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NATIONAL NATURE – Time to Article 136 and US Marines as "Lights Out" in our Senate ???? – HAITIAN-TRUTH.ORG Proud to be the most informative NEWS site in Haiti

NATIONAL NATURE - Time to Article 136 and US Marines as "Lights Out" in our Senate ???? - HAITIAN-TRUTH.ORG Proud to be the most informative NEWS site in Haiti

13. Might 2019


”The President of the Republic, who’s the Head of State, will be sure that the Constitution and the stability of the establishments are revered and respected. . He is answerable for the common operation of the public authorities and the continuity of the state. ”


Final night time, we witnessed what might be the "death of our nation" in a so-referred to as democratic society, when "a few", specifically the Senate, came out of the complete democratic course of in Haiti and seems to be Senate President Cantave's involvement. 19659002]

I was right here on January 12, 2010 in an earthquake that kidnapped greater than 300,000 Haitians in lower than a minute.

There was a extra humane dying than the sluggish, embarrassing, pulled out of Might 12, 2019 when Don Kato did simply as he promised the previous day.

Don Kato and his companion Beauplan, Cassy and Pierre have blocked all the things. Beauplan needs to oversee the Ministry of Overseas Affairs, ignoring the incontrovertible fact that no embassy needs to cope with him, a recognized drug tsar.


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We saw Don Kato bodily attacked Senate President Cantave and Cantave sat there accepting his humility, the humiliation of the nation, the humiliation of each Hait barely in sight when Don Kato grabbed the glasses from his face.

Later hours we checked out the annoying Don Kato to seize the Senate president "Bell" and then remove the session constantly by calling it.

We saw when Don Kato's companions reduce the Senate's lighting system, threw a session into the darkness, the darkness that it by no means recovered.

Right here is more than simply extinguishing EDH

[19659002] The Senate did not act as a Senate when Senate President Cantave allowed a chaotic scene with none movement to management issues. !

The Senate President Cantave might at any time request PNH officers to remove distracting parts. Senator Youri Latortue's cousin Dr Cantave, watching the Senate president, was a demoralizing event.

Youri, the Senate president would not have accepted this. Senator Lambert was also not during his presidency.

With the change to the oscillation of the change to sudden darkness with many risks. In our distinctive darkness there are numerous demons, as a result of already weak parliamentary self-discipline breaks down, as nicely as the breakdown of statutory order all through Haitian society.

Gangs controlled by people at the moment are threatening in cities and rural areas. They are heavily armed with costly weapons which might be smuggled elsewhere. The undervalued, typically unpaid PNH has been exceeded. Simple Tracking Serial Numbers Revealed The Actual Sources, These Weapons, However No One Has Bothered. Some senators appear to keep or keep shut hyperlinks with these gangs

Haiti died slowly with Senator Don Kato and a couple of others, such as Beauplan, Cassy, ​​and Pierre. Haiti's 12,000,000 citizens have been really embarrassed to humiliate seeing the Haitian millionaire's Senate destroying their hopes for easy survival, food for youngsters….

Momentary Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin was humiliating to sit there together with his proposed cupboard as a result of this circus turned to his place. Lapland might have, perhaps, ought to have gone out when the chaos began.

The remaining was predictable and tolerating the course of reduces the picture of Lapland and the image of President Moise. There should be sufficient point where sufficient if otherwise younger individuals continue to abuse.

We consider that the transfer of Lapland as prime minister has been condemned, despite the fact that the PHTK has a majority in the Senate, and it could possibly be held,

International media have reported growing international dissatisfaction with the American idea of democracy. Like quite a few evangelists, by waving the "Bible of Democracy", America has set this philosophical concept for societies that aren’t ready and poorly outfitted for its calls for. Our American buddies don't have to worry about dictator parts capturing their democracy through the use of democratic tools. As long as somebody is selected in the course of, the worldwide group declares that "free and fair" matters are in order.

Haitian first experience of "free and fair" elections saw 67% of the votes forged by Aristide (not 1 600 000 claims by the UN) by more than 10,000,000 individuals. And he was declared a winner via the FM transmitter of the French Embassy. to successfully stop the course of hours earlier than the end of the vote

Mayor Evans Paul put the streets of Mob along with the French declaration, and the relaxation is historical past.

The sounds by no means dropped.

Closed bins remained in 1991 when Aristide flew in exile for his wild transfer to create a dictatorship. They have been nonetheless there between 1993 and 1994.

Aristide continues to be making an attempt to influence the political scene of at present.

Now our life in Shambles is a direct consequence of the People' interference in Haitian life over the years. . In the seek for democracy, stability, regulation and order, investment and infrastructure have been sacrificed. The Haitian and US dollars have been then in parity. We had tourism.

Yesterday somebody informed me that there’s one room in the Kinam lodge

Who would really like to have a holiday in the warfare space?

The Haitian individuals – the 12,000,000 silent majority – a seek for help – the NOW and the worldwide group – DIALOGUE, which, as wardrobes multiply in the closet, appear to create more DIALOGUE until the unique function disappears in the confusion.

The concept of worldwide group dialogue sees "Haitian political party leaders", representing just a few dozen individuals, discussing the future of 12,000,000! Their conversation is straightforward. It focuses on the individual (disguised as a political social gathering with three or four pals) gaining control over a ministry or government company, such as OFNAC, ONA, APN or the secretaries-basic and common administrators

. that is why we’re on the very, absolute backside of the International Corruption Index. Throughout good occasions, we have been sitting at 124, whereas as we speak we’re resting on the backside 189. If the UN does not create a couple of new nations, there isn’t any decrease position to win!

Group control guarantees the bleeding of wealth funds to meet the demands of a controlling component and numerous others such as senators and deputies. There’s typically no money to pay for civil servants. Some individuals wait a yr or extra for his or her salaries, while senators, deputies and political leaders take pleasure in luxurious life


”The President of the Republic, who’s Head of State, takes care of and respects the Constitution and institutional stability . He is answerable for the regular operation of the public authorities and the continuity of the state.

Lastly, President Jovenel Moise was elected – Captain of our TWICE

This will likely be the time to take away the autopilot and take management of the flight.

This is a chance to "fine-tune" the system

Article 136 is written for situations like

Parliament might be interrupted

A new structure might be drafted and applicable elections coordinated.

Write the Senate to the New Structure! This variation would give the financial system about $ 100,000,000 a yr for other things like rice beans for youngsters. Actual property brokers in Florida, an area Toyota vendor, and a grievance from lovers in Haiti and elsewhere, would complain about the lack of revenue.

Presently, the occasions are usually not actual alternatives and worldwide elections. The group ought to face these information.

The dangerous elections are worse than the elections and wasted $ 70,000,000!

Haiti, particularly our youngsters, are ready for his or her president. They depend on President Mois to save his future, which is absolutely the future of Haiti, as a result of the ardent chaos overrides us in any respect ranges.

And not using a consistent effort now in the fall, opening a faculty might be the reef with the founders of Jovenel Moise's boat




It should be stated that earlier than the look of the Lapin Senate there was criticism that 9 members have been stored in the felony courtroom's workplace as evidence of dangerous judgment. Nearly all of the Senate, the PHTK, shouldn’t have put forward any voting problems.

An previous Irish saying: "There is a lot of slipping between the cup and the lips", might match into this when the recreation plan may be

Word, on the road, suggests robust strain from the American embassy to maintain no less than four of those 9 Ceant's workplaces.

President Trump is vulnerable to "knee attacks" and proclaims Haiti's "threat to hemispherical security" or just "threat to American national security" and sends a naval or other UN Fiasco.

Things don't go nicely for Trump in Venezuela, Cuba, China, Korea or the stock market. He wants a easy, straightforward revenue to give attention to different things, and Haiti would be a small, not dangerous, venture.