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5G War Technology Versus Humanity

Writer: Dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O., Ph.D.

Publicity to Electromagnetic Area (EMF) and Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation is a growing health danger in at the moment's world. The Cellular Telephone Activity Pressure web site has an extended record of governments and organizations which have issued warnings or banned wireless technologies in numerous and numerous circumstances since 1993. Additionally they embrace an extended listing of organizations representing docs and scientists including over 230 worldwide EMF researchers protection from non-ionizing EMF exposure to the United Nations in 2015, stating that:

“Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below international and national guidelines.

The effects include an increase in cancer risk, cellular structure, proliferation of harmful free radicals, genetic damage, structural and functional changes in the reproductive system, learning and memory deficiencies, neurological disorders and negative effects on the general well-being of people. Damage goes far beyond humanity, as there is growing evidence of adverse effects on the life of both plants and animals.


In September 2017, a 5G moratorium was specifically recommended to more than 180 researchers and doctors from 35 countries, "until the potential risks to human health and the environment have been investigated by non-industrial researchers" EMF has been shown to be harmful to humans and the environment ”, and that“ 5G significantly increases the exposure of radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) to 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc.

Website, Ronald Powell, Ph.D., Retired Harvard Applied Physics Researcher, states that “there is no safe way to implement 5G in our communities; Rather, there are only "bad habits" and "inferior ways", and "instead of claiming who should control its deployment, we should focus on preventing its employment altogether."


Health Problems Over 5G

Wall Street analyst Sunil Rajgopal recently warned that health problems may delay the implementation of 5G, Fortune magazine reports. Some countries have already taken steps to slow down the introduction of 5G due to health risks, says Rajgopal. The question is, can it be stopped?

5G testing was recently discontinued in Brussels, Belgium, and Switzerland delayed the introduction of 5G to create a radiation monitoring system. In New York, Syracuse is also trying to establish some safeguards and "negotiated the right to conduct 5G antennas insurance audits" to reduce public concern. According to Forbes

”In New Hampshire, legislators are considering establishing a fee to research the health results of 5G networks. And Mill Valley, California, near San Francisco, final yr refused new 5G wireless cells. "

However, many other regions have decided to rely on the Federal Communications Commission and the wireless trade union that has created CTIA." Cellphone Health Details "refers to research that does not present any risk. However, if you believe that the FCC assesses health risks, you would be wrong.

The FCC recently admitted in the Senate trade (above) that the Agency has not carried out or funded 5G safety research or telecommunications, and that they have not been designed. In a speech at the National Press Club in June 2016, Tom Wheeler, former FCC chairman and head of the wireless lobbying group, made the position of the agency clear when he said:

. Unlike some countries, we do not believe that we should spend the next couple of years studying… The looseness of innovators is much better when committees and regulators define the future. Not Expecting Standards… ”


Taking into account more than 2,000 studies showing a wide range of biological disadvantages from EMF, the FCC and US Food and Drug Agency assurances that wireless radiation exposure, including Including 5G, are safe, seem at best unpleasant. As stated in the recent Counterpunch article:

”Telecom lobbyists assure us that the guidelines already in place are sufficient to protect the public. However, these safety rules are based on a 1996 survey of how much a cell phone warmed up the head of an adult-sized plastic mannequin. This is problematic for at least three reasons:

  • living organisms consist of highly complex and interdependent cells and tissues, not plastic.
  • those exposed to radio frequency radiation include fetuses, children, plants, and wildlife – not just adults
  • The frequencies used in the mannequin study were much lower than the 5G exposures. ”

What kind of EMF level can it take?

EMF exposure at many biologically active frequencies such as Mobile Phones and Wi-Fi has grown by about 1 quintillion over the past 100 years. Unfortunately, EMF exposure is so widespread these days, because it is virtually impossible to carry out controlled demographic surveys, because no population is really immature or unchanged. This lack of control group makes it very difficult to determine what the actual effects are.

It was said that one controlled exposure study has been done, which reveals that it is not nearly as harmless as people think. In the early 20th century, there were two populations in the United States – the countryside and the city. Urban areas were largely electrified, while rural areas were not electrified until the 1950s.

Dr. Epidemiologist Sam Milham over time analyzes the mortality statistics between the two populations, which clearly shows that there was a significant difference between the two groups in mortality from heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Then, when rural areas were electrified, both curves merged.

Today we live and work in an electrified environment, and it is also surrounded by wireless technologies. Soon, 5G can be added to the mix, resulting in more complex and potentially harmful exposures. As Counterpunch stated:

"5G Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation uses three varieties of" cocktail "of radiation, starting from comparatively low power radio waves, rather more power to microwave radiation, and far more power to millimeter waves…

5G Excessive Excessive frequencies are the greatest hazard. Though the 4G frequencies are as much as 6 GHz, 5G exposes biological life to pulse alerts within the 30 GHz to 100 GHz range. The massive viewers has never been uncovered to such excessive frequencies for a very long time.


5G Health Problems Associated to Exposure

The added drawback 5G brings collectively a millimeter wave (MMW)). This bandwidth, which runs from 30 gigahertz (GHz) to 300GHz, is understood to penetrate as much as 2 millimeters of human pores and skin tissue, inflicting a burning sensation.

That's why MMW was selected for use in crowd control relays (Lively Refusal Techniques). MMW can also be used as a so-called. "Nude body scanners" at airports.

Studies have proven that human pores and skin sweat channels act as receptors or as an antenna for 5G radiation, which raises radiation to the physique and thus causes a rise in temperature. This partly explains the painful impact. As said by Dr. Yael Stein, who has studied 5G MMW know-how and its interplay with the human body, in the 2016 letter to the Federal Communications Commission:

”Pc simulations have proven that sweat glands concentrate on subterahertz waves in human skin. Individuals might feel these waves as heat. Utilizing subterahertz (millimeter wave) communication know-how (cell phones, Wi-Fi, antennas) may cause individuals to know physical ache by means of nociceptors.

If 5G Wi-Fi has spread to public use, we might anticipate extra well being results which are at present seen on RF / microwave frequencies, including many different hypersensitivity instances (EHS), in addition to many new complaints of bodily pain and still unknown neurological issues.

It is potential to show a causal hyperlink between G5 know-how and these specific well being results. The individuals involved might receive compensation.


MMW can also be associated to:

  • Eye issues reminiscent of lens transparency in rats associated with cataract and eye injury rabbits
  • Influencing heart fee variations, stress indicator in rats and coronary heart fee modifications (arrhythmias) in frogs
  • ] Pain
  • Hidden Immune Perform
  • Depressed Progress and Increased Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria

pointed out lately in

”Many scientists understand that electromagnetic radiation leaking by way of microwave doors is carcinogenic and may trigger cancer . Most of those scientists additionally consider that these waves are mutagenic, that’s, they alter the DNA construction of dwelling beings

The launch of 5G is just like switching on the microwave, opening the door and leaving it in the rest of life. There’s a good purpose why lots of of scientists are taking motion towards the wireless business. ”

Understanding EMF Mechanisms

As in my 2017 interview with Martin Pall, Professor of Doctor, Biochemistry and Main Well being at Washington State College, the primary hazard of EMFs is that it causes additional oxidative stress that leads to mitochondrial dysfunction.

In response to a balloon, radio frequency microwave radiation, similar to a cellular and wireless router, prompts voltage

In response to the ball, VGCCs are 7.2 million occasions more vulnerable to microwave radiation than the charged particles inside and out of doors the cells, which suggests safety requirements for this publicity.

Low-frequency microwave radiation opens up your VGCC, which allows calcium ions in the irregular inflow f to activate a nitric oxide (NO) and superoxide, which react virtually instantly to type peroxynitrite, which then causes carbonate-free radicals which might be some of the harmful reactive nitrogen species recognized and presumed to be the basis trigger


An in-depth understanding of peroxynitrites and the injury they cause may be discovered within the part entitled "Nitrogen Oxide and Peroxynitrite for Health and Diseases" – 140-page free paper with 1500 references. written by Dr. Pal Pacher, Joseph Beckman, and Dr. Lucas Liaudet

Certainly one of its most vital peroxynitrite dangers is that it damages DNA. The European REFLEX research, revealed in 2004, revealed that the non-thermal results of 2G and 3G radiation are in reality very similar to the consequences of X-rays on the genetic injury they cause.

Your body is ready to restore 17 totally different enzymes of this injury, collectively known as poly-ADP ribose polymerases (PARP). Although PARP works properly, they need NAD + for gasoline and once they run out of NAD +, they cease repairing DNA.

This, in flip, may end up in premature cell demise as a result of 100-150 NAD + molecules are needed for a single DNA strand break. NAD + is a key think about sustaining the well being of cell and mitochondria, so the truth that PARP consumes NAD + to fight EMF injury is a serious concern.

Cancer just isn’t the first health danger of EMF

Physique pressure appears to be essential in health and illness. Your body's energy era allows cells to speak and perform primary biological features needed for survival. Nevertheless, your physique is designed to work nicely at sure ranges and frequencies.

It seems logical that surrounded by human-made EMF units, which is 1 quintile bigger than the country's natural EMF setting, might disrupt DNA's potential to obtain and transmit biological alerts


Though EMF injury Disputing is concentrated on whether or not it might cause most cancers, especially brain tumors, that is definitely not your largest concern. Because the lesions are strongly related to activation of VGCCs, it’s affordable to assume that the areas with the very best density of VGCCs are extra prone to wreck.

The very best density of VGCCs is found within the nervous system. mind, coronary heart pacemaker and males's testicles. Consequently, EMFs are more likely to affect neurological and neuropsychiatric problems, heart and reproductive problems.

Consists of cardiac arrhythmias, nervousness, melancholy, autism, Alzheimer's illness, and infertility. The truth is, that is what researchers discover, and all these health issues are rather more widespread and kill extra individuals than brain cancer.

The more many people are already fighting electromagnetic hypersensitivity, the saturating cities and suburban areas with the MMW will undoubtedly cause the issue to spread and make life insufferable for these already conversant in the consequences of wireless radiation.

Current media that scale back 5G considerations: blame the Russians

In a current Medium article, 58 Devra Davis, Ph.D. – A respected and approved researcher on the risks of mobile radiation – emphasizes the current media improvement: Write off 5G scientists "alerting themselves to Russian propaganda".

"Could it be a coincidence that in the NY Times story, the Wall Street Journal and the UK Telegraph have repeated the same guilt for guilt," he writes, including: detailed info in unbiased journalistic studies which have appeared extensively in the media across Europe and have been handled in giant networks… with a brand new joint venture with Verizon in 5G journalism or T Imes's board of directors of Fb, Verizon, Media Lab and different telecom operators, while Carlos Slim, head of the world's largest telecom operators has decreased and now owns only 15% of its shares?


Davis additionally makes a transparent distinction between American and Russian scientific expertise on EMF:

“Radiofrequency microwave radiation (“ wireless radiation ”) reveals some disagreeable parallels with tobacco.

In the 1950s and 1960s, scientists who demonstrated the harmful results of tobacco endure critical attention and financial help. The validity of their views was only accepted after the sickness and dying had grow to be undisputed.

There’s a comparable pattern for the health effects of wireless radiation. Every time the US government produced constructive outcomes, the well being impression research has been abolished.

The Marine Research Agency, the National Agency for Safety and Health at Work, the Health, Schooling and Welfare Department and the Environmental Safety Agency as soon as had a vibrant research program that documented the risks of wi-fi radiation. Everybody discovered their packages scrapped, reflecting those who try to suppress this work.

Russia's 50-year research into electromagnetic radiation after the Cold War has led to a clear notion that this exposure has organic results. The Nationwide Non-Ionized Radiation Safety Committee of Russia issued a resolution in 201160, which beneficial that folks beneath 18 years previous use a cell phone. ”

Mind Most cancers Danger is In all probability Real

Though Coronary heart Illness, Dementia and Infertility Shadow a Danger Mind Cancer Opportunity, Most cancers Alternative still exists, and is usually a far more necessary concern for young children who develop surrounded by wi-fi applied sciences than we understand .

The very fact is that we do not know for positive whether the utero and early cellular phone use will improve the quantity of mind cancer for ten or two years, as at present's kids have grown. The set up research means that your cellular phone radiation will certainly affect your danger, and there are a selection of compelling anecdotal reviews which are arduous to disregard

Davis mentions in his article Robert C. Kanen, a senior telecom engineer, was completely satisfied to have served Guinea pig for Motorola and others corporations creating new wireless technologies within the 1980s. “

He developed some sort of malignant brain cancer, which was later confirmed by the Nationwide Toxicology Program as a aspect effect of the radiation exposure of the mobile phone (see video above). The outcomes of NTP have been revealed in 2018. Before his dying in 2002, Kane revealed the e-book "Cellphone Radiation – Russian Roulette", where he said that:

advertising and distribution of products by business that has prior information of these results.

The FCC is an kidnapped agency that can’t be trusted. He writes:

“… [I] n 2015 Harvard revealed a revolving door between the FCC and the telecommunications business and found that the FCC is an imprisoned agent and that“ Shopper safety, health and privacy are shopper wallets, the whole lot is ignored, sacrificed or robbed by the affect of an uncontrolled business. ""

That is "Captured Agency: How the Federal Communications Commission is the dominant industry-dominated industry" written by investigative journalist Norm Alster

Like just one instance before he served as FCC chairman, he led the CTIA: who is a wi-fi lobbying group that explains his 5G commentary and why the FCC doesn’t consider in learning its well being dangers and "don't expect standards."

The e-book additionally exhibits how the telecom business manipulates public opinion by undermining the scientist's credibility that talks about dangers, chopping enjoyable into ds research, publishing manipulated research that do not show hurt and claiming a "scientific consensus" that doesn’t cause hurt when such a consensus doesn’t truly trigger excist. In fact, the telecom business is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars lobbing the FCC on points which will have an effect on its lowest line


5G threatens weather forecast

Apparently, along with potential well being results, the worldwide 5G network will even threaten our capability to predict the climate, who, apart from jeopardizing civilians, also endangers the fleet. The 5G quilt unfold by Nature's recent paper prevents the satellites from detecting modifications in water vapor. That is how meteorologists predict climate modifications and storms.

Davis quotes Stephen English, a meteorologist on the European Middle Middle Forecasts: "This is the first time we've seen a threat to what I call our crowns – those we absolutely must defend what we can."

Unfortunately, the FCC ignores these considerations and, in line with Davis, "US government weather experts are listening." In a current letter to the FCC, Sens. Ron Wyden, D-Ore and Maria Cantwell, D-Wash. Because of this, the 24 GHz bandwidth wireless communications extension.


Study yourself concerning the health dangers of 5G and shield your family from hurt

I am presently writing a ebook about EMF hazards, which is a complete useful resource for present applied sciences. In the meantime, you possibly can study extra about 5G and help practice others, download a two-page 5G disc from the Environmental Health Trust. You may also use an extended record of revealed scientific research on your web site that present concern.

To scale back EMF publicity, learn the strategies under and implement as lots of them as potential. For extra help and options to electrical and magnetic fields mitigation could be found at the finish of the "Healthy wiring", which is a doc created by the biologist Oram Miller, which I’ve on this matter in an interview.

Night time Cleaning

Use Stetzer or Greenwave Filters to take away voltage faults from your electricity and use meters to ensure they are in a protected area. Use a battery-operated alarm clock, ideally without mild. I exploit speak time for the visually impaired. Think about shifting your youngster's bed into the room as an alternative of utilizing a wi-fi child. Alternatively, you need to use a strong display In case you are using a Wi-Fi connection, turn it off when not in use, particularly at night time whenever you sleep. Ideally, work in the direction of your loudspeaker in your home so you’ll be able to utterly remove Wi-Fi. It's necessary to comprehend that if in case you have a Wi-Fi router, your house has a cellular tower. Ideally, you take away Wi-Fi and solely use wired Ethernet

In the event you undoubtedly have a router, you’ll be able to place it in a secure bag when not in use. You possibly can shield protected gadgets online or make your personal using the Swiss Defend. If in case you have a laptop computer with no Ethernet ports, the USB to Ethernet adapter lets you hook up with the Internet using a wired connection.

For higher safety, you possibly can contemplate portray the bed room partitions and ceilings with a special protective paint that forestalls sources outdoors the RF, comparable to cell towers, sensible meters, and the radio / TV tower. The home windows could be coated with a metallic window display or a movie.

Every day Strategies to Scale back Pointless EMF Exposure

To scale back EMF exposure through the day, consider using Stetzer filters to scale back dirty electricity or electromagnetic interference. It’s also possible to take them with you for work or traveling. This can be one of the best strategy for decreasing the injury brought on by EMF exposure, as plainly most of it is generated by the frequencies removed by the filters. Join your desktop pc to the Web by way of a wired Ethernet connection and just remember to place the desktop in an airplane state. Also keep away from wi-fi keyboards, trackballs, mice, gaming techniques, printers, and moveable house phones. Keep away from carrying your mobile phone to the body until it’s ever sleeping in the bedroom until it is in airplane mode. Even in airplane mode, it could actually send alerts, so I put the telephone in a Faraday bag. They’re actually reasonably priced and just for two. I examined them and are very efficient in preventing radiation. When utilizing your mobile phone, use the speakerphone and hold your telephone at the least 3 meters away. Attempt to radically scale back your time on your cell phone. I sometimes use a cell phone less than 30 minutes per thirty days and principally traveling. As an alternative, use VoIP software program telephones that you need to use over the Web with a hard and fast connection, or even higher, use landline telephony

Basic family refurbishment

In case you continue to use a microwave oven, contemplate replacing it with a steam convection oven that heats food as shortly and safely as potential . Keep away from utilizing sensible units and thermostats that rely upon wireless signaling. This would include all the brand new sensible TVs. They’re referred to as sensible as a result of they send a Wi-Fi signal, and in contrast to a pc, you possibly can't shut a Wi-Fi sign. Contemplate a large pc monitor as an alternative of a TV because they don’t send a Wi-Fi connection. Exchange CFL bulbs with incandescent bulbs. Ideally remove all fluorescent tubes from your home. Not solely do they produce unhealthy mild, however extra importantly, they really transfer energy to your body simply close to the onion. Dimmers are another source of soiled electricity, so it is best to choose to put in common on / off switches like a dimmer. Discard sensible meters so long as you possibly can, or add protection to your present sensible meter, some of which have been proven to scale back your publicity by 98 to 99 %.

Writer: Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO, Ph.D.

Initially revealed in Mercola. Printed with permission.

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