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Is drinking water destroying your health?

Written by Dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O., Ph.D.

Since 1945, it has been claimed that including fluoride to drinking water is a protected and efficient method to enhance public well being of tooth. Since then, many have bought this disappointment hook, line and zinc regardless of the overwhelming evidence.

One of the the reason why eradicating water fluorination is so necessary is that it is rather troublesome to filter this chemical. You possibly can take away some or a considerable amount of distillation, reverse osmosis and particular filtration supplies, however a lot of the water filters that folks have entry to do not take away fluorine.


you’ll be able to filter water, assume you’ve gotten cleaned it, but you have not removed fluorine. That is notably problematic for young children with low-income mother and father who want to use fluoride-free water to mix the child's formulation. Fluoridated water accommodates 200 to 250 occasions extra fluorine than in breast milk, which considerably increases the danger of the child to fluorosis and other health problems

Fluoride can degrade

Scientific research have proven that fluoride is an endocrine disrupting chemical and has linked it to the increase in thyroid illness , which in turn can result in weight problems, coronary heart disease, melancholy and other health issues

Extra importantly, fluorine has been recognized as a creating neurotoxin that impacts short-term and work-related. memory and helps to extend the amount of hyperactive dysfunction (ADHD) and scale back IQ in youngsters.

Many of those studies have discovered inconvenience or uncertainty near the levels that tens of millions of American pregnant ladies and youngsters obtain. All in all, there are more than 300 animal and human research that show that fluoride may cause:

  • Brain injury, especially when combined with iodine deficiency
  • Lowered IQ
  • Weakened means to study and keep in mind
  • Neurobehavioral deficiency , as a weakened visual group
  • Decreased fetal mind improvement

Helps remove water filtration in the USA

In the video introduced, Paul Connett, Ph.D. Towards the US Environmental Safety Company (EPA) to cease water fluorescence nationwide, as well as the historical past behind it and the underlying science.

FAN has facilitated the removing of fluorine from tons of of communities in North America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. This week we’ll help FAN to boost funds to make sure that FAN wins this lawsuit and encourage you to make a donation to this essential matter.

The lawsuit is led by lawyer Michael Connett, former head of FAN, who has encyclopedia info on fluoride information. He’s additionally the son of Paul and Ellen Connett. He’s an lively lawyer in an organization specializing in instances of poisonous injury.


Final yr, Michael has traveled everywhere in the United States and the world, and has worked with main specialists to develop the case that EPA has to manage fluorinated chemical compounds to stop recognized or anticipated drawbacks. Principally it means the top of fluorination.

The scientific proof gathered by the case is unprecedented in scope and within the energy of the individuals behind it. In authorized terms, the case violates the a part of the brand new Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) that anybody can apply to pressure the EPA to manage poisonous chemical compounds so as to not injury the chemical.

EPA has attempted legal maneuvers to cease or limit the lawsuit, however the courtroom, in turn, is all the time with the FAN. Hundreds of testimonies have already been gathered for judgment

Science and regulation are on our aspect. Please think about donating to this historical past lawsuit. When you’ve got already donated, contemplate further funding. Your donation might help you to cease fluorination completely. Donations are tax deductible

Back to Historical past of EPA

22. November 2016, Coalition Including FAN, Food & Water Watch, Organic Shopper Organizations, American Environmental Drugs, Worldwide Academy of Oral Drugs, and Toxicology, Moms Towards Fluoridation pursuant to Section 21 of the TSCA.

As Connett explains, TSCA allows citizens and NGOs to attraction to the EPA to remove poisonous substances which were found to threaten either the population or a subset thereof

The petition was made on the grounds that numerous research show that fluoride is neurotoxic in fluorinated communities now seen dosages of over 2,500 pages of scientific documentation describing these well being dangers 9659002] On 27 February 2017, EPA denied the petition on the ground that it had not introduced a "scientifically defensible basis" to conclude that someone had suffered a neurotoxic hostile effect because of fluoride publicity . In response, FAN and its coalition companions introduced an action to the District Courtroom of america within the north of California and legally denied EPA's refusal of their petition.

Income Along the Means

As we might anticipate, EPA put ahead a proposal to dismiss the trial. Thankfully, the US District Decide Edward M. Chen denied the EPA's proposal on December 21, 2017, when it was attainable to maneuver ahead.

Subsequent, EPA tried to limit the coalition's discovery area. They not solely tried to stop the coalition's legal professionals from receiving inner EPA paperwork, however additionally they needed to ban coalition specialists from referring to research revealed after the November 2016 petition

. Publication of Environmental Well being Outlook in September 2017. The research exhibits that fluorine is neurotoxic and has no place in public water provide. Fortunately, Chen also denied this motion on February 7, 2018.

“Usually we've managed to get all the interviews and deposits we needed,” Connett says, “The lawsuit is much stronger than the original petition, because science has been going on since September 2017.

History of Fluoridation Science

In the video presented, Paul Connett summarizes the history of the lawsuit:

”In 1996, once I first attended, it occurred concurrently the first two Chinese intelligence elements (IQ14), which found that youngsters in a excessive fluoride group was lower in IQ than in low fluoride communities, ”he says. 19659002] ”By the yr 2006, when the Nationwide Research Council examined all of the well being problems with fluoride toxicology, they found six IQ studies. They found that, on the idea of these six research alone, fluoride was truly a menace to the mind. In fact, these human studies have been supported by dozens of animal experiments…

By 2008, we had as much as 18 studies. The rationale it jumped from six to 18 was that my son Michael, who took a large part of this… analysis on neurotoxicity, had translated many Chinese language research […]

by 2010 when the guide The Case Towards Fluoride: How hazardous waste ended up in our drinking water and the dangerous science and highly effective politics that held it there, ”which I revealed with Dr. James Beck from Canada and Dr. Spedding Micklem from Scotland [of studies] had risen to 23…

Then in 2012 a particular group, partly from Harvard University, carried out 27 IQ studies. Of those, 25 have been from China and two from Iran. Now they identified many weaknesses in analysis models. They didn't know that they had enough info in many of these research.

But additionally they said that the consistency of these 27 research was overwhelming… These 27 research have been carried out for 21 years. They have been made in two nations, China and Iran. They have been made in several geographical areas of China.

Regardless of all the research, 26 research confirmed that youngsters with larger ranges of fluoride had lower IQ than youngsters with decrease fluoride publicity… Very putting. Fluorination proponents have achieved their greatest to reject these and different studies…

More than 60 studies have been accomplished. A minimum of 57 now show the difference in decreased IQ with greater fluoride publicity. But supporters have stated: “Well, these studies come from China and other countries. You can't trust them. They didn't do them in fluorinated communities. This is a natural fluoride…

They also said that the concentrations were ridiculously high, much higher than in fluorinated communities … Fluorination promoters have always confused concentration with the dose.

As Connett explained, it is not a concentration of fluoride (measured in milligrams per liter), which is significant for health. Important is the dose you get in mg / day and dose (mg / day divided by body weight) and depend on a number of variables such as:

  • Fluoride in water [19659011] How much water do you drink
  • How much fluoride do you remember Body weight

Body weight is critical because a specific dose of mg / day is worse than a child than an adult; worse for a baby than a child and much worse for a baby than a child, a fact that was made very clear in a 2017 government-funded study.

The landmark research was published in 2017

An international research effort led by Professor Howard Hu at the University of Toronto at the time of the study. The research is known as Bashash Research, leading author Morteza Bashashin, Ph.D. The team also includes researchers from McGill, Harvard, Mount Sinai, Michigan, Indiana and the Mexican Public Health Institute.

This study was funded by the US Public Health Institutes, the National Institute of Health (NIEHS) and the EPA. The final study was published in an environmental health outlook published in September 2017

”It was a 12-year research. It was funded by the US government. We had prime researchers and topnotch methods. They dominated all attainable elements, ”Connett says.

”They discovered a robust relationship between pregnant ladies 's urine fluoride content material and postnatal IQ. Individual exposure measurements are essential as a result of they are unbiased of the fluoride supply.

It doesn’t matter whether fluorine is derived from water, salt, contamination or [any other source]. [They measured] complete dose… Positive they detected a lower in IQ in offspring at the age of four, and then again between 6 and 12. The upper the fluoride degree in the urine of girls, the decrease the IQ of youngsters.

2017 research anticipates vital IQ loss at present exposure levels in the USA

The 2017 environmental health outlook research is necessary in the legal case of FAN, because it demonstrates the expected IQ loss at present ranges of fluoride exposure in the US

. a toddler who drinks 1 million elements (ppm) of fluoride in a toddler can predict that IQ is 5 to six points smaller than a toddler born to a fluoride drinking mom free water. Equally necessary was that there was no threshold under which fluoride didn’t affect IQ

Briefly, because the urinary fluoride focus increased, IQ fell, and this remained true throughout the publicity range, from lowest to highest.

As Connett stated, an necessary facet of the environmental health research in 2017 was that they measure fluoride in urine as a result of this can be a far more accurate indicator. complete fluoride content than just measuring fluoride in drinking water and then calculating how much water is consumed.

Scientists additionally management quite a lot of elements akin to lead, mercury, socio-economic status, smoking, alcohol use, and pregnancy-related problems – which may weaken the outcomes or trigger the flawed effect. Importantly, they have been capable of largely rule out the effect of those disturbing elements. Connett states:

“The supporters of fluorination say,“ This is not relevant to water fluoridation. They have no water by fluorescing in Mexico. [This is a] a completely useless argument since [the level of fluoride in the urine is a measure of the women’s total exposure of fluoride regardless of the source of fluoride]

Following this study in 2018, a study [was] was conducted in Canada. They found the same levels of fluoride in the urine of pregnant women in Canada as in Mexico. More specifically, the average Canadian pregnant women is 0.87 ppm. Mexico's average was 0.91 ppm, so about the same. In addition, they found a double amount of urinary fluorinated communities in urine compared to non-fluorinated communities

. Since then, more studies have been carried out… [In 2018] Bashash et al. / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). They found more symptoms of ADHD in children with the highest fluoride exposure in their mothers than in the lower.

Ashley Malin has done another very important study… She noted that women who were already small iodine or border iodine deficits exposed fluoride to their hypothyroidism as measured by TSH… Millions of people in Canada and the United States have borderline or direct deficiency jodissa. This is a very important observation

It is also important to combine these two things. When the fetus is born, it has no thyroid gland. It is completely dependent on the production of the mother's thyroid hormones in its development. Critical development is critical to this development

It is well known that if a woman is a hypothroid, there is an increased risk for the child to lower IQ. See a possible explanation of what happens to pregnant women.

Fetal exposure is extremely worrying

As Connett said, the amount of research suggests that American children are actually suffering from the current levels of fluoride in drinking water. In the video presented, he mentions one Chinese study in which they found 1.4 milligrams (mg) of fluorine per day for calculating 5 IQ points in children.

The recommended fluoride level in the United States is 0.7 ppm. For a child to reach 1.4 mg of fluorine per day, the child should drink only 2 liters of water at 0.7 ppm, Connett says: “And before you even introduce the concept of fluoride in swallowing the toothpaste from food, pesticides, and so on. It is clear that many, many children are over-exposed to fluoride in terms of mental development.


It is important that the 2017 Environmental Health Outlook study focuses on the concern for childhood exposure to the fetus in the womb. For the fetus, the dose toxicity is significantly higher than for the infant, young child or adult. Fetal developmental brains are highly susceptible to the toxic effects clearly demonstrated by fluoride

. "That's what we're trying to stop with this trial."

Why is this lawsuit so important? Why do we collect money for this lawsuit? The lawsuit is important because it is as important as we believe these studies are… the biggest media in this country have not covered it. The New York Times has not said the word about fluoride neurotoxicity. They, like many other mainstream media, continue to promote fluorination and treat us as idiots, like crazy people. It's sad, but it's true.

Unfortunately, professional bodies and health departments remain a paradigm where fluorination is safe and effective. They go crazy whenever research shows that tooth decay is on the rise if you stop fluorination. Many of these are misleading studies, but they are excited about the whole concern about the body…

It is a very interesting view of the human being and certainly of the development of the fetus and the child. But that is the attitude of the body. They either ignore these studies or find a way to attack them. The beauty of our trial is a lawsuit under the TSCA, in the hands of a federal law judge.

In this particular case, [because it is being tried de novo] EPA cannot appeal to a science authority. They cannot say, 'Well, we are the agency that the United States has set up to look at these things. We've found that fluorine is safe … They can't get out of authority. This lawsuit is a struggle between sciences: our science… and the science that I suppose is trying to destroy every research.

But they have a hard job because there are over 300 researches. Now, more than 60 human studies show that fluorine damages the brain at levels at which the fetus is exposed to fluorinated communities. I believe this lawsuit … is the best way to stop fluorination in the United States. If we stop it in the United States, we will end it worldwide. It is incredibly important. ”

Written by Dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O., Ph.D.

* The article initially appeared in Mercola. Restored with permission.

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