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15. June 2019

Anti-Corruption Demonstrations Swiep City of Independence of Haiti

Sandra Lemaire, Exalus Mergenat

14. June 19, 2019 09:43

The demonstrators throw a trash on the road throughout the demonstration of President Jovenel Moise in Gonaïve, Haiti, June 14, 2019.

WASHINGTON / GONAIVES, HAITI – "Down with Jovenel! Underneath Jovenel! “On Friday, the group PetroChallengers shouted 142 kilometers north of the capital Port-au-Prince in the lush port metropolis of Gonaives.

Anti-corruption activists, millennia, students, and media-skilled younger professionals demand the condemnation of President Jovenel Moise and members of his government accused of fraud and misuse of funds.

# PetroCaribe protests have swept Haiti's sixth largest metropolis since Sunday, in contrast to in the capital. The Gonaivs are referred to as the Metropolis of Independence, as the chief of the revolution and the first ruler of the country, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, proclaimed Haiti's independence from France on January 1, 1804.

] PetroChallenger's anti-corruption protesters sing "Down with Jovenel" throughout President Jovenel Moise & # 39 protest in Gonaïve, Haiti, 14 June 2019.

The protesters burned tires, blocked roads, threw them in the streets and attended particular voodoo ceremonies On Friday, their dissatisfaction with the present political and financial state of affairs is proven.

“Earth can no longer live like this. We have suffered too much. Jovenel has to leave power and condemn his crimes, ”a person in the 20's advised VOA Creole. He stated he would keep on the streets till the president resigned.

"President, His Wife and Child, Former President [Michel] Martelly – they made themselves and their friends millionaires, but we poor, we were left with nothing," he stated.

] 20-year-previous protester says he will stay on the streets until President Jovenel Moise resigns in Gonaïve, Haiti, June 14, 2019.

Claims Towards Mois

Moise accused of PetroCarib's misappropriation With Venezuela

The allegations have been made in an official report sent to the Haitian Senate on 31 Might. The Haitian Extraordinary Courtroom of Auditors and the Cour Superieure de Comptes et du Contentieux Administratif, which is not a party charged with overseeing the government's finances, spending and distributing funds, produced a report detailing the irregularities and misuse of funds created underneath the PetroCaribe Agreement. Lacking $ three.8 billion in oil revenues was earmarked for infrastructure tasks, schooling and social packages

Burning Tires Stopping the Freeway in Gonaïve, Haiti, June 14, 2019.

Presidential Reply

, not corrupt. Your president will never participate in corruption, ”Moise stated at his national handle on Wednesday, his first public comment, as nationwide protests began on Sunday.

“The judicial system must work, be investigated. Those who stole and dominated state funds are responsible, ”the President stated. "The legal process is fair and free from political parties."

He ended his speech with a warning: "I do not allow anyone to spread chaos and desert in any country under any circumstances."

The demonstrators take part in a special voodoo ceremony in Gonaïves in Haiti 14 June, 2019, throughout a protest towards corruption.

What's subsequent?

However the speech failed to reassure indignant peoples or PetroChallengers who’ve decided to converse the fact to power and change the method their nation runs.

”Jovenel must know that we perceive what he is doing. We’re students, we went to faculty. We would like individuals to open their eyes and see what Jovenel is doing with them. He has already proven it. Although there’s a climate of uncertainty, he has been unhurt. Individuals die of hunger, however he's okay, ”the protester stated.

The week of objections has been blocked by public bodies corresponding to customs, inner income providers, businesses and faculties.



This newest VOA assault. It has earned ten of our 10 Pinocchio score techniques.

This Haitian VOA coverage is so unlikely that many cynical Haitians consider that cash has to be exchanged.

Haiti has many cynics in Gonaiv and elsewhere

I might by no means recommend this.

Nevertheless, descriptions of actual events are so removed from the fact that one leaves a number of options


Unfortunately, they produce impartial and inaccurate info as a result of they’re Haitian residents with an anti-government basis, and the VOA has an anti-Haitian regime.

they are criminally incompetent and not allowed to act as journalists

Many cry out of the launch of the PRESS

Haiti must cry PRESS RELEASE!

There’s extra PRESS RELEASE in Haiti than the remainder of the press I can consider because the legal system is so inconsistent that it is inconceivable for journalists lying towards the dispute. The specter of authorized motion in the US legal system puts a sure Governor in the press to exaggerate developments.

In America, the reporter throws the rubbish of this article and suggests that the authors be a part of the employees of McDonalds or Burger King

No matter what the fiction era can help, it is unlucky that folks consider the VOA is "the voice of the American government."

Why Does VOA Report This Is Inconsistent And Opposite To Official State Division Policy?

Before I’m going ahead, I have added a photo of the precise, motivated the Haitian inhabitants. This happens when the Haitians are actually concerned in one thing. Such crowds have been exponentially bigger than those proven in this figure throughout the 2004 demonstrations requiring the removing of Aristotle


More than 300,000 marched recurrently till they finally noticed him in exile in South Africa. The truth of this state of affairs has never been accurately reported by the VOA as a result of it is about LAVA, so why should we anticipate honesty now?

This picture exhibits the political rally that is the help of Jovenel Moise

Perhaps there’s

You might have learn the entire VOA article with photographs so now you can understand my vision.

The photograph at the prime of the VOA article has a couple of dozen individuals, including motorbike visitors. Individuals are relaxed, wanting, they usually have combined the road with some garbage, not a lot but annoying enough. If that is the measurement and power of the sample, it exhibits an article of evidence of impartial reporting on the non-event

Those in the picture are very relaxed

They don't appear to be QUOTE: Anti-corruption activists, millennials, college students and media-acutely aware younger professionals…. UNQUOTE I see nothing from those described in the VOA article, although this phrase appears in different articles which were written by the similar individuals. I feel they’re utilizing what they contemplate as "buzz words" of at this time.

Belief me! If hundreds marched, these turkeys would have a real picture at the prime of their article. Rely your folks yourself. Enlarge the picture and use your fingers with each arms. You don't need rather more.

The only different image with individuals is this and takes time to enlarge and lower the heads. There are usually not even three dozen right here. Hardly an enormous part of the large demonstration towards Jovenel's Moise government

The article is pregnant in "rhetoric" when imaginary individuals converse towards Jovenel's Moise authorities.


One in every of the journals in the VOA article believes that the Jovenel Moise administration had something to do with PETROCARIBE when, in reality, the program ended before Jovenel began working.

The VOA article does not point out the unique and enormous sums of PETROCARIBE funding, Rene Preval, which took about $ 198,000,000 or the Senate and House of Representatives, which haven’t acquired about $ 100,000,000, and the record goes on, including the prime members of the Courtroom of Auditors and the Administrative Courtroom – the authors of the report!

Jovenel Mois had a couple of small contracts to finance the development of the roads he lived on. In contrast to lots of the tasks funded by PETROCARIBE, these street tasks have been completed at a lower cost and better quality than Vorbe's previous contractors. The standard, low value and professional completion of those street tasks acquired a variety of votes during the presidential election.

Our VOA journalists return lies that have been rejected after a report by the Supreme Courtroom of Auditors and the Courtroom of Administrative Disputes (Contentieux Administratif),

Shame on you Sandra Lemaire and Exalus Margenat in case your mom is patriotic Haiti, he is ashamed of you when he continues studying my article under.

Your VOA

ought to have a polygraph machine hooked up to its suppliers once they present such nonsense. It might be ridiculous if it didn’t lead to the nation and its individuals affected by articles resembling the VOA.

Youngsters's schooling and Haitian life have been disturbed by dishonest journalism, reminiscent of the material produced.

Haitians deserve higher.

I'm not optimistic

These guys by no means mentioned the strongly promoted and funded nationwide presentation on June 9, which is predicted to obtain 300,000 Port-au-Prince, 100,000 Cap in Haiti, 50,000 in Gonaiv … and so nonetheless… didn’t make a total of 10,000 nationwide.

Dangerous Funding

Indicator of Population Temper

Now the organizers have moved from PEACEFUL to DESTRUCTIVE, who want individuals to destroy Haiti tomorrow.

These are some great leagues.