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Committee on Health Vote for SB276, Pan Labyrinth

Participation of Alix Mayer, MBA

In June, the Health Committee of the Common Assembly of California voted to ship the SB276 to the Committee on Appropriations. The bill would take away a lot of the medical exceptions that shield medically weak youngsters. California regulation presently helps these exceptions.

Over 600 Californians stated they might make a basic remark versus SB276. The listening to lasted 5 hours.

… just one million California youngsters have contracted and recovered from measles this yr, so the need for SB276 strains is credible. In addition, if measles is a problem, it is unusual that the autumn is just not restricted to measles vaccine; it proposes the elimination of medical exceptions for ten totally different vaccines



10 vaccines and $ 10 million per yr for 11 measles

SB276 writer Senator Pan launched the bill to fake California's 9 million youngsters have been solely 11 measles. "[California,] has had 51 cases of measles," the Basic Meeting Health Committee wrote in a post-consultation statement: "It is worth noting that 40 of these cases were in adults." In different phrases, just one million California youngsters have contracted and recovered from measles this yr, so SB276 strains the necessity is trustworthy. As well as, if measles is a problem, it’s unusual that the fall shouldn’t be limited to measles vaccine; it proposes that ten totally different vaccines be faraway from medical exceptions

Senator Pan has recruited for the purpose of defining the integrity of the herd for SB276 purposes. CDC needs to name it "Community Integrity"

A state of affairs the place a enough proportion of the population is resistant to infectious illness (by way of vaccination and / or previous illness) to spread from one individual to another.

Pan said at the hearing that "the denominator just isn’t your complete state of California. It's some faculties. “The CDC does not mention that the community is defined as a school. If every school is an isolated community of bacteria, Pan might want to talk about building walls. According to her statement, children never interact with children in other schools and ignore the fact that these children have adult teachers and staff. They also have parents. Adults have probably not had ten vaccines that children needed for school. Paradoxically, CDC accuses passengers from abroad of this year's measles. So is the herd global or micro-local? Although vaccines would have worked 100% of the time, we have never received immunity because the immune system is getting worse, adults have not received vaccines.

Of the 11,000 schools in California, 95.1% of incoming nurseries are "up to date". 'Since only 0.7% of children have legal medical exceptions, it is not relevant to the objective of immunity to cattle. "This is too big," said Nazarian MP "It's a lot of money for a small number of cases."

The Harvard Pilgrim study, funded by the US Department of Health and Human Rights (HHS), found that 2.6% of vaccines violate people, indicating that the rate of release would actually be higher when more children are protected.

It is clear that "the CDC instructions… [are] are too narrow," says California Medical Board (CMB) by letter Senator Pan…

SB276 presents "false choice"

During the hearing, citizens told members of the Health Committee that the SB276 gives them wrong choices. "I have chosen my son between education and his life," said the mother, whose son was vaccinated hurt and compensated for by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. If the SB276 passes, his son would not be able to get a medical exception, even though he was seriously injured with previous vaccines and has been diagnosed with serum disease. An additional vaccination will harm him. It is clear that "the CDC guidelines… [are] too narrow," said the California Medical Board (CMB) in a letter to the Senator, author of the SB276. Mr McCarty, member of the Health Committee, agreed to a hearing with CMB, in which Pan was given another chance to respond to the narrow list of medical exceptions.

If the SB276 is signed by law, the only means to protect a biologically diverse child would be at home school or start an independent study. Because this is impossible for most two-income families, many parents said they would leave California if SB276 passes.

The parents of children who have been vaccinated have called on Senator Pan to expand the proposed list of contraindications for vaccination. He refuses to amend the bill to include commonly known conditions in which children are pre-vaccinated with the vaccine: previous vaccine injuries such as Guillain-Barré (paralysis), autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders, asthma, convulsions, tics and genetic differences. [19659002SensijaanhänlisäsitarkistuksiaSB276:eenjotkanäyttävätlaajentavanpoikkeusperusteitamuttaovatitseasiassapuhtaitaCDC-kriteerienlisäksiSB276ilmoittaanytettävapautuksiavoidaanmyöntääjosnetäyttävätimmunisointikäytäntöjenneuvoaAdvisoryCommittee(ACIP)taiamerikkalaisenlastenlääkäreidenakatemian(AAP)kriteeritACIP-jaAAP-kriteerienlisääminensaattaanäyttäälaajentavanpoikkeuksiamuttajosGoogle"ACIPantibodyaiheitarokotukseen"saatCDC-sivustonjossamainitaanACIPToisinsanoenACIPjaCDCovatyksijasamaAAP:llaonvainyksivasta-aihejokaonmyöstarpeetonCDCantibodiestopics:"Anafylaksianhistoriaaikaisempaanannokseentairokotekomponenttiin"

If anyone listens carefully to Senator While talking to Pan, he avoids the vaccine damage dictionary. For him, the vaccine injuries are "events". He continues to use the word "reaction" instead of a more precise term, meaning that the new starting conditions – whether permanent or serious – are temporary and mild. He even said at the hearing, if long-term seizure occurred more than 6 days after the vaccine, there would be no risk of the child being vaccinated.


… if the family member in question has not been documented, for example, if the relative has died or lived with inadequate medical data, or if the family member concerned wants to follow MD instead of naturopath (ND) or chiropractor (DC) exception.

Family history has to "look real" to the senator

SB276 also states that the Public Health Department "can accept a medical exception based on other contraindications or precautions, including family medical history if … is consistent with the appropriate level of care."

However, Senator Pan is not so generous with the personal definition of family history, he refuses to define family history, where everyone guesses what the term does not or does not, but he is very clear in a few circumstances that he would think would be forbidden

if it "looks real" to the senator, he said that if someone is a first-degree relative who has had an immune deficiency, the public health doctor would give an exception and say, "This looks real, you are an immunologist." For example, if a relative has died or survived with seamless medical records or if the family member concerned wants to follow MD instead of naturopathy or chiropractor (DC), there would be

Second, Pan said that the public health staff would give "doubt" to the children if they An "event" could have been caused by an earlier vaccine. "If we don't know, we want to give the width." However, Pan later stated: "If we know another reason for events, there is no medical exception."

Senator Pan also said that autism and vaccines did not cause sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). These comments were superior to parents whose child died or started showing symptoms of autism after the vaccine. The parents' gallery could not remain silent in front of Senator Pan's false statements, and it came to the frenzy that awakened President Wood. He noticed an "outbreak" but failed to understand why parents were shocked by Pan's nervous comments.


If you remember the movie Saving Private Ryan, it was based on humanitarian law, which stated that a surviving son could be pulled out of battle. Although three older siblings developed autism or died of SIDS immediately after vaccination – SB276 would not save a private Ryani, the fourth child.

"It is not a question of whether the state gets it wrong, but when," said lawyer Leigh Dundas at the hearing. “When a legal medical exception is canceled and a child dies, no one is responsible. The state cannot practice medicine. "

To supervise careless doctors, Pan proposes a labyrinthic process involving a series of at least five levels of bureaucrats

Governor Newsom and the Medical Administration Center are cautious about bureaucratic interference [19659007] and are cautious about bureaucratic interference. Therefore, the bureaucracy proposed by SB276, which bypasses the doctor's judgment, is also not supported. To support bureaucratic participation, Pan has argued that the legal exceptions written by licensed doctors are "fraudulent". However, of the 179 complaints against doctors who have written medical exceptions, the California Medical Board has placed only one physician for the probationary period.

To control unscrupulous doctors, Pan proposes a labyrinthic process that includes a dizzying series of at least five bureaucratic levels. In the invoice, the following units are listed to be able to check and cancel medical exceptions: 'Clinically trained immunization department staff', local health care officers, State Public Health Authorities, 'Independent Evaluation Board', and finally California Health and Human Rights Manager. It should be underestimated to say that the definition of some of these stocks is unclear. It is also unclear what the real scope of their powers would be if SB276 was signed into law.

Infrastructure to support bureaucratic examination requires that doctors provide all medical exceptions to the California Immunization Register (CAIR). harming the vaccination because it puts their private health information more dangerous than other children.


Prison period to protect a medical sensitive child from vaccination?

Even Senator Pan admitted that he himself had written about ten vacancies. However, it is hard to imagine that a California doctor will ever write another. If the SB276 is signed to the law, doctors would be exposed to unprecedented risks such as an affliction, the loss of a medical license or even being imprisoned. If it does not pass, SB276 has set the writing of the release so much for review that most doctors have already stopped writing exceptions.

If the SB276 is signed to the law, doctors would have to provide each medical exception "certificate of testimony" as a penalty for imprisonment. It is not clear how the victim would end up in the new system, but if the doctor was found guilty of injustice, the crime is at least one year of imprisonment

Secondly, doctors who write more than five years of medical exceptions for the vaccine should be considered, a practice similar to "stop and stop" dumb and assuming the doctor is guilty, "Dr. Bob Sears, who testified at the session. "These doctors have become experts [in dealing with medically fragile children,]," said Committee member Mayes, "why could you limit the liberations to five?"

Third, a medical examination may be initiated if a school with a vaccination rate of less than 95% launches a study


Fourth, even if the doctor writes less than five medical exceptions for the vaccine, he may be declared "at risk for public health

Fifthly, as Dr. Sears stated, the completely legal exceptions he wrote in SB277 would be "concerning… when these [exemptions] were made legally and properly. “

Senator Pan's enthusiastic goals have led him to misrepresent his proposed legislation to the media, the legislator, and the people.

Richard Pan Crusade

Political aspirations have fueled him to sponsor several California vaccine bills. In 2017-2018, during the electoral round, he accepted over $ 400,000 for personal campaign donations from health care stakeholders

In 2012, Senator Pan sponsored legislation requiring medical consultation and signature vaccine release (AB2109). In 2015, Pan's bill SB277 eliminated parental authority by eliminating personal conviction, leaving only a medical exception. With the help of SB276, doctors are no longer authorities, so he suggests transferring vaccination decisions to the state. We were wondering how far his next bill would go. Are nurses hitting children at school dropouts? Pan Pan tries to authorize all vaccines for all children, regardless of their health effects? Will he continue after the adults?

It makes sense between public health policy and zealotia. Senator Pan's enthusiastic ambitious goals have led him to misrepresent his proposed legislation to the media, legislator and citizens.


It's hard to know how much Pan is going to go when he's sad about his misleading statements. He has stated that water is the most dangerous ingredient due to drowning. When he passes the SB277, he said: “If a doctor thinks that a genetic association, a sister, a cousin, some other relative does not fit the vaccine, they can give a medical exception to the vaccine… there is no restriction. “Then he pulled around the face with SB276.

Here are some new Pan-Tasy statements about hearing the June Health Committee:

  • ”Vaccines haven’t any fetal cells. They don’t seem to be entire cells and they are washed. "
  • " Youngsters are usually not given vaccinations if their mother and father do not need to. ”
  • ” Every medical exception undermines the integrity of the group.

Anti-SB276 = Professional-Health

Governor Newsom and California legislators worry that they will be labeled as anti-vaccine in the event that they oppose SB276. This invoice just isn’t a vaccine. It is a health, anti-privacy, anti-medical and anti-parental rights. Being an anti-SB276 isn’t synonymous with stopping the vaccine. It's simply another bill. Dangerous. Costly. Pointless. Inform the legislator if he opposes the SB276, he is valued for his well being, privacy, doctor and parental rights.

Alix is ​​a member of the Youngster Safety Board, but he writes personally and doesn’t characterize opinions or positions on youngsters's well being protection. Within the late 1990s, the vaccines have been disabled and mind injury. He was 29 when he misplaced his profession permanently. Over the previous 23 years, he has spent $ 1.2 million on a pocket that has recovered from the vaccine. Immediately he’s still spending about $ 50,000 a yr to handle about 75 % of his premature well being.

The article initially appeared in Youngsters's Health at the Ministry of Defense. Launched with permission

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