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An American doctor kicked Africa to improve Ebola with ozone therapy, which has contributed to the creation of an international "ozone-free border"

(Erin Word: We’ve recognized Dr. Rowen over time and we aren’t proud to know him, but so proud of his work.)

Paul Fassa, Well being Effects Information

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF Doctor With out Borders in English) is an international, unbiased medical humanitarian group that provides emergency help to individuals excluded from armed battle, epidemics, natural disasters and healthcare. It was founded in Paris, France in 1971 and is a non-profit, unbiased group.


MSF is usually the first in pure disasters or in situations where refugees flee from armed conflict. As docs and international administrations, comparable to the UNHCR or UNICEF, who’re often present in international disasters, they are typically solely accepted pharmaceutical products of their care.

Just lately, in April 2018, another non-profit humanitarian International NGO was shaped as Ozone With out Borders (OWB). This newly shaped NGO is the cornerstone of ozone and other oxygen remedy in the coaching and software of medical therapies without discrimination towards medical monopolies

The meeting to arrange the OWB was held at the Xavier Medical Faculty in Aruba. semi-independent South Caribbean island 19 miles long and 15 kilometers north of Venezuela. Ozone Therapy Skilled, Dr. Robert Rowen, just isn’t hospitable to activism of well being freedom. He is also properly concerned in the Various and Integrative Drugs Foundation (FAIM).

Dr. Rowen is usually referred to as "father of medical freedom" efficiently when various practitioners have been practiced in Alaska in 1990 and later in California. Dr Rowen expressed his dissatisfaction with the suppression of the medical monopoly after the non-pharmaceutical natural improvement protocols after the Aruba assembly.

OWB membership just isn’t limited to professionals. Additionally it is open to people who are keen about health-related freedom and who’ve very affordable annual fees. For more info and links to becoming a member of Ozone With out Borders (OWB).

What was the occasion that led to the creation of the OWB?

2014 Sierra Leone Ebola Breakout and the menace of ozone therapy to Massive Pharma – Crimes towards humanity

Ebola is a uncommon, insidious filovirus an infection that causes bleeding (EVD) that leads to a cytokine storm that may shortly attack and destroy very important organs, leading to dying. Unfortunately, the mainstream has no answer for translating or spreading Ebola signs. Dr Rowen knew that the delivery of ozone remedy in time would give this answer

In October 2014, Dr. Rowen and his colleague Dr. Howard Robins collected medical ozone-generating gear donated by Longevity Assets, Inc. Vancouver BC targeted on the internationally well-known epoline Ebola breakout, Sierra Leone, a small nation on the west coast of Africa at its personal danger and expense.

He instantly attempted to practice some native docs who took care of the Ebola victims. Some had already seized themselves, they usually have been provided one of the first otsoniterapioita involving direct fuel intravenous administration, rectal administration of the fuel and ozonated water.

Fast constructive results have been noticed within 48 hours or much less, however the remedies have been continued for 10 days at high doses for top doses of vitamin C and glutathione precursors. Three victims have been discovered to be absolutely recovered, and the infected fourth, who was asymptomatic, did not move the illness.

Despite these early successes, the Sierra Leone Well being Minister made a decision to finish the Rowen / Robins venture by condemning some docs. Apparently an cheap and effective non-patent ozone remedy was a menace to Massive Pharma and their want to develop Ebola medicine and vaccines.

Dr. Rowen mentioned this occasion on Facebook and defined why it is proper to mark these actions in Africa as "crimes against humanity":

”I would like to take you back to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. It was in autumn 2014 once I served Dr. Howard Robins to be a part of me in a medical mission in Sierra Leone, who tried to save lives with ozone therapy.

Individuals died like flies. Worry was all over the place. Robins and I and our staff had jumped by way of obstacles to practice docs at the Eola Remedy Middle and treat the Ebola victims.

In the end I obtained to the middle of Ebola and through the schooling, the invitation of the Deputy Minister of Health got here out. A few minutes later, the Minister himself referred to as for confirmation.

It felt like I was simply robbed or kicked in the genitals. I lost it. I cried out to a well being that gathered and wound up to get the ozone that some would die there, and that the order was a criminal offense towards humanity.

In reality, the personally educated doctor was contaminated with Ebola. He requested and rejected the remedy of ozone from his personal authorities and died of horrible (and I mean HORRIFIC) demise.

Two other contaminated victims did not obtain the exams if they knew they confirmed constructive, the army would have thrown them into the unit of violence and denied them ozone, which would guarantee them a 40% probability of survival. [19659002] I knew properly how and why the order came down, but there was no proof up to now. I used to be just afraid of my very own security and needed to get out as shortly as attainable. Only recently I was in a position to speak about my very own (Africa) "Deep throat" about what really came down, which confirmed what my larger self informed me at that time.

Pharma was sensible to seek to improve Ebola therapy with ozone. (Keep in mind, Pharma had nothing more than a really expensive Zmapp that was a crap shoot. Pharma additionally labored with the vaccine.)

The remedy value about $ 5 per individual (actually, about half) and was not patentable. Pharma needed to see our challenge get Deep 6.

If the most scary (ed) disease was publicly improved, the world was by no means conscious of a patented remedy costing less than $ 5 per patient, pharmaceutical drugs course

The whole world was watching the crisis [19659002] Keep in mind that hundreds of thousands of individuals in West Africa have been burning and burying the our bodies of the Ebola victims. There was no affordable remedy for one contaminated individual. Mortality was around 60% beneath greatest circumstances.

Pharma went to the WHO (World Well being Organization), who was deeply concerned in physique burning and public schooling. Pharma used the WHO as inadequate.

WHO went to senior government officers and escaped in the absence of a better word.

My "deep throat" was trusted: "The ministers stated that they either shut down their ozone program or not simply Pharma would pull out of Sierra Leone, but completely from Africa. Huge Pharma steered to the WHO that it will not solely concern Africa but all WHO: n actions around the world. Who needs this duty on their shoulders? ”

Officials have been positioned between the stone and the arduous place

If we had the permission to proceed and Pharma rejected them and our efforts failed, they might have a totally empty bag. would have been subjected to Pharma's assault, they might have a Pharma who would have to return, no matter might have been beneficial.

They chose a less risky path and waved our work, and in consequence, many of their docs died terribly and lots of of individuals, perhaps hundreds, died with out intervening

Just a few various health media retailers spoke about Rowen / Robins the restricted success of the tasks. Thus, they stored their patients' information and produced a medical report revealed in early 2016 in the African Journal of Infectious Disease (AJOL) referred to as Hemorrhagic Fever's (Ebola) speedy decision in Sierra Leone with ozone remedy. This unpublished report concluded:

The Ebola virus might have a very slender redox-infecting capacity that may be easily utilized by OT [oxygen therapy]. OT could be a helpful approach to treat EVD [Ebola viral disease] and other viral illnesses and ought to be investigated immediately to save lives that might in any other case be misplaced.

This was the motivation to gather in Aruba in April 2018 to type ozone without borders (OWB

Why ozone therapy is so efficient for a lot of illnesses

Dr. Rowen condenses the ozone remedy mechanism, which not solely quickly eliminates viruses however helps to severely injury tissue

Ozone, in vitro [lab cultures] immediately oxidizes decreased sulfhydryls to disulfides Although ozone itself can only stand up to microseconds in blood, the reaction of ozone and blood lipids leads to the manufacturing of more secure however highly reactive oxygen species (akin to peroxides) that react in the similar method and probably

Cardio cells [normal cells] are designed for redox- [reducing oxidation reactions] shuttling and oxidant pressure, viruses haven’t any repair capacity, close cell (inactivated), don’t trigger injury, but remain antigenically immune response. … Mammalian cells can repair and shortly repair the results of movie oxidation

Respiration compressed mechanically produced ozone instantly into the lungs can injury sensitive lung tissues. Subsequently, it’s applied intravenously or vaginally, injected intravenously into the bloodstream, or O3 is taken from the patient into the blood and is instantly launched into the physique, as is the course of of dialysis.

The subsequent video explains and

The suppression of oxygen-ozone remedy just isn’t new

in the 1960s, the creator of the Atkins eating regimen, now often known as the MD of New York. The medical board after the former affected person explained to the New York Metropolis intern that his breast cancer had been improved from the remedy of Dr. Atkins for injecting ozone (O3) instantly into his tumor.

Cancer schooling in any approach outdoors the surgical procedure, burns, and the poison (surgical procedure, radiation and chemo) is a serious menace to the multi-billion greenback business, so the trainee was dedicated to protecting this cancer monopoly and reporting to Atkins a state medical authority. Dr Atkins' medical license was shortly withdrawn.

But Atkins had an ace gap. He had a weekly radio program that was in style in New York, and explained the operation of the medical middle and why it was executed – to remedy most cancers with unacceptable remedy.

His listeners came to power in the Nationwide Medical Board, forcing him to compromise. Dr Atkins's license was returned given that he not uses or promotes ozone remedy. The first ozone generator for medical purposes was created in 1896. Until the 1940s, it was generally utilized in America.

Health Magazines, Edward McCabe, writer of Flood Your Physique With Oxygen, believes that ozone therapy first appeared in the United States in 1896, prior to the formation of the FDA, as a basis for the approval of ozone therapy in the United States.

But the medical authorities usually are not concerned on this legitimate proposal

. Rowen has started Alaska and California legislation to permit ozone and different pure therapies without authorities assaults. Other practitioners comply with his privilege to lobby state legislators.

At present, the docs of the peoples of Europe, especially Germany, Russia, Cuba, Mexico and some of the Caribbean continues to be utilizing ozone therapy, which is blocked by medical authorities.

In the United States, there are some physicians educated in the use and use of ozone (O3) remedies.

There are still ozone turbines obtainable for residence use. . You can begin an Web search with the similar company that delivered Rowen and Robins to their Sierra Leone units

In order to get to know the house ozone turbines, continue to discover the community for personal and finances conditions.

Purposes for ozone therapy extends past contagious illnesses and are extensively various. Dr. Rowen has several video tapes for patients that suffer from non-communicable illnesses that he shares on his YouTube channel.

* The article initially appeared in Health Impression Information. Restored with permission.

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