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Healing Power of Color exhibition

The healing power of color

An exhibition of specialty artwork from artists who use the feeling of therapeutic and well-being for spectators.

“For exhibition artists around the world” the world delivered footage and statements about how and why they use shade to enhance viewers' healing and well-being. We received many great works of art, and my remaining decisions have been based mostly on visible influence, inventive talent, and the way properly artwork matches the theme. I respect how artists utilized interrelated relationships, chromatic and tonal colours and the readability of their written statements. I additionally visited their website to see if the artists have uniform inventive visions and professional credentials. ”~ Renée Phillips, Curator and Founder / Director of Healing Power of Art and Artists

About us: The therapeutic energy of ART & ARTISTS, Manhattan Arts International is a growing international group of artists, advocates, and writers looking for to boost awareness of how ART works. is a constructive catalyst for enhancing the well-being of people, society and the setting.

Necessary notice: Copyright for all artists on Artwork & ARTISTS Healing Power of Artwork & ARTISTS. All rights reserved. Do not copy photographs without the artist's written consent.

Instantly contact artists: Visit the artists' website for more info on them and make contact with them immediately to buy or display paintings.

Rosemarie Adcock

Winner of the Manhattan Worldwide Artist Award

  Rosemarie Adcock, delightful sketch of fish, oil on canvas, 48 ​​ Rosemarie Adcock, delightful sketch of fish, oil on canvas, 48 ​​″ x 48 ″.

] My painting is a steady seek for colors that is used to create and invent a type that I naturally don’t see as one. Inspired by the sudden colour of the paint because of the sudden play of another colour, even the creation of transparency, it is a playful and fantastic approach of type and composition for me and my viewers.

John Davis Held

Profitable Membership Award for Art and Artists Healing

  John Davis Held, Event, Pastel, 20 John Davis Held, Occasion, Pastel, 20 ″ x 16 ″.

In my artwork there’s all the time a gorgeous feeling of peace, hope and peace. Pastel provides me the opportunity to work with nearly pure pigment, so the standard of the colour is totally different from that of other devices. Displaying my work at national well being institutions confirmed how worthwhile artwork may be in the restoration of patients.

Tanis Bula

Profitable Membership Award for Art and Artists' Healing Power

Tanis Bula, Combined Peony, Watercolor, 19 ″ x 19 ″.

Color is every thing to me. Particular love is to paint flowers by revealing the sensitive colors and shapes that make every flower vital. In my work I like many colours to create respect for nature and its many colours.

Dennis Sabo

Profitable Membership Award for Artwork and Artists Healing

  Dennis Sabo, Playful Tarn, Photo, 16 ”x 24”. Dennis Sabo, playful Tarn, photograph, 16 ”x 24”.

It appears to me that the art of images is to rework the composition into an emotional interaction with the viewer. My curiosity is natural detail; how the surroundings correlates with my personal imaginative and prescient and interpretation on a given day, in a certain mild and in a certain time. I agree with artistic compositional expressions and dwelling colours for capturing pure photographs and shade from the attitude that individuals are wanting to miss.

Kari Bienert

  Decisions, oil on flax, 47 inches x 47 inches Kari Bienert, Selections, Oil on Flax, 47 ″ 47 ″.

Oil work in the shade area have fun the color in a method that raises and evokes. Every job takes a number of weeks to mix the oils together to create new colors which might be positioned intuitively on the linen. I’m fascinated by the infinite prospects of mixing new colors and the colours of feelings can convey inside harmony and make our every day lives superb.

Donna L. Byers

  Donna L. Byers, post-cooling, oil on canvas, 20 ”x 40”. Donna L. Byers, Afterglow, Oil on Canvas, 20 ”x 40”.

I really like brilliant colours and use them extensively in my work. I firmly consider that shade can shine in even the darkest locations. Color attracts the eye, soothes the soul and warms the guts. With colour, I try to awaken nostalgic moments, a pleasing reminiscence or a constructive concept.

James Campbell

  James Campbell, Awakening, Acrylic Tree, 33 James Campbell, Awakening, Acrylic on Wooden, 33 ″ 23.75 ″.

creating colorful and vibrant paintings that convey joy and well-being. The choice of shade mixtures can rework the painting from the earthly to the ethereal environment, the embarrassing reassurance. I notably enjoyed the use of the orange, because it’s transformative and energizes the artistic spirit. Much of my work refers back to the panorama, particularly heaven and clouds and water. “Awakening” speaks of the change of seasons when the warm sun rises to soften the late frost. campbellarts.internet

Leanne Fink

  Leanne Fink, Canyon plays, oil for flax, 24 ”x 24”. Leanne Fink, Canyon performs, oil on flax, 24 ”24”.

Color speaks to my soul. It provides a supply of endless inspiration for my artwork. Liberal use of saturated colour attaches viewers closer. I take pleasure in sharing expertise with others by creating a visible oasis that calms the mind and raises the spirit. Once they walk with a smile, I do know we're in contact.

Sally Eckert

Sally Eckert, dancer darkish, egg tempera and oil glasses, 30 ″ x 32 ″.

I exploit shade to create a way of depth and tone. The egg tempera depicts mild by means of layers of shade glasses, illuminating the good depth of photographs. The environment is about to move the viewer into the picture. Color sets the stage.

Michael Amrose

  Michael Amrose, Abstracts, 6.1, Untitled # 61, 25 Michael Amrose, Abstracts, 6.1, Untitled # 61, Photograph, 25 "25".

Color defines my paintings as a important aspect of visual language. Color is communication, language, which means and emotion. The colors I select are supposed to create physiological, psychological and cultural reactions. As such, they allow my paintings to communicate with others, get into their hearts and be a part of them deeply, chic and spiritually.

Judith Lengthy

  Judith Long, Breaking Down the Walls, Ceramic Clay, 15 Judith Lengthy, Wall Chopping, Ceramic Clay, 15 "x 15" x four ".

This excessive aid wall carving shade, structure and form play between one another, leading to a harmonious and summary natural and inorganic factor, resulting in surreal interconnection. This was created by combining flowers and roots that develop and explode into opposite geometric and summary shapes.

Ivy Stevens-Gupta

  Ivy Stevens-Gupta, Flower Happy Dance, Acrylic, Oil Paste and Pen on Canvas, 18 Ivy Stevens-Gupta, Flower Pleased Dance, Acrylic, Oil Pastel and Pencil on Canvas, 18 "x 24".

My earliest reminiscences are coloured on the age of 3. This colourful obsession has made me a world artist and authorized colour therapist. My shade therapy production has given academics, docs, and sufferers the tools they should enhance general. I have seen, first of all, that the individuals the enjoyment of using shade to create artwork. I know it has helped me improve.

Valerie Patterson

Valerie Patterson, Near Hearth, Watercolor, 27 ″ x 35 ″.

As an artist, I’m all the time interested within the use of shade as well as black and white, that evoke sure feelings and reactions. “Around The Campfire” used cool and warm colors in distinction to the visible swirls that led the attention to a warm, comforting, cervical middle.

Michelle Hamilton

Michelle Hamilton, TOC Set up, Glass, 84 "x 108".

I consider that shade and lightweight will ignite ardour and change breath and coronary heart patterns with out permission. The fluidity, transparency and saturated colours in the glass are my favourite car just for this time. Botanical and Sea Life encourage the gathering of glass shapes that remember the vibrant colour that has grown with the complexity of shape and shading.

Sue Buck

Sue Buck, # 23 Mandala XXIII, Watercolor, Lacquered and Panel, 20 ”x 20”.

I began this collection of Mandala paintings in 2017 and shortly used a brighter shade. Color and form design comes from me, virtually instinctively. The play of curved and straight edges, giant and small colour fields encourage me to be meditative once I draw and paint. I hope you, as a spectator, can take an identical therapeutic in my mandala.

Justin Richardson

  Justin Richardson, Eastatoe Falls, photograph, 30 ”x 20”. Justin Richardson, Eastatoe Falls, photograph, 30 ”x 20”.

Taking the sensible white water approximation between the close by timber and crops, right down to earthy greens, my spring and summer time waterfall collection tends to awaken the therapeutic power and life of nature.

Andrea Robinson

  Andrea Robinson, Autumn Pheonix, Oil on Canvas, 29.92 ”x 29.92”. Andrea Robinson, Autumn Pheonix, Oil on Canvas, 29.92 ”x 29.92”.

I exploit shade to awaken feelings and categorical nature, surroundings, healing and happiness. In lots of artworks, tender colors are changed by bold and brilliant colours. I exploit both analog and complementary colours to precise internal power, change, hope and pleasure.

Poul Nielsen

Poul Nielson, mild, reconfigured (yellow shift) pastel paper 30 ″ x 22 ″.

Color is mild and lightweight is shade. Color is central to my work and is used more than description. Color / Mild is such a large part of our sensual and emotional experience that it’ll certainly have the facility to vary and alter our psyche and our religious being.

Marta Oliehoek

  Marta Oliehoek, typically colored pencil, 14 ”x 17”. Marta Oliehoek, typically a colored pencil, 14 ”x 17”.

Color is an important think about photographs. It defines the mood and provides my drawings a dreamlike environment, but above all, it represents the emotional state of my objects. The latter is an important factor for me when figuring out the color palette. This emotional connection is why I do artwork and what makes artwork worthwhile.

Caryn Coville

Caryn Coville, threesome, crayon, 15.5 ″ x 16 ″.

In my image I exploit shade to attempt to awaken totally different moods; Utilizing a dark background or smooth colors can create a quiet, reflective environment. Shiny, colourful colours and contrast give the viewer's consideration. Oranges and yellows remind me of sunshine and happiness and blues and earth tones are extra contemplative.

Lisa McLaughlin

  Lisa McLaughlin, ZouZou, acrylic on canvas, 40 Lisa McLaughlin, ZouZou, acrylic on canvas, 40 ″ x 30 ″.

Most frequently I combine my own colors and spread several layers of paint to create intrigue, depth and place. I need to draw the viewer closer, so they will be curious enough to return.

David Montgomery

  David Montgomery, Journey, Acrylic, 48 ”x ​​48”. David Montgomery, Travel, Acrylic, 48 ”x ​​48”.

emotional response to my art. I benefit from the full shade choice, bringing the whole to the e-book. Typically I exploit shade to imitate nature once I see it, and typically I get out of my head and let the brush select the color.

Rebecca Wang

  Rebecca Wang, Foresight - Rainbow Tabby Cat, Acrylic, 11 Rebecca Wang, Foresight – Rainbow Tabby Cat, Acrylic, 11 "x 14".

Colourful rainbow colors awaken the childlike marvel and happiness. I've all the time had a deep love and respect animals and the pure world. I would like this passion for every painting, the place the person character and spirit of each animal shine.

Sally Schaedler

  Sally Schaedler, Jazz Three, Acrylic Canvas, 37 ”x 48”. Sally Schaedler, Jazz Three, acrylic on canvas, 37 ”x 48”.

Colours and shapes develop just as I paint. Once I paint, I need to create colored expressions of totally different emotions that, in line with the viewer, join and perceive what I might have recognized. I like discovering pictures and shapes inside and behind different shapes. I like delicate colours and methods to discover a "safe pass" on canvas.

Hiske tas Bain

Sweat Tas Bain, good night time, acrylic on canvas, 18 "x 24".

In shade, I deliver to my portray a humanitarian strategy, a psychology that’s combined with religious nature, mild, power, and colors. My aim is to convey a new constructive reality.

Jill Louise Campbell

  Jill Louise Campbell, Grace of Liberation, Acrylic on Canvas, 24 Jill Louise Campbell, Releasing Grace, Acrylic on Canvas, 24 "x 36".

The juicy coloured pigment of my brush naturally for the purity of every shade. My expression will definitely indicate my deepest information. It's easy. Every item is divinely created by way of a filter. Time continues to be when the painting is finished. Color is my witness.

Trixie Pitts

  Trixie Pitts, Golden Hills Oil Flax 48 ”x ​​60”. Trixie Pitts, Golden Hills, oil with flax 48 ”x ​​60”.

Believing completely in portray as a remedy, I choose the colours that I have to paint on that day. One character, one colour speaks to me and leads me to the subsequent. My painting is how I take my experience and make them pleasant to see. When others feel constructive power once they take a look at my paintings, I feel more validation.

Joanna Szumska

Joanna Szumska, Treasure Island, Oil on Canvas, 39 ″ x 47 ″.

I typically design a tonal composition, a sketch of gray and delicate pastels. Once I sit in entrance of the portray, the color appears on the canvas virtually with out my participation, and its vision makes me glad and I'm all the time glad to see that one of the colored my plans have failed.

Carla Cope

  Carla Cope, subtle sunset, acrylic and oil, 40 Carla Cope, delicate sunset, acrylic and oil, 40 ″ x 16 ″ x 1.5 ″.

the brightness of the colour. Color has a secret language and colour mixtures convey the message. Its vibration speaks to those that pay attention. Every colour isn’t lonely, however the vibration of the colour vibration. Receiving colours that have messages to the viewer that solely they will interpret. They get a change of consciousness by figuring out the secret language.

Roopa Dudley

  Roopa Dudley, Roopa Octopus, Acrylic on Canvas, 16 Roopa Dudley, Roopa Octopus, Acrylic on Canvas, 16 "x 20".

I exploit saturated colours in good stability and concord to evoke euphoria and dynamic compositions to print concepts. The method is sluggish, deliberate and methodical. The thought is that in any other case the unimaginable believer, even for a brief second, leaves the viewer confused, but unusually glad.

Ruth Soller

  Ruth Soller, Maroon Bells and Lake, Oil, 24 ”x 30”. Ruth Soller, Maroon Bells and Lake, Oil, 24 ”x 30”.

The magical scenery expresses the healing power of naturally occurring shade. Greens symbolize progress and recreation when blues are calm and reliable. The feeling of respect for nature creates power in our body that strengthens health and will increase happiness. My objective is to share the constructive emotions that convey peace and pleasure to our

Scott McIntire

  Scott McIntire, Toad Lily and Inexperienced Metallic Bee, 24 ”x 18” enamel on canvas Scott McIntire, Toad Lily and Green Metallic Bee, enamel on canvas, 24 ”x 18”

I exploit shade by inviting the viewer to my observations. In my work, a sensible theme is about in a setting that describes the invisible power forces round us, similar to mobile broadcasts, radio waves, sounds, odors, and magnetic fields. My objective is to make the viewer extra aware and respect our surroundings.

Josh Talbott

  Josh Talbott, fossil gasoline, acrylic on canvas 36 ”x 48”. Josh Talbott, fossil gasoline, acrylic on canvas 36 ”x 48”.

and noisy childhood monuments resemble playfulness and creativity as instruments for the challenges of our time.

Tobe A. Roberts IV

  Tobe A Roberts IV, Siesta Key, Digital Photography, 11 Tobe A Roberts IV, Siesta Key, Digital Images, 11 "x 14".

I’m always in search of an amazing magnificence and story in my surroundings, which makes it a memory to share and calm. My photographs principally give attention to the richness of courageous colors, nature, landscapes and horse souls. I construct my portfolio with footage that encourage, heal and enchant. I current my expertise in composition, in shiny colors that complement one another, the use of mild, new media methods, and totally different perspectives.

Mary Mirabal

  Mary Mirabal, Heart opening, acrylic on canvas, 20 ”x 20”. Mary Mirabal, Coronary heart opening, acrylic on canvas, 20 ”x 20”.

create work that talk of magnificence in on a regular basis life. Abstract art displays the brilliant colours and feelings of the New Mexico High Desert. I found magic in its mountains and heavens painted in very saturated tones. They name me to select up.

Sandra Belitza-Vazquez

  Sandra Belitza-Vazquez, Awakening, Photo 18 Sandra Belitza-Vazquez, Awakening, Photograph, 18 "x 24".

Color communicates and impacts feelings. The color of mild throughout the day consists of any scene with a delicate or daring feeling in response to the quantity of shadows in the topic. It will probably calm our lives and positively have an effect on our emotions. The colours of my image invite viewers to seek out, acknowledge, and feel the sweetness round them.

Deborah Rodriguez

Deborah Rodriguez, Serenity, Photograph, 11 "x 17".

Historic cultures around the globe use facial painting in rituals and ceremonies. I take inspiration from these cultures as a way of expressing colour and utilizing my face as a cloth. Color reveals pleasure, happiness and gratitude. Using my face exhibits confidence and braveness. With the macro lens, I can see and converse by means of the strains of pure strains, wrinkles, features, and above all the colour of my pores and skin.

Rebecca Thomas

  Rebecca Thomas, Adham's Green Bird, Acrylic Canvas, 10 Rebecca Thomas, Adham's Green Fowl, Acrylic on Canvas, 10 ″ x 30 ″

Color is deeply emotional to me ; it asks me to know that creating visual artwork is what I ought to do in my life. As a visual storyteller, I exploit colour relationships to convey feelings. Each shade layer is a document storm, which I have discovered, and opetussarjani.

Linda S. Watson

  Linda S. Watson, Hearth and Fury, Watercolor on Paper Linda S. Watson, Hearth and Fury, watercolor on paper, eight "x 6".

Hawaiian assets encourage my selection of colours – from volcanic flooded lava to the sweetness of a altering ocean with colourful fish. I seize the visual qualities with emotional expression to convey a singular interpretation and a memorable expertise to the viewer.

Elaine Hunter

  Elaine Hunter, Yellow Power, Photograph, Measurement Varies. Elaine Hunter, Yellow Power, Photograph, Measurement varies.

I really like nature and produce footage with bold colors. I exploit totally different sotware packages to supply totally different moods – dramatic and soothing. The colours I select will appeal to the viewer at first, and all areas in your complete chapter will probably be detailed.

Sheila Neufeld

  Sheila Neufeld, Vibrant Cosmos, Acrylic and Swarovski Crystals on Panel 24 Sheila Neufeld, Vibrant Cosmos, Acrylic and Swarovski Crystals on the Panel 24 ″ x 48 ″ x 2 ”.

I exploit these colours that categorical my dwelling joyful alternatives. Add depth to every piece by depositing skinny translucent colours and compositions and some Swarovski crystals for gloss. I mean, my viewers know from my artwork that life is full of glowing wine and reminds them to discover a pleasure in themselves and within the surrounding world.

Scott Peters

  Scott Peters, Flow, Enamel, Acrylic, Gesso Canvas, 48 ​​ Scott Peters, Circulate, Enamel, Acrylic, Gesso on Canvas, 48 ​​″ x 60 ″ x 1.5 ″.

In my work, the color, composition, mild and movement in the open invitation coincide with the divine presence of the infinite complexity and depth of human expertise and feelings. I hope that by interacting with my work, viewers can see colours that awaken with respect and thriller, pain and healing, joy and peace, combining them with our widespread humanity.

Dorit Brauer

  Dorit Brauer, Zauberstab - Magic Wand, Oil on Canvas, 48 ​​”x ​​36”. Dorit Brauer, Zauberstab – magic wand, oil on canvas, 48 ​​”x ​​36”.

My art is inspired by my meditative journeys. I research how the colours and the interiors of happiness are mixed to boost and heal us. I exploit sensible colours to rejoice life and convey mild and playfulness to the viewer. The daylight despatched by means of Prisma is divided into seven spectral colours. I emphasize these colours for constructive healing and pleasure.

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