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Coverage of the vaccine on Mainstream Media – Variations in the theme of propaganda

Pharma's Possession of the Message, Mainstream Corporate Media

José Solís, Ph.D., Visitor Professional

A number of months in the past, I reviewed a Reddit article entitled "News". info, as a result of pharmaceutical corporations' advertising income could be as excessive as 70% of their revenue, ”- seventy %! There’s now rather a lot of affect and energy to determine on what's going on and the best way to report it. The article mentioned, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said the fact about the rally and protest of the revolution,

I spoke to Roger Ailes [then CEO of FOX News] I know from the age of 17 years. sympathetic to this question and noticed the movie Trace Amounts. I advised him, “I just want to go for one of your performances. Nobody lets me talk about this or talk to me. “He said to me,“ I can't allow you in any of them. I should light up all the hosts that allow you in my station. Because he said, "My news business receives up to 70% of advertising revenue over the years without election from pharmaceutical companies."

Spin was supposed to be designed to spread ignorance to measles. and lying about measles, its history, efficacy and safety, and they all seek to deepen the already established highly profitable and accountable market for the vaccine industry.


dollars in TV advertising. The media conglomerates rely heavily, as Kennedy said, on money production and especially on their news cycles to gain more profits. This reminded me of the snowfall of scientific and legal evidence that allows someone reading the literature to raise many in-depth questions about vaccination theory, policies, and practices. Most importantly in this article, I wonder how the "spin" vaccines are played? What context should this spin promote? And how would people get vulnerable and get a propaganda campaign?

The situation was a recently made measles. The rotator had to be designed by spreading ignorance to measles and lies about measles, the history, efficacy and safety of its vaccines, and they all seek to deepen the already established highly profitable and irresponsible market for vaccine manufacturing. And perhaps more abhorrent with policies that would destroy the consent of our knowledge and the fundamental right to liberation.

It does not matter whether the US Supreme Court has declared the vaccines "inevitably harmless" or that the vaccine manufacturers indicate in their additions that the vaccine may not protect all vaccinated individuals.


It is not important that vaccines have not been studied for carcinogenesis, mutagenesis, or impaired fertility; or "because clinical trials are conducted under very variable circumstances, the adverse reactions observed in clinical trials may not be consistent with those observed in practice."

It is irrelevant that the only adverse reaction monitoring system, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which reports an annual average of 30,000+ events, is actually about 1% of the actual adverse event numbers; or that in July 2018, at the Southern District Federal Court in New York, the Health and Human Services Department (HHS) acknowledged that they had violated the 1986 National Childhood Vaccination Act, which provided, inter alia, that HHS report to the Congress every two years on the safety of the vaccine. HHS admitted that such reports were never delivered, not after the implementation of the law (about 30 years). The dissonance composers also ignore the abundant science that shows that live viruses and vector vaccines can infect, transmit and spill.

There is also a questionable, if not obvious, conflict of interest describing the marketing of vaccines. . For example, the 2009 HHS Agency Audit Committee report on the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) stated that CDC had no systematic control over the ethical program: 97 percent of the committee members had been neglected, 58 percent had at least one unidentified potential conflict, and CDC continued to grant derogations to members of the conflict. The same profile protection was also found in the Advisory Committee on Vaccines and Related Biological Product (VRBPAC), another major government committee responsible for the decision-making process of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The proverb of the presence in the elephant room, our senses are bombarded with our noise-disturbing signal, which tells us that something is wrong. So what's going on here?

Science Returns Ads

Advertisement: Advertisement is an advertisement in the form of editorial content. The term "advertisement" is a mixture of the words "advertisement" and "editorial".

I never forget how the professor I had undergraduate stressed that the concept of genetics as a predetermining factor was struggle, too much when we could not explain things like different conditions or illnesses. Basically, he said, we should understand things, including science, in different contexts, never interfering with the environments in which science is practiced, and the scientific matter, including biology, is explained. And that contexts were not defined only in places, but among the behavioral modes of dynamic, verbs and places, movements or actions, if desired, with different variables.


in my mind, allow me to reflect on the context as a place when we study how science, as I understand, has taken a back seat to public cognitive technology or what Noam Chomsky called, "preparing consent" in this case briefly examines a little history that fits well with how mainstream media have made as much noise as dissonance, because it plays a role in medicine / media calculation, spreading more vaccines and ignorance when it is further strengthened by its achievement in public health policy and the destruction of human rights to facilitate greater profits.

Conscious and intelligent manipulation of organized ways and opinions of the masses is an important factor in a democratic society. Those who deal with this invisible mechanism of society form an invisible government, which is the true dominating power of our country

Engineering Consent

President Woodrow Wilson was not easy to make Americans convinced of war in Europe. In 1917, he helped him strive to establish a Public Information Committee (CPI). The purpose of the committee was to get the Americans behind the war. CPI recruits leaders in journalism, academia, graphic design, and advertising. The success of the CPI has profoundly affected many of the participants, and it started its work to develop what we now know as the PR industry and its spread to the vast form of American culture. A member of the Committee, Edward Bernays, was particularly motivated by the success of the Consumer Price Index and its ability to influence public opinion, not by relying on intelligence, but by touching the feelings of the people

Edward Bernays, known as the PR industry, was the nephew of Sigmund Freud, and although he, like him Uncle, was interested in what Freud had recognized as an unconscious mind, Bernays was interested in exploring ways to utilize emotions for commercial benefits. He learned how powerful images could be sold. And so he tried to appeal to the hearts of the people who were convinced that the actions taken in the military CPI could be done in practice. For example, Bernays was known for having an American Tobacco Company hiring a strategy to promote cigarettes to women by smoking them in public as an excuse and to support the right to vote. Cigarettes would become a "torch of freedom", freedom to set men's dominant social practices.

Propaganda, probably the most famous work of Bernays, aroused her admiration all over the world, but especially in the eyes of Nazi leadership and Hitler's minister. Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. The first chapter of the book, Propaganda, opens on the following points:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation of organized ways and opinions of the masses is an important factor in a democratic society. Those who manipulate this invisible mechanism of society form an invisible government, which is the true dominating force of our country. … We are governed, our minds are shaped, our tastes are formed, our thoughts are suggested, to a large extent men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of how a democratic society is organized. Many people need to work together in this way if they want to live together in a smoothly functioning society. … In almost every day of our lives, be it politics or business, our social behavior or our ethical thinking, there is a relatively small number of people who understand the spiritual processes and social models of the masses.

Hitler, Goebbels, and the Nazi propaganda machine developed five basic principles that propaganda would lead to:

  • Avoid abstract thoughts – appealing to emotions
  • Repeatedly play only a few ideas.
  • Just Give One Side of the Claim
  • Continuously criticize your opponents
  • Pick up one special "enemy" for special bullying

. Edward Bernays and Nazi propaganda machine. This is by no means a Bernese Nazi. He was pretty sure he was disgusted with the Nazi philosophy. But it gets to the heart of how propaganda and planning of consent is to be incorporated into everyday life in the most dual ways and in many projects designed to manipulate public opinion. This foundation, coupled with today's techniques, made it easier for people to become more sophisticated – visually, psychologically and socio-politically.

Bernays's consent engineers had the main task of making news and valuing the news…

After World War II in 1947, Bernays continued to develop social design ideas. Bernays writes his essay "Planning Consent":

This phrase simply refers to the use of a technical approach – that is, an activity based solely on thorough knowledge of the situation and the application of scientific principles and that has tried practices to support people with ideas and programs. Every person or organization ultimately depends on public acceptance and therefore has to make sure that the program or goal is accepted by the public. The planning of consent must be based on the theoretical and practical understanding of the persons it seeks to overcome.

Engineers of Bernays's consent were of primary importance in making news and evaluating news

But first of all, the consent engineer needs to generate news. News are not lifeless things. It is an obvious act that makes news, and the news, in turn, makes people's attitudes and actions… The development of events and conditions that are not routine is one of the basic functions of an engineer… An imaginatively controlled event can compete successfully with other events. New valuable events involving people are usually not accidental. They deliberately plan their purpose, influence our thoughts and actions.

For CPI, Bernays, and emerging industries in advertising and public relations, with the power of images, symbols, and messages that could provide engineers or prepared consent, became essential tools in politics and commercialization of society. Given the power and influence of the pharmaceutical industry on politicians, the mass media, and public opinion as such, even the most important consideration of the major drug, its version of vaccine science, how the vaccines come into the market and how the vaccine policy is, it is not logical that fundamental questions should arise. And once again we can see why they would not be.

Today we are witnessing many deceptive layers, propaganda machining, engineering consent, all of which are huge lies: that vaccines are safe and effective, that science is resolved that measles kill us if we are not vaccinated, that there is no connection between vaccines and autism and that the people concerned by this question must be mistaken, misinformed and irresponsible or even worse offenders.


Someone once said: "Everything has a price or is for sale." Certainly, we see references to this message in Bernays's theories and ideas about propaganda and planning of consent. In this article and in exploring the context when it comes to media coverage in general, the subject of vaccines, and more recently, measles outbreak, we should remind Adolf Hitler of the expression expressed in his book. Kampf. Known as the "great lie", Hitler develops the idea of ​​an enormous lie that no one would believe someone is suspicious of distorting the truth so badly. Hitler's comments,

All of this was inspired by the principle – which is quite true in itself – that a great lie always has a certain credibility power; because the great masses of the nation are always more corrupt in the deeper layers of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and in their primitive simplicity of mind, they are more easily sacrificed to a great lie than a small lie, because they themselves often tell of little things, but be ashamed to resort to large-scale lies. )

Today we are witnessing many deceptive layers, propaganda machining, engineering consent, all rolled into big lies: that vaccines are safe and effective, that science decides that measles will kill us if we do not vaccinate, that there is no connection between vaccines and between people with autism, and the people affected by this question are considered to be wrong, false information and irresponsible or even worse offenders.

The mainstream media appeals are Pharma structures that aim for emotion – disrespect for parents, humiliation and intimidation, attacking questioning scientists, and criminalizing more and more citizens in recurring misrepresentations and data that have been folded in half. or blatant lies where only one side has been granted legitimacy and everything else is censored.

In such an environment, many men remain in the noise who only want disagreement, false feelings of security and dependence on the status quo to re-“OK”. Worry turns into the biggest enemy and primary device of the pharmaceutical / media components. Docs, comparable to newspaper boys, deliver the news that’s too typically coated with a white coat, a stethoscope and a smile that might consider they know a lot greater than we find out about vaccines.

can not consider a large half of revealed medical analysis or rely on analysis of reliable docs or authoritative medical recommendation

Pharma owns a message, the media owns a narrative: science?… (Circuses) [19659002] What makes drugs, media and engineering the development of the consent so apparent to many who the repetitive nature of the messages, also called the "echo chamber". the message can’t change. Repeating words and messages is one of the ways most often used to avoid slipping. So, as a result of they will't belief the science of science or science in conflict between science and science, Pharman has to persuade the public by holding the lie huge and repeating it. This creates some sort of lack of thought or paralysis, in some instances cognitive dissonance. What number of, if lifeless in these US outbreaks in 2019, how many hospitalizations, how many vaccinated, the current state of all these instances, many fundamentals are ignored, unattended or simply silent.

pertains to the current measles cysteria, but in addition to the virtual silence of hundreds of instances amongst the extremely vaccinated inhabitants, the most recent instances where main vaccine manufacturing corporations have been charged with corruption. Compensation paid to vaccinated and their families, which at this time exceed $ four billion once we are advised that vaccines are protected. Paralysis has worked. Many people like and reply by way of their principal sources of info: the mainstream mass media

The Every day Beast revealed an fascinating article in 2015 entitled "Big Pharma is America's New Mafia." and drug manufacturing, wondering why these newsletters on tablets and medical units do not apply to the vaccine business? In the end, I am referring to proof, legal instances, solutions to courtroom in the vaccine, and a rising population demanding better science, safety research, including placebos, vaccinated and non-vaccinated studies, and an trustworthy assessment of how vaccines can and don’t trigger critical vaccinations for a quantity of illnesses. primary issues with vaccines. Every day Beast opens an article with a paragraph about the surprising well being of the United States and a reference to the Slate article entitled "Is Your Medicine Safe?" Written by Daniela Drake in The Day by day Beast:

The robust affect of pharmaceutical dollars impressed the former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Drugs, Dr. Marcia Angell, to conclude: "It is no longer possible to believe a large part of the published clinical research, or rely on trusted doctors or authoritative Peter Gotzsche, Director of the Cochrane Center in Copenhagen, has seen enough of his findings in a book titled All Deadly Drugs and Organized Crime: How Big Pharma has Corrupted Health Care over the past two decades. "A lot of what the pharmaceutical business meets the standards of organized crime in US regulation," said Gotzsche in a recent interview. "They usually behave in some ways, like the Mafia, they corrupt all they will corrupt, they’ve bought all types of individuals, including the well being ministers of some nations … The pharmaceutical business buys professors first and then division heads, then the other chiefs, and so on, they don't purchase younger docs.

The connection between the mainstream media in Pharma is chargeable for the deterioration of scientific dialogue and the spread of nice lies. The deliberate spread of ignorance as a technique (agnotology) to stop potential dialogue on many vaccine-related points serves just one grasp, the bottom line for vaccine producers, and the mainstream media business.

Questions, discussion, dialogue and dialog are muted, censored, broken and damaged. There isn’t any place for science in this Area. The only reliable voices might be voices produced by pharmacy / media cartels

In contrast to the CPI's work or the rules put forward by Bernays and his strategy and techniques to promote planning for propaganda and consent, new variations of manufactured consent are available day by day from our information businesses. Emotional notes are most outstanding with headlines, tags, expressions, beats, and messages. Newspeak, Orwell's reference, which goals to impoverish and progressively scale back human considering, facilitates cognitive dissonance and paralysis, leaving many in the grace of the pharmaceutical / media story. Questions, dialogue, dialogue and dialogue are silent, censored, broken and criminals. There isn’t a place for science in this Area. The only authentic voices are sounds from a drugs / media cartel.

Pharma's mainstream mass communication and politicians, health businesses and their subordinates (docs, public health authorities, and so on.) nonetheless dominate the marketplace and report. While these Pharma giants align their pockets and those politicians whose career is progressively being emphasised because of their very own conflicts of curiosity and are mirrored in the propaganda offered by the mass media, the social, financial and political costs of worry of denying an open national dialogue on the topic of vaccines are becoming insurmountable. In any case, our youngsters blame us for having health worse than more than half of their generations.

* The article originally appeared in Youngsters's Health Security. Printed with permission.

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