero.00025 %

Referring to info from an search engine marketing professional, the video states that “the average web user does not go to the top five search engine result page list (SERP)… [M] Ore is 67 percent of all The SERP clicks for the top five lists… The survey shows that the first SERP sites receive nearly 95% of online traffic, leaving only 5% of the remaining SERPs. ”[19659002] What this implies for vaccines is that the obligatory vaccination websites, which are principally funded by the overall government and business, are receiving 95 % of net search net visitors. Nonetheless, the hesitation of the vaccine continues to develop. It is clear that this is not as a result of individuals are buried with "anti-vaccine" data.

The vaccine "hesitates" continues to grow because many people have learned that they cannot rely on unilateral knowledge of the benefits of the vaccine. in principle prohibit the side effects of the vaccine.

There is good reason for the public to have legitimate concerns about the side effects of the vaccine, and now, in the lobby of forced vaccination, we are trying to eliminate people's ability to use and share vaccine data or even discuss it. Such censorship is supposed to raise red flags and leave warning bells for most people.

The title of Hotez's latest article even says, "Vaccines can’t trigger autism – there isn’t a dialogue." Hotez ID. So far, he has refused to invite other experts to discuss these matters.

Such behavior again causes "hesitation of the vaccine", because if those who want to close the debate are against valid scientific claims, there is no reason to avoid open discussion.

On the other hand, the websites of organizations that have received vaccine safety and informed consent, such as NVIC, have referenced scientific studies and state information showing that a rational concern and an urgent need to reform public health legislation that allows the use of the vaccine.

How many vaccines are really injured?

According to the latest vaccine compensation information, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) since the start of the VICP in 1988 has a total payout of around $ 4 billion. Since then, more than 20,428 petitions have been submitted to the VICP to compensate for injuries

Of these, 17,718 petitions have been processed, which means a formal decision. 6,430 received compensation and 11,288 were rejected. Interestingly, 4 250 petitions received for reimbursement were submitted between 2006 and 2017, suggesting that vaccination-related petitions have risen significantly over the last decade, although two of the three claims are still banned [19659002] Unfortunately, most of the federal Vaccine damage prizes go to adults, not to children, even thought that Congress set up the 1986 law specifically to compensate children who have harmed federal-recommended and state-mandated vaccines.

The Health and Human Resources Department and the Ministry of Justice have left the VICP through the Regulatory Authority and fought to refuse to reimburse most of the claims made by parents on behalf of the injured children, so fewer and fewer lawyers are being sought for children because the cover is stacked

that federal agencies responsible for the development, licensing, recommendation and promotion of vaccines do not want o to acknowledge how many children are harming state-given vaccines for children to get school education.

Here is another interesting tidbit. According to the HRSA report, based on the number of doses given in 2006 and 2017 and the number of petitions received, the HRSA calculates that "one particular person was paid for every of the tens of millions of doses of vaccine distributed. ”

I find it fascinating that this is exactly the same relationship that’s given to the vaccine. You've in all probability heard that vaccine injuries occur about once a million doses. Might this be a coincidence? Or are they wrongly wronging critical injuries compensation as chance statistics for vaccine injuries?

What does science say about the potential for vaccine accidents?

In america, the US Facilities for Disease Management and Prevention advocate that youngsters obtain 69 doses of 16 vaccines at a time they’re 18 years of age, 50 doses of 14 vaccines are given earlier than the age of 6 years. How does this have an effect on their well being?

A research revealed in 2017 reported a disturbing discovery. Researchers studied the health outcomes of Three-5-month-old infants after the introduction of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) and oral polio vaccine in Guinea-Bissau, which occurred in the early 1980s.

(In the USA, the whole cell pertussis vaccine in DPT was replaced in 1996 by a less reactive acellular pertussis vaccine in DTaP). This inhabitants provided a rare alternative to examine vaccinated and unvaccinated youngsters due to the launch of vaccines in the West African country.

The researchers discovered that "DTP was associated with five times more mortality than non-vaccination." "All the evidence currently available suggests that DTP can kill more children for reasons other than saving diphtheria, tetanus or whooping cough."

In different phrases, the researchers discovered that the DTP vaccine weakened the immune system of youngsters, which makes them

Medical trials in different West Africa revealed that high-titre measles vaccine interacted with the DTP vaccine, leading to a 33% improve in toddler mortality. In this case, the statement led to the removing of experimental measles vaccines for very young youngsters, but what would have occurred if these research had by no means been finished?

Opening the eyes statistics reveals a dose-dependent relationship between vaccines and injuries

Neil Z. Miller, in his guide "Review of Miller Critical Vaccine Studies," supplies an eye fixed setting. info on the potential of vaccine accidents. He has downloaded the whole vaccine hostile event reporting system (VAERS) database and created a program to remove all infant reviews. All in all, 38,000 youngsters have been reported to report opposed reactions after receiving one or more vaccines.

Then another program was created which was in a position to determine the variety of vaccines every baby acquired earlier than the opposed impact. Next, the studies have been stratified by the variety of vaccines (anyplace from one to eight) that the youngsters had acquired at the similar time earlier than the response occurred. Particularly, they targeted on critical unwanted effects requiring hospitalization or main to demise. In the following, he discovered:

  • Youngsters who acquired three vaccines acquired both statistically and significantly extra hospitalization or dying after receiving vaccines than youngsters who acquired two vaccines at the similar time
  • Youngsters receiving concomitant vaccines have been statistically and considerably more possible to be hospitalized or killed than youngsters, who acquired three or two vaccines, and so forth up to eight vaccines
  • Youngsters who acquired eight vaccines have been statistically "off-the-charts" because they have been much more likely to be hospitalized or killed after receiving these vaccines
  • Youngsters who’ve acquired vaccines earlier, have been significantly more probably to be hospitalized or died than youngsters who receive these vaccines at a later age

Endgame: All vaccines for all individuals

As Fisher has said 'E "Taking prisoners in a vaccine culture war":

"The victory the industry is looking for is a public debate on health and vaccination, after which each government is empowered to force every child and adult to use all the vaccines that drug companies develop and sell…

WHO is encouraging drug companies speed up faster than a dozen new "main" vaccines for children, pregnant women and adults – and you can be sure that the industry will lobby governments to empower them all – respiratory syncytic virus (RSV), Streptococcus A and B, HIV, herpes simplex virus, gonorrhea, E-coli, Shigella, Salmonella, tuberculosis, malaria and more.

The pharmaceutical industry to which the US Congress handed over partial liability for vaccine trials in 1986, which was the Supreme Court, shifted the overall responsibility shield in 2011, fights to keep the financial misery of the US crumbling healthcare system.

When the government has paid over $ 4 billion to victims of federal vaccine damages since 1988 under the national child's vaccination law, pharmaceutical companies do not want to give up the risk-free and stable flow of income they can sell to authorized vaccines.

& # 39; No exception & # 39; The vaccine pouches guarantee that good vaccine science will never be done so that the victims of the vaccine can still be wiped under the carpet by denying their existence, and no one has to worry about the destructive and dead bodies of the earth, except that mothers and fathers killed endlessly what could have been. "

In case you like probably the most, you in all probability know someone whose vaccine has been injured, and the vaccine business doesn't need you to share this experience with anyone, not even the closest associates or household within the social media. Individuals like Hotez argue that the talk is over, however in reality the talk has been happening for a very long time and it’ll not cease, regardless of who tries to shut it.

One of the crucial powerful films I

Subsequent Barbara Loe Fisher's video is likely one of the strongest films I've ever seen. I hope watching this video will inspire you to take the trigger and struggle for the liberty and independence of the vaccine.

There’s a cultural struggle and secret collaboration between many industries and federal regulatory businesses, leading to the suppression of the reality. necessary health issues. If this repression continues, we will steadily and regularly weaken the personal rights that our ancestors fought so arduous. Watch this video in a jiffy

* The article originally appeared in Mercola. Restored with permission.

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