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BOB MARLEY would have translated 74 on Wednesday and the music world, as we know it at the moment, would definitely have been a really totally different scene if he had lived so lengthy.

Robert Nesta Marley was born on February 6, 1945. Just some weeks later, Rod Stewart also came to this world as a newly born child in the north of London on January 10th. Elsie Stewart.

A boy who later turned himself right into a legend, reminiscent of "The First Cut Is The Deepest," "Maggie May", "Have You ever seen the rain", and "Some Guys Have All The Luck. & # 39;

In the same yr, Eric Clapton was born on March 30, 1945.

16-year-old English mother Patricia Molly Clapton and 25-25-year-old boy, Canadian previous soldier Edward Walter Fryer

singer ted 3 times on the Rock and Roll Corridor of Fame – thanks for the timeless classics like "The Tears of Heaven", which acquired six Gongs in the 35th Grammy. crashed 53 flooring of a New York City house on his dying on March 20 & # 91. Man, a brand new individual was born, whose voices sparked the tired spirits of bombs and weapons.

Franz Beckenbauer was born in Munich, which was saved as a spoil of World Conflict II on September 11, 1945.

And later he turned the primary man to captain and coach his nation to the World Cup.

The world also fell into the previous order that had prompted a lot suffering and lots of demonic World Struggle II architects – Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Goebbels, Wilhelim Burgdorff – died in 1945.

Just 10 days before Bob Marley's start, Auschwitz a permanent symbol of the Holocaust's inhumanity, liberated by promoting the forces of the Soviet Union.

In Poland, built by Nazi Germany, it provided a dark area, with at the least 1.1 million 1.3 million prisoners, principally Jews, Poles, Roma and Soviets, drowned, most of them in fuel chambers. 19659003] AND HERE BON TOLD THE WORLD, NOT WOMEN NO YES

Bob Marley launched his 30th birthday, which was also 30 years after World Conflict II, considered one of his best songs – an anthem whose phrases appeared to resemble the ugly previous of warfare, dangerous individuals, who have triggered this battle, and the great individuals who stopped this insanity.

And in addition those that have been lost along the best way. Bob stated while the longer term seemed good, the world ought to always remember his previous and use the facility of his imagination when he drove to dangerous Trenchtown in Kingston, Jamaica, and his rise to a celebrity musician, he described his perspective [19659003] ”I keep in mind once we sat [19659003] Trenchtown's authorities yard

Observing offspring


Mingle with the great individuals we kill.


Good! we’ve buddies. Is that so . . .

Pricey buddies we've misplaced along the best way, yeah!

On this nice future you can’t overlook your past.

So dry tears, I say.

No, lady, no cry

No, lady, no cry. Eh, yeah! & # 39; & # 39;

Bob Marley also had another great passion – football.

Perhaps it was naturally given when he was born just some hours after the fifth of February, which has come to symbolize a few of the best boys within the recreation – Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Carlos Tevez and Gheoghe Hagii, also referred to as Marathon of the Carpathians.

Bob's tour operator in the 1970s, when his music exploded, was Allan's "Skill" Cole, considered one of Jamaica's best-known footballers who launched their nationwide group in three World Cup qualifiers.

Thirty-eight years have passed since Bob died at a comparatively younger age of 36 years.

However the world has not forgotten him, and on Wednesday, when it will have been his 74th birthday, great celebrations have been celebrated that might keep in mind the long-lasting singer.

"Happy Birthday to King and Legend @bobmarley," Usain Bolt tweeted.

Bob and his w ork celebrated Wednesday as if he have been nonetheless alive – from the USA to the UK, from Australia to Austria, from Brazil to Brazzaville, from Harare to Harlem and to many festive gigs.


Bob Marley celebrated his 13th anniversary on February 6, 1958, when the German metropolis of Munich, where Franz Beckenbauer was born, broke into the tragedy.

The hired plane landed out of a crash that ultimately killed 23 individuals – eight Manchester United gamers, three employees members, an in depth good friend of Director Matt Busby, two crew members and a travel agency.

Wednesday marked the 61st anniversary of this accident, but the world did not overlook the ceremonies.

"Manchester United became a benchmark in my life as a footballer and chairman of Bayern Munich," Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, president of the most important German club, informed the orld.

”Manchester United is greater than wins, losses, titles and misplaced prizes.

”Manchester United represents absolute dedication, nice pleasure and deep sorrow.

"To date, I am impressed with the way the lost memories care about the fans. They are a great example of how to respect those who are no longer with us – never forgetting them. "

The world has definitely shifted from the darkish days of World Warfare II

It is a adorned German soccer leader as Rummenigge might pay such a robust tribute to a membership that represents all the British who broke hundreds of thousands of membership fans one night time in Barcelona with two objectives added as European champions in the yr 1999, is a sworn statement of the occasions

And the way tragedy is such a strong unifying pressure. But what does this all show us?

In fact, we’re a nation pressured to obsess to overlook those who would have been on the street, as if that they had never existed

as if that they had never been a part of us, as if that they had by no means affected our lives, as if they have been just capturing stars whose glory was rapidly diminishing, as if they have been meaningless, as if we couldn't wait to see them disappear. [19659003Howevertheyhavehavefacqueredthefirstthefirstthefirstcompletedthefirstthefuntshavebeenwillbeforethefirstthebeatwiththemy-pigeon-dominatedworldworlds

How can we overlook Alec Dean Fides?

A boy who turned the face of the greatest tragedy in our sport?

A boy who was sufficiently old to know the value of supporting his own nation, however nonetheless young enough to know why Bafana Bafana, our day's adversary, aroused this type of fi towards us. Fairly sufficiently old to decide that his football dream at club degree can be full of Dynamos, however still sufficient younger individuals might perceive that he had in all probability chosen probably the most chaotic club on the earth.

Too younger to comprehend that he was born when the dream group was at their peak, but definitely sufficiently old to know that there was a former coach named Reinhard Fabisch who was near taking us to the World Championship.

solely six when he died in that stamping on the National Sports Stadium on July 9, 2000 – the youngest of those who lost their lives this afternoon. Unlucky 13, who went to help his warriors but never returned residence to tell his story?

How can we be so cruel to ever imagine what the world would have given Alec if he had lived to today?

have turned this yr into 25 years, perhaps learning medicines, perhaps flying planes, perhaps working on this information room, perhaps serving their country's army.

Definitely, sufficiently old to be able to attend his Warriors AFCON qualifier for Congo-Brazzaville next month

How can we overlook one thing that occurred only 19 years ago in our yard, while others have refused to offer reminiscence to those who died 61 years in Munich, misplaced?

But then we are the same individuals who forgot that final yr marks the 15th anniversary of this tragedy – the most important loss of players in one event in our soccer – when the automotive where Blessing Makunike, Shingi Arlon and Gary Mashoko traveled and became a fireball that consumes

] It is extremely doubtless that, even when we had gained the Second World Conflict, we might have forgotten it for a very long time.

It’s even possible that if Bob Marley have been one among us, we might have already forgotten about him as a result of, in any case, we now have already turned our backs on Biggie Tembo, Leonard Dembo and Simon Chimbet, Titus Majola, and we take a look at the sick George Shaya as a pest as an alternative of its hero.

even reminds our youngsters to pay tribute to the 423 miners who died in 1972 in Kandamanah, Hwang – the ninth worst mining accident – once we've already turned our back on Yogo, who died just 16 years ago

Or that typically Alec Dean Fidesi lived and he was just six when he died and grabbed the cross hearth while supporting his beloved warriors? Bob Marley, who in 1979 revealed a music calling "Africans (liberating Zimbabwe)" nonetheless lives to today, up to 38 years after his demise.

The legendary singer who described us as his "people" did not need to "earn mercenaries" in "Zimbabwe", "would definitely be disillusioned at how soon we are likely to overlook our heroes and the flowers of our sport that we lost in tragic circumstances, including only a six yr previous boy whose love for his warriors attracted him to demise, one afternoon in the afternoon at the Nationwide Sports Stadium

to God be honored!

Come Warriors !!!!!!!!!!!! [!Instagram-sharukor