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Greek kitchen game movers

Greek kitchen game movers


Georgianna Hiliadaki and Nikos Roussos –

”At Funky Gourmand, the overall experience is like an edible theater event: presenting dishes (a presentation that awakens all the senses) right into a choreographic service that’s an integral a part of this experience. ”

Nine years in the past, Georgianna Hiliadaki and Nikos Roussos opened a Funky Gourmand restaurant. They provide tradition-inspired dishes, however they are introduced in traditional modern gastronomic types with subtlety, refined methods and a humorousness. Their Greek salad is white sorbet, their dolman takes such a minimalist summary type that you simply don't recognize it before you’re taking the primary chew, while rabbit stew shouldn’t be meat, just meat taste, because of a extremely concentrated stock. 19659003] Hiliadaki and Roussos are distinctive. They have two Michelin stars and a number of other different awards. They’re Greek cooks who’re greatest recognized abroad and enjoy the recognition of both the general public and the international culinary group. Right now's Greek ambassadors, additionally they have two London companies: Opso Restaurant and Pitta Bun Road Food Restaurant.

Yiorgos Hatziyiannakis

Yiorgos Hatziyiannakis

Redefining Yiorgos Hatziyannakis –

. Local cuisines work together with one another, and cooks' methods improve the depth of taste. Journey is a Greek decide for the dish. Every thing mixes. It’s completely potential to have great meals until, in fact, the well-known "national genius", which is in probably the most adverse sense, returns the higher hand. "

Yiorgos Hatziyannakis is a man who set up a destination for gastronomy in Santorini, who was also the first to serve local produce and bottled Assyrtiko wine to relatively few visitors who came to the island in the 1980s. products: yellow ground peas, small 'non-anhydrous' tomatoes; sweet white eggplants; wildcap; and a large Assyrtiko grape, which raises local food to gourmet standards.

Thirty-two years later, and his award-winning restaurant Selene, she still has her own character and identity, a clear sense of direction in terms of creativity, and is still an excellent choice for an unforgettable gastronomic experience on the island.

Thomas and Geo rge Douzis

Thomas and George Douzis

thomas and george douzis –

"Ergon's philosophy-enhancing dish is our Greek salad," which is one of the best store in all our shops from Santorini to London and Singapore. The best way the cooks have redefined it without sacrificing any part of its id is superb. It consists of Cretan bone tomato, cucumber, roasted peppers, Lesvos feta cheese, very advantageous virgin olive oil and Kalamata olives served with grilled pita bread. ”

It began with one small grocery store in Thessaloniki. There, the Douzis brothers, who have been motivated by a extremely revolutionary spirit and had the power of the young (neither had yet turned to 30), started advertising small producers' merchandise with trendy and top quality packaging. On this method, they made a big contribution to creating Greek goods higher recognized outdoors the nation. Just a little later, in a more trendy model, they introduced the concepts of the grocery commerce that had disappeared from the large cities for decades.

Delicacies and wonderful parts may be found on the cabinets of Ergon shops. all through the country. The same components produce conventional Greek dishes of their restaurants, albeit with artistic reversals. With the help of the franchise service, they have significantly expanded the Ergon network, which signifies that locals and visitors can taste Greek cuisine at an important tourist destinations in Greece, London, Brussels, america and Singapore, where they will buy conventional Greek products corresponding to olive oil, feta cheese and yogurt, cretan shells, honey, honey and sesame beans, sesame rings and vanilla fondant spoon sweets.

Lefteris Lazarou

Lefteris Lazarou


“In my opinion, Greek food is a primary ingredient in creating recipes that use traditions and traditions. great products in the best possible way. world gastronomy map. via food products produced Varoulossa over the last 31 years, I have tried to present a new way of cooking, which always marry off their current and past. Traditional cuisine can become modern through knowledge and dedication, as long as we do not stop learning and development, always looking for all the new and good that our country produces, and use it abundantly in cooking. ”

Lefteris Lazarou started his profession engaged on business food vessels. Very soon his identify turned synonymous with effective seafood. The first chef from the Michelin-starred Greek cuisine restaurant, Lazarou, makes use of the top quality of Greek fish to supply trendy, artistic dishes that always use less well-liked species in groundbreaking recipes.

The Athenians tasted the squid with pesto sauce for the first time, as well as ornaments with shrimp, gravy cheese and Limnos wine. Nowadays, Piraeus Varoulko Seaside maintains a persistently excessive and powerful popularity. The award-winning eatery is undoubtedly among the best places to eat in Athens.

Nikos Kalogiannis Nikos Kalogiannis


”Greek delicacies is one thing aside from its traditional dishes. It is a group of buddies and love. In addition to the valuable value of Greek cuisine and the simplicity of elements, Greek kitchens all the time give individuals an excuse to speak, speak, chill out, chuckle, and strengthen ties around the table. ”

Anis is baptized into his garments. The fifth era distiller, he actually grew up in a family enterprise. Nikos Kalogiannis is immediately the chief of the most important ouzo distillery in Greece. From our nationwide drink, from the seaside city of Lesvos to Plomar, his company from Ouzo to Plomar – Isidoros Arvanitis takes over 40 nations

Kalogiannis has created the first premium ouzo named Adolo, which is triple distilled. Because of this new recipe, the standard ouzo of conventional kafeneio is now on display alongside other labeled alcoholic drinks and has even managed to make basic cocktails up. In addition, Kalogiannis has invested in one of the styles of pineapple, which in flip has helped high-quality Greek alcoholic drinks to enter international beverage events, with Greek bartering increasingly outward-looking.

Stelios Parliaros [19659006] © Dimitris Vlaikos

Stelios Parliaros

STELIOS PARLIAROS – steliosparliaros. willingness and dedication to create a brand new order. The reminiscences of childhood, full of scrumptious delicacies, challenge me always to create new desserts. The tradition itself guides me to the present day, which has advanced and is totally different and in addition has roots and history. I firmly consider that solely when something is history can it even have a future. ”

An important Greek pastry chef Stelios Parliaros has created many trendy tendencies in baking and baking. He was born in Istanbul, he got here to Athens about 40 years in the past and later opened a bakery that immediately turned a discussion of the town. Before the start of the 1980s, no one in the capital had introduced such expertise and had no in-depth know-how, targeted on seasonality or his playful, artistic spirit.

Fruits, ethereal mousses and French profiteroles have been only a part of his most well-known dessert within the city, which was used for baclava and spoon-sweets. He revealed the first journal for bakers, runs pastries and pastries in Kolonak and presents a tv program.

Paris Sigalas

Paris Sigalas

PARIS SIGALAS – whose competitiveness shouldn’t be based mostly on their low value, but on their uniqueness and on the precise traits that they receive. Greek delicacies is characterised by easy compositions meant to present the primary components (ie seasonal merchandise), which are all the time both special and of top of the range. The essential half is, in fact, Greece's wonderful olive oil. “

In Santorini, where ancient vines have traditionally been trained as low-body arrangements, Paris Sigalas, instead, required to experiment with linear vineyards and new plantations. He was the first to plant vertical vines, and so he was labeled heretical. Two decades later, other vineyards use linear lines, suggesting that he might have been right.

For years, he has been calling for financial arrangements that favor local grape producers. raw materials. Sigalas was the first winemaker who priced their products at grand cru level and assured that Assyrtiko was considered a premium wine. In addition to the significant wines using Assyrtiko grapes, he has also done wonders with the Mavrotragano variety, rescued it almost extinct and emphasized its great potential.

Zafeiris Trikalinos

Zafeiris Trikalinos


. The real definition of Gourmet is someone who wants to enjoy the most delicious food available. He may choose to eat a humble fasolada (bean soup), a classical Greek dish, and follow it with marinated sardines, or he may decide to eat rye brown with fresh cheese and fresh almonds. This is also a "gourmet" food. It is tasty and also nutritional. “

After the family tradition, Zafeiris Trikalinos went to the avgotaracho business in a small village near Messolong, where in 1865 his grandfather Giorgos Trikalinos began to produce avgotar from gray mill eggs. In addition to its beneficial properties, this delicacy, which is produced only to a limited extent, provides a particularly tasty treatment, and the hands of famous chefs become interesting if the unusual primary ingredient.

The new groundbreaking Ferran Adrià, one of the most influential chefs of the last decades, has included Trikalinos bottarga in its list of the 30 best products in the world, and Celler de Can Roca's award-winning Roca Brothers in Girona, Spain, uses it in their highly imaginative culinary compositions. The fourth generation producer Trikalinos is constantly investing in research, promotion and funding of Bottarga and its gastronomic projects.

Sotiris Kontizas Sotiris Kontizas


is a Sunday lunch with my parents and grandparents sitting around the table. Of course, there must be salads, feta cheese and olives in the center of the table, and a frying pan or frying pan with ladle, oven-fried vegetables in olive oil. And a lot of bread!

Award-winning chef and judge in the reality TV show MasterChef Greece, Greek-Japanese Sotiris Kontizas is one of the country's most important chefs. Two years ago, only at the age of 33, he created a brand new, particularly interesting kitchen that no one could yet categorize. His duties at the Nolan Restaurant have been awarded with various awards including fusion cuisine, ethnic cuisine and international cuisine.

Kontizas combines Greek and foreign products, both techniques and recipes from both Asia and Greece. ingredients. Noodles are served with Tahini sauce, zucchini combined with miso pasta and smoked eggplant; very ripe, rare Naxos cheese is added to the sown cabbage. His dishes are significant elements of surprise, harmonious contrasts and innovative ideas, which explains why Nolan has been fully occupied since its opening date.

Apostolos Trastelis

Apostolos Trastelis


”Greek meals for me is the scent of a wood-burning stove, a scarf-covered village aunt who do the dough dough manually, mixing the elements in a ceramic bowl, sorting the newly collected eggs in a hen Coop, do-it-yourself bread on the table. Greek cuisine isn’t gourmand and it will by no means come. Implementation is the right method accepted in every recipe. In this means, and utilizing high-quality key elements, all traditional Greek cuisine dishes are routinely raised to a better degree. ”

One of the business areas of Apostolos Trastelis has probably the most Michelin stars within the nation. In 1996, a multi-award-winning restaurant referred to as Spondi was opened, where the Athens gastronomic map changed. He launched new methods, brought great cooks to the town and raised the bar in the grocery store. The aesthetic high quality, authenticity, and highest standards of cooking have been ranked for over 20 years.

Trastelis has additionally discovered other shops for his creativity. Situated within the Megaron Live performance Corridor in Athens, the Fuga Restaurant serves a delicious mix of Asian, Latin American and Mediterranean flavors. Situated on the sixth flooring of the Athens Onassis Cultural Middle, Michelin-Tähtinen Hytra focuses on a particularly artistic version of local gastronomy, that includes vital Greek products and aromatic herbs and utilizing refined culinary methods. For example, a standard dish, spinach rice, has grow to be a crisp rice circle with out dropping any important Greek flavor.

Aris Kefalogiannis

Aris Kefalogiannis


'The advantages of Greek merchandise are what they distinguish: their aromas and aromas , the original varieties used of their manufacture, the microbub, the limited manufacturing, which typically, are in the arms of the family business. They are additionally because of the conventional understanding of innovation. They have a excessive nutritional value and have the recognition of the Greek Mediterranean food plan, whose healthy nature is predicated on many research, and olive oil is a number one part.

When Aris Kefalogiannis based GAEA in 1995, His imaginative and prescient was to supply high quality Greek products overseas. He trusted the relative superiority of Greek olive oil and olives. Then again, he confused the link between the health benefits of Greek olive oil and desk olives and the Mediterranean food plan, and the healthy way of life that has helped internationally to recognize "Made in Greece". . ”

In collaboration with the Athens Nationwide Technical College, Kefalogiannis created revolutionary packaging for its products. In truth, GAEA was the first company on the earth to realize a standardized olive package deal without liquids, preservatives or warmth remedy, giving the international market tasty, high-quality Greek products, that are probably the most disagreeable. At this time she works instantly with Greek producers primarily in the PDO areas. GAEA's additional virgin olive oils are the world's first carbon neutral olive oils. The company exports goods all made from Greek uncooked materials to 27 nations around the globe

Stelios Boutaris

Stelios Boutaris

© Yiorgos Kaplanidis


”I put different things on the desk for overseas associates, depending on the season and site. At the property, we offer the vineyard highlights – tomatoes, spring onions, olives, bread and extra. If I have been in Cyclades, it will be sea urchin salad, clove, tomato, yellow floor pea paste. Within the mountain village of Nymfeon, it will be pan-fried cheese, lamb and parsley and pork. On Diaporos Island, it will be a clear sardine. And, in fact, delicious bottled Greek wines! ”

Stellios Boutaris comes from Greece's largest winemaking household. He’s a fifth-generation wine producer who works with some of the typical Greek varieties, the Naoussa Xinomavro and other grapes. Boutaris, who takes Europe, the USA and Asia, is taken into account one of the crucial necessary players on this new era of Greek wine.

In the course of the first five months of 2016, Kir-Yianni's winery received 29 worldwide distinctions for Xinomavro wines, both varieties and blends. Based last yr in 1997, the property made an inventory of wines and spirits of the world's prime 100 vineyards. Boutaris is taken into account to be a advertising activity. Every wine has an fascinating story; he launched storytelling as an indispensable promotional software that helped the property achieve worldwide recognition and at the similar time strengthen the status of Greek wine.

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