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Google bury Mercola's latest search engine update, Part 2

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Written by Joseph Mercola, D.O., Ph.D.

Through the years, authorities and enterprise monopolies, together with Huge Tech, have shaped a worldwide alliance that hell-up to protect and centralize members' income. The price of holding business regular is freedom of expression and freedom of expression, which may affect these fascist government-industrial complexes.

The most important industries that cooperate with government and authorities businesses are banking, army, agriculture, prescription drugs, media and Huge Tech.

The leaders of those industries have organized strategies to purchase politicians by lobbying and asking regulatory businesses to run door-letting strategies and paid media results on advertising dollars.

Huge Tech has joined the movement to deliver international prosperity to competition and to take away essential voices – a voice that brings awareness to a frightening future, as a result of rights, freedoms and competitors undermine fascist sundown, all disguised as a way to guard you from "false information". 19659006] RELATED INFORMATION:

This yr we’ve got seen an unprecedented strain to implement censorship methods throughout the community that make it more and more troublesome to access and share essential info on health-related subjects. When you have had hassle discovering articles from my website late in your Google search, you're not alone.

Google Visitors to Mercola.com has fallen by about 99% in current weeks. Cause? Google's June 2019 Nuclear Replace, which came into effect on June three, removes most of Mercola.com pages from their search outcomes. Based on the info reported by Telaposts.com:2: [2] 19659002] â € "June 2019 Google Broad Core Algorithm Update Affected the Placement of Sites on Google Search Engine Search Results Pages. .

Generally speaking negatively affected websites will see a list of drop for many or all the important keywords or keywords that they previously used a very … June 2019 Google Broad Core Algorithm update affected sites all over the web, but I have personally seen the most impact on the news and health-related websites . ”


Mercola.com is targeting Google's latest core algorithm update [19659012] Now that you write a health-related keyword on Google, such as" heart disease "or" sort 2 diabetes ", you won't find Mercola.com articles in search results The only way to find articles at this point is to look for "Mercola.com Heart Illness" or "Mercola.com Sort 2 Diabetes."


minimizes your search outcomes, and sometimes solely the pages you get are blogs , not full peer-reviewed articles. The unfavourable press of the skeptics has additionally been up to date, which signifies that for those who write my identify merely, none of my articles will come out, however what you find is the blurring of unfavourable articles that categorical criticism towards me in searches. Try to write my identify on Yahoo or Bing and you will notice utterly totally different results.

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As Telapost explains, three core updates are when Google makes multiple modifications to its most important perform) algorithm. “Previously, Google search results were based on the crowdsource meaning. The article rises to the list of clicked people

Traditionally, if you have produced unique and high quality content that matches what people are looking for, you were rewarded by placing them at the top of the search results. You can find Mercola.com at the top of almost all health search results.

So it is said that one of my diabetes articles was the seventh page of your search results; if more people clicked on that link than the article listed in the third or fifth place, my article will get up. In short, Google's search results were based at least partly on popularity.


This is no longer the case. Instead, Google manually reduces the ranking of unwanted content, which is largely based on the Wikipedia's author or site.

The founder and anonymous editors of Wikipedia are well-known for being extremely impartial against natural health and agents. Google is also heavily involved in Wikipedia funding, and Wikipedia is at the top of all searches – despite the anonymous perspective of participants. Who is more confident than a number of unknown, uneducated assistants?

The founder of Wikipedia even admits that these bad actors have made it a "sulfur system". 4 Why Google would give credibility to a platform that even its founder says

Google's new Quality Manager Guidelines are a death factor for experts whose views threaten industry profits

Another major change was Google's 2019 Quality Manager Guidelines, 5.6 released May 16th. guidelines? As Telapost explains: 7

“Google hires quality service providers” who visit the web site and evaluate their quality. Their suggestions doesn’t immediately affect your website. it goes to engineers who replace Google's algorithm so they can show good websites to their customers. The guidelines give us lots of information about what Google considers to be a high quality website. “

One major change: Google is now burying experts' views if they are considered" harmful "to the public. As explained in the SEM post: 8

“There has been a lot of talk about the author's expertise on quality control guidelines… This part has changed a lot… [I] The purpose of the page is harmful then expertise doesn't matter. It should be the lowest! "

Google has categorized the pages based on whether the author can prove his or her expertise based on how many people have visited the site or how many other sites mentioned have been linked.


As you have already noticed, we have stayed on this, even by creating a peer review panel of medical and scientific experts who review, edit, and approve most articles before they are published. This complements my own medical expertise as a government-approved physician

Articles are also fully referred to, most of which include dozens of references to studies published in peer-reviewed scientific literature. Unfortunately, none of this is relevant, because the very fact that the information I provide is typically in conflict with industry propaganda puts me in the lowest possible rating class

Bait and switch

Different perspectives are essential for a healthy discussion of thoughts. When our voices are censored, humanity loses and fascism wins. Pinterest has denied me, Google has mostly removed my information and many others are experiencing this same censorship. What makes me so dangerous to these industries that they have to censor me for those looking for my information?

Google had a great idea to take advantage of crowd acquisition, which provides the best answers to your questions by pressing the most selected content at the top of the search results – a truly democratic system that rewards people for sharing information and helping to find this information by sharing the most popular and high-quality content.

My information was often at the top of several health searches because many people, as you have found it, are the most valuable. But because Google's power grew to huge proportions, the goal of providing this service to you changed. The goal now is to become more effective by combining other powerful industries and governments to force their beliefs into the masses and manipulate the future.

Crowd acquisition has come under the control of the crowd. Google started by giving you everything you want so that it can now take everything you have. Google has transformed users into customers and gave them what they want, so that users can take care of their will-keepers – mainly about doing the virus.

Google has become the final puppet theater that grabs people and manipulates them even without knowing it. Their real goal is to be all of us domineering, guiding our behavior – and if we have to rebel, they are also working with the army to create artificial intelligence drones to defeat the resistance.

RELATED INFORMATION: [19659007] This is a quick resemblance to many scientific books and productions, but we have evidence of what Google is doing – and we can't go with it. Google refers to the goal of managing mankind as the "selfish letter" described in the video below. Google and other major technology companies make use of our lives, and you have no idea how far they have come or where they are going. The truth is that they can already predict and control your behavior

Natural health and healing threaten the profits of the drug and vaccine industry

This sentence in the previously mentioned SEM Post article9 is the key to understanding what happens: If the purpose of the page is harmful , expertise doesn't matter. “In other words, if a page is considered to be harmful to the public, it will receive as little evaluation as possible regardless of its expertise. And if the pages do not automatically disappear in the new algorithm, the quality controllers come in and manually handle the crowdsourced meaning to bury the page or pages.

What do Google and its Industrial and Military Allies consider "harmful"? In short, pretty much everything that presents views that are different from the PR created by these allies, and which certainly includes alternative and holistic health, and articles that reveal the truth about toxic industries, including the drug and vaccine industry.

Telapost list10 Mercola.com is one of the biggest losers in Google's June 2019 core algorithm update along with other natural health areas and Vimeo – a direct competitor to Google's Youtube video platform. The article also states that: 11

”in QRG [quality rater guidelines] Google notes that evaluators should conduct analysis on the popularity of the website or the creator of the primary content.

They later say… Wikipedia articles might help you study an organization and should embrace reputation-related info similar to prizes and different types of recognition, and even conflicts and problems. “If the news type site has a bad reputation, the authors of their site can correlate with what Google is

I entered the role of Wikipedia in this censorship section of this article, published tomorrow.


Google is undoubtedly one of the world's largest and clearest monopolies. In fact, the company monopolizes several different markets, including search and advertising. Bing, its closest search competitor, has only 2% of the market – barely a major threat to Google's 90% .12 Google also manages about 60% of worldwide advertising revenue on the Internet.

Google effectively blocks the majority of people around the world from learning how to protect and support their health, which is not just an attack on your civil liberty and your right to continue health and happiness

. The dangers of monopolies in the field of drugs and agriculture have been repeated on many occasions, but Google is undoubtedly the biggest monopoly ever on the planet, and most people do not even understand it.

deeper into our daily lives, from childhood education to Android phones, patented meat substitutes13 and health care. Google's Internet monopoly, combined with its horrific monitoring and sharing of personal information, is a very unique threat to public health, privacy and well-being.

Anyone who is concerned about their health, their food or their environment and their ability to get truthful information about their problems must understand what Google is playing and on which Google is really in use.

Who are Google Quality Controllers?

So, who are these quality assessors, Google wants to decide who and what is, and to place pages manually higher or lower? Ars Technica has written articles about the poor working conditions of these reviewers. In April 2017, Ars Technica's senior technical culture reporter Annalee Newitz said: 14

”Few individuals perceive how much these ratifiers have an effect on the graceful operating of what we name" Googleling. " doesn’t know who these individuals are. But some ratifiers want to change now. It’s because earlier this month, hundreds of them acquired an e mail saying that their time can be reduce in half, partly resulting from modifications in Google's personnel insurance policies.

Though Google boasts its personal military, they don’t seem to be Google staff. As an alternative, they work for corporations that have signed a contract with Google all the time, for years. These reviewers consider that Google has benefited considerably from its workforce, although their jobs are protected and secure. That's why Ars Technical got here with ten reviewers to report on what their lives are. ”

At the moment, Leapforce, founded in 2008, was one of many largest corporations that provided Google with options. Most reviewers work from home and virtually all, including managers, use online pseudonyms, stopping staff from understanding who they actually work with.

”To get the job carried out, raters log in to Raterhub and see what's out there. There are a variety of days; for others, the route can wait hours and nothing is obtainable to him… A typical activity takes 30 seconds to 15 minutes, and the time a consumer can charge for a activity is predefined by Google, Newitz writes. 19659002] In 2017, the hourly fee for the grade was $ 13.50-17.40.17. Google-based Google Resolvers might not invoice greater than 26 hours every week from June 1, 2017 onwards. About 20% of the Leapforce Riders) have been decreased on a part-time basis to attenuate worker benefits.


In response to panic staff, the Leapforce founder and CEO Daren Jackson18 informed ratifiers "this is not a change able to control" and that the abolition of full-time work was as a result of "regulatory" danger administration.

Based on Newitz, the new Google policy outlined that they needed to work with an employee-based workforce, so so as to keep the contract, Leapforce moved its companions with unbiased contractors. It is rather possible that so many individuals have been unbiased of those tasks independently.

Jackson, nevertheless, informed Newitz that he was not capable of convert full-time contractors into full-time staff as a result of Leapforce could not afford healthcare for everyone, as required by reasonably priced well being care regulation. When talking to Ars about their working circumstances, Leapforce acquired three wheelers, Newitz reviews in a later article.19

Leapforce founder is a former Google worker

Although Jackson claimed that Leapforce had different clients beside Google (who doesn't identify when Ars Technica asked, Google appeared to be its largest. It shouldn’t be shocking that Jackson and Leapforce are usually not just blue. Actually, as Newitz stated, Jackson used Google earlier. He writes: 20

”Jackson informed Ars that he began Leapforce in 2008 by stopping Google where he had labored on the EWOQ venture. EWOQ is the predecessor of Raterhub although its origin is protected by secret. We know that already in 2004, Google had a top quality management software… At the moment, Google made salaries for employees instantly …

But by the point Google purchased Raterhub.com in 2012, all Google appraisers have been events like Leapforce, Lionbridge, Appen and ZeroChaos. Most of the Leapforce & # 39; s routers nonetheless call for the device they use in Raterhub's EWOQ, regardless that I informed them that they do not know why, nor what it means. "

The separation between Leapforce and Google has apparently been a bit more than a legal fiction that protected Google from all legal obligations in dealing with this workforce.

In a subsequent article published on May 2, 2017, Newitz pointed out that Jackson had just created another rating company, RaterLabs. , 22, and was transferring Leapforce Riders to RaterLabs, but with reduced pay levels.


As Newitz reported in the third article, 23 published on December 1, 2017, Leapforce / RaterLabs were eventually acquired by a senior competitor, Appen.24. He also announced that several Leapforce ratifiers had filed a complaint with workers' rights. groups. Two of the evaluators, after talking to Ars Technical, shot a complaint to the National Employment Relations Council.

Google is not an independent actor in its censorship movement

Although some claim that Google, a private company, has the right to do anything, even if it would mean creating algorithms. Relevant and relevant news and health information when you manually manually manually 'unwanted' pages to protect the profits of their advertisers and other economic stakeholders.

However, because it is one of the world's largest monopolies, it could be argued that Google has really become a utility (such as gas, water and power plants) and therefore has a duty to serve people. In fact, last year the US House Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, suggested turning Google and Facebook into public services.25

After all, if you want to find the answer online, what are you doing? Google does not just "search". Google worked for years in earning your trust, but it had only set a trap to turn this confidence into strong control.

Unfortunately, even if such an idea were to be vetoed (which it is not), it still does not solve the problem because Google does not operate independently but merely fulfills its role in a much larger complex that includes the US government, its military and national security equipment, and several of the world's richest and most efficient industries. I would go to these things tomorrow to part 2.

All of these "companions" have their own interest in censoring your information that you have actually proven on a daily basis. Information on Adverse Alternatives to Disease Prevention and Treatment and / or Hazardous Treatments, Drugs and Vaccines Warnings, or, for example, the Benefits of Agriculture in Conventional Farming and Counterfeit Meat or the Hazards of Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Products

As explained earlier, Google's Latest updates and quality control instructions override all of this information by favoring information provided by sites that are part of this industrial-technology-military administration entity, or that

It doesn't matter that I report and refer to publicly available peer-reviewed surveys, and I have a whole a panel of medical and scientific experts looking at much of the information because the science I emphasize is the science industry does not want you to see.

Few will never take the time to find out about these studies, even if the eyes are easily accessible, and thus censoring me and other online sources like myself, the complex task of social engineering of the Industrial-Technology-Military Government has been greatly simplified.

Information shared by medicines and vaccines, GMOs, pesticides, junk food, counterfeit meat, artificial sweeteners and other dangerous additives is a priority for censorship for the simple reason that when you take control of your health, they lose control of you . When you get the information, you take them away from them

What can you do?

I've written on Google for years, because I knew that this day will come. June 3, 2019 Google predictably predicted my website and several other health sites from search results.

It's a wake-up call for everyone, and now we have to do more than ever so that we can share this knowledge with others orally. with text and email. At the top of each article, we've built simple sharing tools so you can easily email or send interesting articles to your friends and family.


My knowledge is here because everyone supports and shares it, and we can do this without Big Tech support. It's time to boycott and share! Here are some other suggestions:

• Get a subscriber to my newsletter and encourage your friends and family to do the same. This is the easiest and safest way to ensure that you stay up to date on important health and environmental issues.

• If you have friends or relatives who are seriously interested in their health, share important articles

• Use an internal Mercola.com search engine when searching for articles on my site. Almost all major search sites on Yahoo! and Bing continues to use Google as its primary engine and privacy. Then you have sites like StartPage and DuckDuckGo that offer better privacy than Google but rely on Google search results.

• boycott Google by avoiding all and all Google products:

using topStop Google search engines. Options include DuckDuckGo26 and Startpage27

◦Start Google Chrome and use a Brave or Opera browser available on all computers and mobile devices.28 From a security point of view, Opera is much better than Chrome and offers a free VPN (virtual private network))

◦If you have a Gmail account, try non-Google email services like ProtonMail 29, an encrypted email service in Switzerland

topStop Using Google Docs. Digital Trends has published an article proposing a number of options30

◦If you are a high school student, do not convert Google accounts you have created into personal accounts

• Write "Don't be dangerous" An anti-citizen monopoly petition

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