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76% of the tumor survival rate, this is unknown

Most cancers is at an epidemic degree round the world. In the United States, 1,660 individuals die of cancer daily in 2019; In China, four individuals die of cancer every minute, or about 5,760 days. Though China has a bigger population, their share is nonetheless larger than in the United States. In an interview, Dr. Antonio Jimenez, “Hope4Cancer: Deleting and Improving the Seven Key Principles,” shares his philosophy of most cancers remedy.


Hope4Cancer is also the identify of his integrative cancer remedy facilities situated in Mexico, Colombia and shortly in Thailand. The catalyst of the Jimenez remedy protocol was the analysis of his father in stage Three of prostate cancer in the early 60's. He lived for an additional 20 years and died of coronary heart disease at the age of 82 years.

“The first clinic was opened in 2000 in Tijuana, Mexico, south of San Diego,” says Jimenez. “Historically, we know that Tijuana has been one of the world's Mecca of doctors who will be caring for cancer from a free, integrated, holistic perspective. So this is our mother-clinic if you may. Then in 2015, we opened another Hope4Cancer clinic in Cancun, Mexico.

The most important difference is that the Tijuana clinic is a patient institution. Patients typically stay there for three plus weeks. Cancún Clinic is outpatient… Now, in Bangkok, we are working with a truly effective think tank… This is the fourth clinic because I also have a clinic in Colombia, South America.

A surprisingly high degree of success

Ninety-two percent of Hope4Cancer patients arrive in 4-stage cancer or have severe metastatic cancers. Despite this, visit the review of 365 randomly selected patients diagram of a third party revealed that the center has a two-year survival rate of 76 percent, and the extrapolated data suggest that their five-year survival rate should remain at 70 per cent in the region.

This is in stark contrast to the National Cancer Institute's monitoring, epidemiology and outcome (SEER) data, which shows that conventional cancer treatment has only a 25% survival rate

. “Jimenez says. “Every day we are blessed to heal and heal our patients. I believe that people are now more aware. They are willing to make these lifestyle changes. It gives them the opportunity to improve.

Seven Principles of Cancer Therapy

Hope4Cancer offers a comprehensive, tailor-made approach to cancer treatment, 5 focuses on seven key principles:

  1. Nontoxic cancer therapies such as pulse electromagnetic field (PEMF) treatment, antimicrobial agents, anti-inflammatory drugs, angiogenesis, such as hyperthermia and near-infrared light therapy, biological intravenous therapies such as vitamin C and laetril
  2. Immunomodulation
  3. Nutrition, including diet and nutritional supplements (including both negative thinking and removal of body toxins) by coffee makers, juicing, PEMF, vibration therapy , with herbs and almost infrared sauna
  4. Oxygen therapy, including ozone and hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  5. Gut microbiological design for healing and emotional aspects

As Jimenez stated, "Six of these principles, except myrky cancer treatments for all of us. Hope4Cancer also offers home care monitoring that is really critical.

Patients typically stay in the treatment center for three to six weeks, but that doesn't mean they are

They get a customized program during their stay and learn how to do it. But they still have to keep it at home. In some cases, conventional cancer treatments are also used.

“It is so important to follow these seven key principles when integrating a truly holistic impact program,” says Jimenez. “We have doctors. I am also a naturopath. Often, we need to do some conventional treatments to stop this aggressive tumor burden.

For example, if a patient comes with a Pancoast tumor – this is a tumor at the top of the lungs – it prevents the bloodstream from entering the brain. If you do not give them injecting radiation, five sessions to prevent the patient from living. There is little radiation, but there are some specific indications.

Pain is another. I prefer bone to five-seven-point radiation to reduce pain, reduce the likelihood of bone breakage or breakdown than to get a patient's drugs or other hard painkillers…

After over 25 years of work, an integrating field, I want to empower. I want to make this information available to you if you have just been diagnosed with cancer, if you are in step 4 and you have a failed conventional treatment, [you know] is your choice. There are always options. This is one of the most important reasons for writing this book "Hope4Cancer."

I think one of the problems with oncology frustration is that when traditional doctors decide on chemo, radiation and surgery, they don't know what else to do … That's it. They have no more options, so the patient experiences frustration, hopelessness and this is when they come to us. ”

Proscribing animal protein can enhance immune perform in most cancers sufferers

Hope4Cancer accommodates virtually all the rules I do know are useful and some methods I was not conscious of. Jimenez and I both belong to the Academy of Complete Integrative Drugs (ACIM), the place I met him first. Thomas Seyfried, Ph.D., one of the largest in the world syöpäbiologeista, which I’ve interviewed twice, is additionally a member.

Many of Syfried's metabolism rules at the moment are accepted by cancer specialists, including Hope4Cancer. This consists of limiting animal protein in the early levels of remedy. This technique is based mostly on the undeniable fact that animal protein can stress stress in immune perform.

Jimenez highlights the "gardening plan" that focuses on entire, GM meals which are straightforward to digest. Though I do not advocate veganism, if in case you have aggressive, terminal cancer, it will in all probability be clever to avoid animal protein for some time and concentrate on lighter foods that don’t cause inflammatory responses. Avoiding lectins can be advisable as a result of they are additionally recognized to trigger inflammation.

“In my experience, immune systems of cancer patients are extremely important. We know its causes. Cancer cells want to avoid the immune system. We may have an optimal immune system, but cancer steals cells.

This is one of the characteristics of Seyfried's cancer. Cancer cells have found a way to protect or mask themselves from the view of the immune system, ”Jimenez says.

“The tumor has two types of cells. Non-cancerous cancer cells account for about 99% of all malignant neoplasm, lymph node or mass cells. 1% is called cancer cells. They are in the primary tumor. In the primary tumor, these are epithelial transformation. They are stem cells of epithelial cancer.

They leave the primary tumor, enter the extracellular matrix, and then penetrate the bloodstream. So most cancers spread… They move from epithelial to mesenchymal stem cells. This allows them to penetrate the wall of blood vessels. When they are in motion, we call them circulating tumor cells because they are now circulating freely into the bloodstream.

These circulating tumor cells then form an embol or cell blocker that adheres to itself. blood vessel wall. Now there is another shift from mesenchymal to epithelial stem cells, and when they leave the blood vessel, they lead to metastasis – breast cancer that goes to the liver, lungs, brain and bone.

interesting is that 80% of cancer-related research is in the primary tumor. But what is the cause of the death of a cancer patient? It is rare, with a few exceptions, the primary tumor. It's a metastatic activity. We have this inverse. We should spend more money and more energy on the metastatic process, not on the primary tumor.

In Hope4Cancer we have a technique called "photodynamic infrared spectroscopy." This uses infrared light and … sensitizing … called indocyanine green … We give it intravenously. It attaches to circulating tumor cells. Whole blood volume is checked in 17 minutes. It picks up all the circulating tumor cells. Then, with infrared light, we can kill and target these circulating tumor cells.

The Importance of Metabolic Treatments

The basic concept of cancer in metabolic disease is that cancer cells are distinct from metabolically healthy cells. They have dysfunctional mitochondria that can be due to many different causes, but typically from oxidative stressors. Therefore, mitochondria of cancer cells are unable to burn fuel normally using oxygen, even though oxygen is present. Instead, they return to fermentation to produce energy that is relatively ineffective, but allows the survival and distribution of cancer cells.


Metabolic therapies utilize this feature and mainly starving fuel cells, which are mainly glucose, but also glutamine, an amino acid found in proteins. This is how you make your blood sugar levels drastically, usually through fasting or partial fasting. This also increases the level of ketone, which is not the ideal and most affordable fuel for most healthy cells, also anti-inflammatory.

Light has a lot of valuable use in cancer treatment

Once you have done it, other treatments can be integrated, such as hyperbaric oxygen, ozone, and insulin enhancement therapy (IPT), the latter driving your blood sugar even lower to starving these cancer cells. Jimenez also emphasizes the use of light

“Light is so important,” he says. "For example, purple mild will increase macrophages – will increase their activation and skill to adhere to cancer cells and viruses …

Pink mild also will increase tissue oxidation [and] healthy microcirculation.

We use blue mild to extend the manufacturing of nitric oxide [and] Improve telomerase activity… Most cancers sufferers have shortened telomeres. Methods to make photodynamic therapy or photobiomodulation remedy that uses mild throughout its spectrum, from infrared to ultraviolet… We now have infrared units that can be made externally… It is excellent for exterior tumors and tumors which might be noticeable… [19659004] New innovation makes phototherapy or photodynamic therapy intravenous… There are various substances corresponding to vitamin C, curcumin and St. John's wort. Enhanced and Stimulated with Mild…

When someone is given intravenous curcumin, we give them a blue mild. This can improve the effect. It begins to help these cancer cells produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) which are toxic to most cancers cells. At the similar time you give them ozone, or you’ve pre-filled them in case you have hyperbaric oxygen, so you’ve gotten synergistic results. ”

Jimenez also makes use of phototherapy for fasting, IPT, and low dose chemotherapy, as many chemotherapeutic agents are also mild lively brokers. “When you do the IPT process, you have one catheter.

Together, you make a small dose of chemo, and in the other you make a light. So you're still enhancing the effect of chemo, ”says Jimenez. Prior to this process, patients will accelerate for at the least 12 to 16 hours relying on the patient's situation.

Remedy with Laetrile

One other remedy utilized in Hope4Cancer is amygdalin, also called laetril B17. Harold W. Continent when he was at the University of Loyola. Jimenez explains its use:

”In the vein we move the gut. We use Three-9 grams of amygdalin or laetril all over the place in the B17 IV infusion. It is still in cancer remedy. I keep in mind once I began working in integrative oncology in 1988. We used laetrile, vitamin and sometimes shark cartilage… And lots of patients did properly.

Now, of course, we know that individuals are extra poisonous in all areas of the word, emotional to bodily. Laetrile still performs an important position. Nevertheless, we use it more as a remedy for [adjunct]not as a main remedy. ”

Metabolic Remedy

I'm at present discussing Jimenez, Travis Christofferson,“ The metabolic theory of cancer: The Return of the Truth, ”and Seyfried based advanced metabolic therapy at Hope4Cancer clinics. Though helpful at any stage of cancer, it might work a lot better if a person had never acquired chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Unfortunately, most of the sufferers in the Hope4Cancer clinic are already step four and have acquired these poisonous interventions. Hope is to get newly recognized sufferers who haven’t but acquired these immune techniques, which usually limit their potential to survive.

For more info

For more info, please contact "Hope4Cancer: The Seven Key Principles to Eliminate Fear and Heal the Healing Hike."

“Please use this book. Diagnose, show and track it? And then we go to the treatments. It's a combination of many years of work, experience, and travel around the world, ”Jimenez says.

There is additionally a summary of the seven key rules of most cancers treatment6, which can be found there

The negotiations are additionally free, and the middle also discusses remedy choices together with your oncologist if you want. a someone who has been via the program and made a visit.


-The share of patients in Hope4Cancer remedy centers in Mexico (Tijuana and Cancun) are from the United States, and each have English-speaking employees. About 10 % of sufferers come from Canada and the rest come from round the world.

”It is essential that we can’t overlook the sufferers who’re in remission or attentive ready. This is if you really should be proactive as a result of of what they anticipate? For cancer to re-appear in PET scan or CAT scan?

Right here we actually have to stick to the seven key rules [and do the] photodynamic, infrared spectroscopy, which searches for circulating tumor cells, after which treat them, ”Jimenez says.

“Remember that cancer is not a death sentence… No matter how far your doctor tells you you are, there is always hope for cancer. I say this really and honestly, because I've seen it. I have seen that patients become wheelchair, stretcher and a few are able to walk out and live a healthy life. Never give up. Together we can do this. ”

* The article initially appeared in Mercola. Restored with permission.

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