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Monsanto Pays Google for Censorship Results – Dismissing a Fusion Center for Editors and Activists

Wriiten, by Aaron Kesel.

Monsanto (Bayer) manages an intelligence "fusion center" to discredit journalists and activists, including singer Neil Young, and paid Google to bury leads to its search engine The Guardian, stories.

An activist publish previously reported that Bayer / Monsanto, a former combined company which will have included two of probably the most outstanding corporations in history, had stored 200 names, together with journalists and lawmakers hoping to affect their place on pesticides. Prosecutors.

Now, The Guardian has a description of Monsanto going one step further: spying on journalists via a fusion middle-like operation and paying Google to hide their destructive outcomes.


Evaluation by The Guardian:

Evaluate by Guardian Exhibit Monsanto used a complicated strategy to target Reeds reporter Carey Gillam, who researched the corporate's Weedler ller and its hyperlinks to cancer. Monsanto, now owned by the German pharmaceutical firm Bayer, additionally oversaw the nonprofit food analysis group by way of an "intelligence fusion center", a time period used by the FBI and other regulation enforcement businesses to concentrate on surveillance and terrorist actions. 19659003] Documents from 2015 to 2017 have been disclosed as a part of many ongoing lawsuits concerning the company's well being risks with Roundup.

In line with a report by The Guardian, Monsanto additionally paid Google to advertise search outcomes for "Monsanto Glyphosate Carey Gillam," which criticized his work. In addition, Monsanto PR employees spoke internally of the strain on Reuters news agency, saying that they should "continue to press with the [Gillam’s] reporters very vigorously at every opportunity" and hoped that "he would be re-appointed."

This writer reported on the Activate Now occasion, Bayer / Monsanto was lately earlier than a jury that the Roundup product is a most cancers. The discovery was made by one other US jury that ruled that Roundup's weed killer was the carcinogen that induced plaintiff Edwin Hardeman's illness.

Another California man, Dewayne Lee Johnson, acquired $ 289 million in August last yr after a state jury discovered it. Roundup brought on his personal most cancers. The prize was later lowered to $ 78 million, and Bayer claims it.


Monsanto lately misplaced his third authorized battle over a massively well-liked Roundup herbicide, and the jury in San Francisco was fined $ 2.055 billion. who ordered a chemistry big to pay Alva and Alberta Pilliod of Livermore, California, who stated it brought about their non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

$ 2 billion in punitive damages and $ 55 million in damages will definitely be decreased by a decide or petition, when David Levine, a professor of regulation on the University of California, Hastings, advised the Related Press: "Its existence is zero."

Capsule diodes reported utilizing Roundup once a week for nine months for greater than three many years before being recognized with most cancers in 2011 and 2015, BuzzFeed News studies.

"We hope that Monsanto would have warned us in advance of the dangers of using Monsanto and that there would be something on the label that reads, 'Danger can cause cancer,'" Alberta Pilliod stated at a news convention. "It has changed our lives forever. which we used to do, and we really deplore Monsanto about it. "


Monsanto spokesman Christopher Loder declined to comment on the fusion middle, but stated in a assertion to The Guardian that the data present that [19659018on] , accurate and science-based mostly dialogue concerning the company and its merchandise in response to vital misrepresentation, including steps in response to a ebook written by a one that typically criticizes pesticides and GMOs.

Loder added that the paperwork have been "cherries picked by the plaintiffs' lawyers and their substitutes" and that the documents didn’t contradict present science that supports the continued use of glyphosate, "We take the safety and reputation of our products very seriously and strive to and balanced information. ”

What do the documents show to Loder? They illustrate that Monsanto did not operate as a company, but as its own private intelligence service, which went after it dared to criticize or deny its products were causing health problems.


Activist messages have previously reported that Monsanto had Cwaterer, the former head of the CIA's anti-terrorism center, founded in Blackwater's "Intel arm." In 2008, Black traveled to Zurich to meet Kevin Wilson, Monsanto's Global Security Officer. Black then served as chairman of Total Intelligence Consulting Company, a company owned by Blackwater. In a meeting with Wilson, Black suggested that Total Intelligence be turned into Monsanto's "internal physique."

Monsanto then hired a contract from Total Intelligence Solutions for the 2008-2009 business year to "infiltrate into animal rights activist groups by recruiting staff. To grow to be authorized members." It also promised to follow activist blogs and websites on behalf of Monsanto. that Monsanto continued its internal operations after 2009 until at least 2017. It is unknown if Blackwater's comprehensive intelligence was still involved in the follow-up operations.

In addition, as a reminder, it is important to note that Monsanto has been documented by known Richard Cancer cancer researcher for 20 years. received a consultant's fee of $ 1,500 per day for his research for Monsanton Agent Orange in the mid-1980s, because detection of the chemical did not cause cancer. [19659005] PERSONNEL:

The Guardian also reported earlier that Monsanto employed several people. corrupt tactics, including ghost writing research (paying researchers), interfering with regulatory agencies, refusing to conduct long-term security research, spending millions of dollars on covert PR campaigns to attack researchers and critics.

"Monsanto was his personal ghost writer for some safety critiques," Bloomberg said, and an EPA official said he helped Monsanto "kill" another agency's cancer research. According to an award-winning study in Le Monde, Monsanto's efforts to "destroy the United Nations Cancer Group in every method potential" save glyphosate.

Although Monsanto has always insisted that "glyphosate has a lengthy historical past of protected use," glyphosate is likely to be classified as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer in 2015.

A year later, another organization, PAN, published report that glyphosate contaminates the global ecosystem. That same year, the FDA stopped testing for glyphosate residues in food. These foods, according to the next Food Democracy Now report! and Detox Project, featured many of America's most popular foods, including – cookies, cookies, popular cold cereals and chips. The chemical was also found in many wines, including organic wines, baby foods and formulas, breast milk and even tampons. Glyphosate is also injected directly into a variety of conventional crops prior to harvest, including wheat, oats and barley. All in all, glyphosate is used in some way in the production of at least 70 food crops, according to the EPA, including a number of fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Glyphosate was also listed as a carcinogen in Prop 65 of the California EPA. list in July 2017, while a study published in Nature in January 2017 showed that low chronic consumption of Roundup (which contains glyphosate) caused animal fatty liver disease.


At the same time, in another study, researchers have found that exposing rats to very low doses of Roundup caused liver and kidney damage.

Another study by experts from the WHO and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) contradicted the IARC report and found that "Glyphosate did not trigger cancer or endanger human well being."

this year with an additional report from an FAO study that glyphosate was 'safe'.

Monsanto now (B Ayer) has clearly conflicting information as to whether its glyphosate chemical is safe or not.

You may wonder why they decided to go with Bayer instead of Monsanto because Bayer also has a nasty history. No one will ever forget that Bayer sold spoiled haemophilia drugs that made users infected with AIDS, apologize to PR officials.

Bill Maher drives both bad attempts in the videos below to so-called "accomplishments," which include "giving heroin." for kids as medication, by creating Zyklon B, PCB, Aspartame, DDT, Agent Orange and of course Roundup! "

Maybe surprisingly, Bayer's Roundup product shouldn’t be the only product that causes issues; Another commodity, Dicamba, has additionally needed to respond.

Farmers have been beneath hearth in Dicamba, inflicting widespread injury to crops that are not chemical resistant GMOs. The plant fee even banned Dicamba in Arkansas. Monsanto challenged the group and challenged the group to behave outdoors its authority by banning using the herbicide and ignoring the investigation Monsanto had submitted to federal regulators. Dicamba is taken into account more toxic than glyphosate. , however less toxic than 2,four-D, the third commonest broad-leaved herbicide. (Monsanto additionally works in 2,4-D-resistant crops.) Nevertheless, when used correctly, dicamba is considered to be solely barely toxic to people, pollinators, wildlife and aquatic organisms. There isn’t a scientific consensus on whether it has carcinogenic properties, although based on the EPA "Dicamba is unlikely to be a human carcinogen".

Then there’s the Monsanto product that it withdrew, referred to as NemaStrike, which is meant to be utilized to crop seeds to protect them from worms and other bugs. The beginning-up was stopped when stories confirmed that it induced strange skin rashes to individuals in touch with the chemical.

There at the moment are three instances of Bayer found guilty of inflicting most cancers; farmers, residence gardeners and landscapers are ready for an estimated 11,200 Roundup lawsuits; and a complete of 13,000 carriers claiming its glyphosate-based mostly herbicides trigger non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and different cancers. The USA federal and state courts are also set to open six other trials this yr. Bayer has a busy time in litigation, especially as these piles result in flooding of waterway claims contaminated with PCBs (chemical compounds). used in transformer, paints, sealants) and in new instances appearing on Dicamba.


Monsanto Trial Tracker from the USA Proper to Know web site, adopted by Carey Gillam, in response to the next experiment (Gordon v. Monsanto). is about for August, and is towards Sharlean Gordon, a 50-year-previous lady with cancer, who’s being tried in St. Louis County District Courtroom on August 19. Nevertheless, the August 7 information replace said that the St. Louis trial could possibly be delayed pending a potential resolution.

Because of these lawsuits, Monsanto is supplying dirty laundry, revealing the techniques that Monsanto used to deny and shield towards cancer dangers. its a prized chemical Roundup.

Residents are more and more aware that companies akin to Bayer / Monsanto are harmful to health and the setting. It’s heartbreaking to see a chemical firm involved in poisoning families in america that continues to poison individuals many years later.

Extra worryingly, Monsanto ordered Blackwater to harass people, paid investigators, and had a spherical door in america for politics. . All of this really demonstrates the amount of corruption that Monsanto produces and was allowed to continue.

We now have evidence that Monsanto paid Google, researchers, researchers, and others. That's not all, we now have unquestionable evidence that Monsanto threatened his critics and that he might have violated privateness laws by stalking journalists and activists alike.

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