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Concert Review – Progfest 2019

Australian Progfest has grown steadily and has been well-liked because the starting of the decade. Only three years ago, the tour consisted completely of native actions. In accordance with 2018, the decline also expanded into Leprous, Norway, as a world leader, and the pageant succeeded in tripling this yr – by creating a powerful array of international principals, Indian / American collectives Skyharbor, UK monuments, and German progressive. publish metallic titans ocean. The general composition had also virtually doubled – twenty bands increasing to the junction – and on the cramped Nook Lodge in Richmond, more to Croxton Bandroom. Though the wide selection added to the occasion, it have to be stated that the ten-hour pageant ran exceptionally properly. The entire thing ended solely fifteen minutes after the schedule, and the delays have been only as soon as when the primary characters had time. Though the main target might have been on worldwide action, the native artists felt more than their own, and the Heavy Blog's Melbourne correspondents, Josh and Karlo, charmed the deep heat to deliver you to the band band's frontline. 19659002]

Pink Lotus

Opening the primary stage was Melbourne's Pink Lotus, which made a powerful early performance. The band is relatively new when she launched solely the EP, Illuminate, in 2017, they usually have absolutely developed their voice. The Quartet sounded fuller and much heavier than the report, and it is fascinating to see if they will benefit from this power in their subsequent release. There have been a couple of noticeable weaknesses to be eliminated first. The singer Stephanie Briffa gave her up perfectly. Nevertheless, his harsh songs typically heard roughly and grew a lot tighter as the collection continued. Nonetheless, it isn’t disputed that Purple Lotus created a strong basis for themselves and have been far more commanding in a dwelling surroundings than you’d have expected from such a young band


for up and coming
Modal1 accepted a second-time emphasis. The band shortly arrange
their program certificates – by taking over the scene Yin-yang tattoos and
Heads With out Guitar – Earlier than You Ship Technically Loaded And Speedy
presentation. That their voice resembles melodic, safer fires and a great tiger interval
moments, principally crashing singer Nigel Jackson. Although an excellent tiger
The comparability should offer you a superb signal of Modalty's general voice
he can depend on each so easily that they stand out from one another. Jackson's music is
Hedron harmonies are further strengthened
Danielle Teychenne and the band may benefit significantly from enjoying a
future materials. Though sextet seemed cramped
less subsidiarity, they appeared to take pleasure in themselves more than
someone else did the whole day. Bassist Alicia Richards appeared to be
enjoying yourself and – even when it's moved
Part – typically drawn to concentrate on his impressive technical recreation.
The Melbourne individuals are definitely those who regulate and have simply launched them
debut EP, Synthes1s, who came out
in late December and produced Lifeless
Clint Vincent by Letter Circus. [You’d assume all the “1”s would make them
easier to google, but they don’t.]

Mushroom Big

Much less
have been profitable Mushroom Big.
Instrumental music can often be a bit tactile and quartet
The voice was initially profitable in how it built and swelled after a number of
The songs started to get drained. It's in all probability the worst thing
about an instrumental band, however these guys should actually think about getting
singer (think about it by pulling again the night time
Verses). I imagine what influence they’re going on
Karma rows burn, as if
try to let the riffs converse for themselves, nevertheless it seemed like a flaw.
There was not enough focus to make things fascinating and more
Typical track buildings appeared to be custom-made to emphasize critical
who was unfortunately not present

The Valley Ends

Another spectacular unit with its identify, The Valley Ends' energetic brand "Australian prog" was nicely acquired by the gang within the staircase. The guitars offered a strong melodic spine once they rose and enchanted on an equal scale. They have been complemented by melodic, high-high quality songs with plenty of harmonies, and bass strains. That they had a transparent explosion and appeared good on the stage, despite the fact that the singer Tim D & # 39; Agostino felt lukewarm and nervous when he talked with the individuals between the songs. Nevertheless, his heart was in the correct place when he talked about the need to stand with the indigenous Australians and how "Dark Emu", the ebook by Bruce Pasco, impressed their current names. It was timed with the Australian Day (or many indigenous Australians, the Invasion / Survival Day) that occurred the subsequent day – and the gang swelled its help. All in all, it was an excellent present, and closer to what seemed like Leprous, there were sufficient clues to control their next release.


One of the few bands which were included final yr, Toehider observed rather a lot earlier this time. Although they still had a really lengthy day, that they had a fairly healthy crowd, and it appears that evidently most of the pounds had made an early journey to get them. Toihider is a rock trio for the unioitiated man who’s around the singer / guitarist / mad Michael Mills. Fortunately, the place was serving beer in plastic cups, because she just might break the glass in her big track space so spectacular that it could possibly be unfastened. Although they are based mostly on a basic rock foundation, they use comfortably the prog, metallic, funk, jazz, pop and far more all through the collection. The only dependable part of their voice is its enjoyable and carefree environment – virtually too carefree at occasions – however regardless of its polarizing nature, they produced skilled performance and have been a transparent winner for most of the people.


Unfortunately, the much less you say about this performance, the higher. Troubleshooting is all the time a danger in case of prog and unfortunately Ebonivory. The bass was combined very high, there were three guitars and no one was positive why (even a band where one of the guitarists understood that he was not related). Technically, they brought the Australian various rock / prog melody combined with djent timings, bass drops and random deathcore-fashion songs. It was confusing and hoping that they might study from it as a result of their recordings are usually not half dangerous and the editor provides me [Karlo] fifty lashes for this evaluate. Don't write them off.

James Norbert Ivanyi

Mainstage was James Norbert
Ivanyi, who definitely likes Opeth.
Reminding such a outstanding style artist so intently could also be an issue if a) he
did not achieve this properly, and b) all he played was not far more
An fascinating and fascinating activity has been a greater half a
decade. There are many bands
Still the old-fashioned Opeth flashlight. What’s so impressive
It is Ivany that she proves that Swedish newer supplies shouldn’t have to be so
subdued. His voice is definitely more inside the progressive regions
rock because it makes extreme metallic (although "Avarice Curse"
seems like "Deliverence"). Nevertheless, it is continuously
recent and exciting. In addition, he continues to play and is leading
as an alternative of the vowel – and in comparison with the earlier instrumental of the night
supply, his presentation was just more victorious.

Chaos Divine

The Australian scene, Perth's indigenous individuals, Chaos, divine, hit the stage in "Soldiers" and "Badge of Honor" since 2015. Chunky riffs, progressive inclines, and rising vocals certainly woke up urge for food before the band began Toto's "Africa" ​​cowl. The viewers ate it like a labrador during dinner, and whereas it’s a little sad that this is the preferred piece of such a progressive band, it cannot be denied that it is a nicely-executed and enjoyable time. [One may additionally argue that it’s pandering, zeitgeisty garbage that took up invaluable time in their brief set, however the crowd positive did eat it up, and no less than they have been doing it before it was “cool” – Josh] Then we had the pleasure of listening to the brand new track and news that the fourth LP will comply with subsequent yr! Intro was not totally different from the Mastodon music, which was a tuned step, the verses have been aggressive and heard again to their previous work when the choir was a Colliding Skies. A robust exhibition and yet one more release anticipated in 2019.


The doors have been figures that heard far
greater than the Incubus of S.C.I.E.N.C.E.
their album or enterprise. Although the nu-metallic impact is
considerably less significantly in their recorded material, it was entrance and middle
at night time – maybe because of the bass seen place. confirmed
the low each helped and prevented Melbourne's staples. It gave them a
rather more melodically controlled and sometimes
"Floaty" publications that preceded them. Nevertheless, it typically dropped
different instruments and became a touch that was overwhelming in such a limited one
room. Still, the new band's perspective was shocking
and perhaps even permitting higher access to its eclectic sounds.


Circuits Turn into One among 2018
one of the best bands of the yr. Final
the guitarist Ben Rechter confirmed his band
the chief of employees has principally turned them into a totally new band, and they’re all
the better it is. Last yr, Circles had develop into virtually tired
Melbourne music area. They have proved to be virtually inevitable
view from the dwelling front, lack of latest materials
comprehensive. Once the pedals had begun to exchange the newer, seemingly
hungry, works like Orsome Welles
and machine Opus. Nonetheless
change in composition and their beautiful new album aren’t simply
aroused the band, but in addition the viewers.

was a real anticipation for the encompassing circles. For the primary time a
for a very long time, what adopted was the band not
predictable, and the band might be delivered on all fronts. The collection was crammed
material from last –
Prematurely, heavy hitters are delivered "Winter", "Dream Sequence" and "Breaker". Surprisingly,
it was, nevertheless, an older material – "Second Me" and particularly "Deleted" –
who really hit probably the most. That new vitality was given to the band
it seems to be backward, which is probably probably the most promising thing
their second wind and allow probably the most Circles help invoice
engaging it has been for some time.


Much less spectacular was Skyharbor. The multinational outfit was the first evening of worldwide laws. Nevertheless, regardless that they did good information, they didn't depart an actual impression. Perhaps it is as a result of their troops have been virtually solely from last yr's dangerous Sunshine Mud, but there was an awesome minimize between the band and the audience. The brand new (-ish) singer Eric Emery awakened The Contortionist Michael Lessard by exporting a big portion of the gang standing next to the viewers. Nevertheless, in line with his case, the transfer had less impression on performance than public failure. As well as, the guitarist Devesh Dayal appeared to play only half of his instrument on each bit, which doesn’t mean that he didn’t play his elements, but that he didn’t seem to have actual elements to play loads of time – regardless that the brief dance aspect he threw himself at one track turned out to be one of the moments when he or some other member of the band appeared to have a noticeable character.

they have been… nicely. They heard ok and each member seemed to do what
they have been meant to be ok, however none of them ever added anything
an experience that goes past the straightforward refreshing of the songs as they’re
document. Most of the songs seemed to combine with one another and together
it felt like they constructed one thing nearer to "heavenly",
it all of the sudden seemed to stop proper when it went. Clearly for everyone
qualified gaming, which happened on the stage, their music solely ever
It seemed to go anyplace – consider it as a program for strolling the circles.

Machine Opus

The Brisbanites machine, Opus, inevitably put one of the best performance, a smaller step the whole day saw. The presence of the former Caligula Horse guitarist Zac Greensill typically sees them in relation to his earlier band, and may see why. Think about The Tide, Thief & River's End-Age C-Horse with just a little sand and intense aggression. That's what Opus brings, until the document, definitely in a reside setting with crisp guitar sound and a few rocking, pulsating tunes. Don't be mistaken, there’s plenty of beauty, that includes fascinating building tasks, submit-rock influences and nice harmonies. But they know when to go together with the large riffs and pummeling rhythms you could bang into your head once you sing for lengthy vocal hooks that deliver it collectively. Great performance and hope they’ll find a method to deliver that being pregnant to their recorded voice as a result of they are higher bands.


The monuments have created a fame for themselves, among the best reside works within the tech-metallic recreation, and tonight confirmed why. The band by no means stepped out of a dwelling metallic band – eliminating all the standard suspects, together with crowd-surfing, circle-wells, dying partitions, even where everyone kneels down after which everyone jumps concurrently the music goes again. Nevertheless, every second was carried out so successfully and was supported by such an impeccable, kinetically managed collection, the top results of which was irresistible.

now there’s also a huge again listing that may pull the fabric next
release of final yr's unpaid frones
be misplaced!). In the course of the Amanuensis tour
their (yet impressive) set seemed to touch the padded. Here they have been in a position
Delivers hour-to-wall messengers, however leaves a memorable one
"The Watch" and "Admit Defeat" on the ground of the playroom.
Extra melodic materials from their newest report is tailor-made to life
The setting, and the frontman Chris Barretto confirmed he was capable of repeat his catch
Clean the elements greater than sufficient. The clean elements also revealed
one of many putting weaknesses of the gang: there were too many tips! Barretto n
the whole lot was cleaned, and both have been the harmonies of the album
distracting and unnecessary once you hear him deliver the primary line
above them. The truth is, only as soon as, once they were not current, was
they have been probably the most. In the course of the collection "A.W.O.L" that opened the collection,
Barretto grabbed the clean elements as an alternative of dropping the scream
"Someone will help me out!", Who brings it back to the verse – rob
monitor if it is momentarily, with a number of saved effects

there was nothing to choose from elsewhere, and presumably extra
a easy action is more than simply justified by their vital start line in Progfest
queue. Though the sound of the monuments is constructed to bounce and melody, their
The success of these areas shouldn’t intrude with how technically powerful
their compositions are. Barretto might have been targeted, but in addition every member
gave his half completely to Adam Swan's wild bass
in all probability probably the most powerful instrumental performance
night time. In addition, although it was newer, it was sound-targeted
"Leviathan" and "Mirror Image", which proved to be probably the most instant of the group, was it
"Doxa", "empty ships make the most noise" and "regenerate"
and "Degenerate" closure from Gnosis
(2012), which showed its undisputed excessive point, which only exhibits it
Pregnancy and technicality shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for accessibility.

t As an alternative of making an attempt to satisfy British bouncers on their terms, they took issues in the other way – producing an extended, contemplative, pulled-out set that utterly minimize off the night time, while confirming (re) establishing the collective as one of the main motion in heavy progressive music. Nonetheless, from a personal perspective, the set was not with out its mistakes

I [Josh] I have to attraction to the primary individual from the last. Although the 2013 pelagic might be the favourite album of the last decade – and the unquestionable basic of all time – final yr's comply with-up, Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic, does not likely combine with me the best way it was for most individuals (I consider Karlo additionally mentioned it as a yr's album). Every time I listened to it, I can solely discover my slipping, and it will be arduous for me to remember something concerning the experience when it was over. That's why I went to the night time headlines and hoped that the dwelling setting may ultimately reveal what it was that everyone else noticed in the document everybody else noticed it. The answer is whether or not that is sure and no

Paleous material combined
The cuts in the pelagic are actually imported
mild how totally different they are. Pelagial is rather more progressive, but Palaeozoic is more of a submit-metallic album
as I assumed I was listening at a document. Intermediate switch
The signal of "Firmament" by Heliocentric meant that the band was lost
one among these two final data. Otherwise the pelagic songs have been considerably more than the ones round them,
and whereas the rest of the group appeared to be hiding palaeosotic songs, it was earlier
material that inspired the best response. "Hadopelagic II: Believe Them"
Paleeoicin backwards
The opening triangle appeared positively inspired, and it was a powerful Mastodon-Ian
spreads, which reported “Bathyalpelagic II: The Wish in Dreams” that delivered
most enjoyable second out of the gang. In addition, when all the songs have been
appeared with ardour, and the band was positive to create a heavy feeling
additionally they had no emotional and visual commitment in their mood
style-heavyweights reminiscent of Neurosis or Luna-cult.

Ocean labored nice. Nevertheless, there was no interplay between the songs apart from a short thank you in the course of the encore. By seeing songs which were performed after each other without acknowledgment or fanfare, the efficiency seemed more like a procedure than a celebration. Nevertheless, listening to individual songs outdoors the context of the report revealed how typically they are often anti-climactic, which does not mean that they don’t go anyplace, however that they don’t clear up the ultimate endpoint as a lot as they set up and associate their report with the subsequent paragraph. Sequencing of tracks resulted in a distraction. What seemed just like the efficiency of the album, whose proportions obtained seamlessly from one to another, would break a short presentation on the record of backs that the same thing would do. That's why within the reside setting many songs seemed to finish abruptly – even when you weren’t already a fan of the band, I think about you’d be troublesome to choose the place one is prepared and the subsequent one started. Each Palaeozoic's "Permian / The Great Dying", which closed the primary collection and the superb "Bentic: The Wishes" venture of Pelagial. But the late day of the day, added with the late time period, meant that the room was significantly much less occupied than it had been for monuments and Skyharbor, and I think that a extra streamlined occasion might have encouraged the audience to remain round the whole expertise. As soon as again, perhaps it's just me? They have been actually sensible.

And it's a wrapper. This yr's event is extremely high, but we regulate how Progfest will develop subsequent yr. (What’s the chance that they will guide Hevy Devyn?)

* Truly, principally mid-approach again, close to the sound table.

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