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5G Children's Health Risks

The Baby Health Protection Group

Cellular and wi-fi applied sciences are a standard function of recent life. A lot of the adults in the US personal smartphones, with an growing proportion of Internet users coming from smartphones and the fourth report being virtually 'on-line'. Within the 2014 survey of high-income nations, it was reported that almost seven out of ten youngsters used a cell phone and two thirds of them have been smartphones, often at the age of 10. In response to the outline described by Nielsen, it is now as widespread to see a "child with a smartphone in his hand" as it was to see "a child who plays a yo-yo before the digital age.


The enthusiasm of the public with every new mobile and wireless technology, most of which has never passed proper safety tests or standards development – suggests that consumers rarely stop considering the health effects of infrastructure that support their ability to browse, stream and download at any time and "on the transfer." Consumers are not entirely guilty of their ignorance – it is not easy to distinguish technology health risks due to stable and calculated disruption information in the telecommunications industry and the capture of the FCC, which "follows wirelessly the manuscript of the rich, bullying, $ 1 billion beneficiaries." [19659002] ”… powerful 5G (Fifth Generations and technologies in the next generation are designed to shape and quantify each continuous, unprecedented mandatory radiation without prior investigation of possible health effects or safety. 19659002] Now the global 5G "frenzy" is upon us and becomes full. "The introduction of" fast fast "5G know-how" significantly increases the number of transmitters that transmit signals to mobile phones and numerous new Internet-compatible devices. " Time is ripe to extend grassroots information of obscure compromises between comfort and 5G. catastrophic well being results. In any case, the space from the straightforward "Next-Gen" update, the highly effective 5G (fifth era) networks and know-how are subject to the ever-unprecedented types and quantities of what the US government retired physicist Dr. Ronald Powell calls "compulsory irradiation" – without "possible health effects" Provided that young individuals (with decrease physique weight and creating brains) are notably uncovered to radiation, the Environmental Health Trust has appointed 5G as "the next great unknown experiment for our children" – and the whole human population.

Early Warnings

The truth is, the "giant uncontrolled experiment" for youngsters and adults has already begun, though tens of hundreds of researchers, docs, environmental organizations and residents are urged to internationally attraction Within the yr 2018, US and European telecom operators launched 5G know-how in dozens of cities. Focusing on (now) "dense urban and traffic areas" in the USA, AT&T began investing in its 5G infrastructure in main cities in eight states, and Verizon began offering 5G household broadband providers in "selected districts" in some cities

"… health problems such as insomnia, miscarriage, miscarriage , Memory Problems and Other Neurological Problems, and there is extensive information on the destruction of insect and bird populations. some objections "due to" concerns about potential health risks ". Working near newly installed 5G towers and antennas tells a unique story. Many have immediately begun to experience well being problems similar to insomnia, miscarriage, memory issues, and other neurological issues, and there’s in depth info on the destruction of insect and hen populations.

Following complaints by firefighters focused by 5G antennas, the Worldwide Association of Hearth Preventing Associations has opposed "the use of fire stations as base stations for towers and / or antennas for conducting cellular broadcasts until a research with the highest scientific merit and integrity is carried out …" such periods aren’t harmful to the well being of our members .


The United Nations whistleblower just lately drew attention to the dramatic impression of 5G on the extensively circulated feedback on the introduction of 5G's "seeming night" in Vienna, Austria. Describing 5G as a "silent war", he commented:

"… Children are the most vulnerable because of the 5G weakening because they are little. Friends and acquaintances and their children in Vienna already report classical symptoms of EMR [electromagnetic radiation] poisoning: epistaxis, headache, eye pain, chest pain, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, tinnitus, dizziness, flu-like symptoms and heart pain. They also report a tight tape around the head; pressure on the head; short, pungent pain around the body;

Above and below

One of the new dangers posed by the 5G technique is its dependence on high frequency millimeter waves (MMW), which is a rich and previously non-commercial part of the electromagnetic spectrum. While 5G enthusiasts promise to quickly support billions of devices, there is one catch – shorter millimeter wavelengths cannot move as much as the lower frequencies used by previous generations of mobile technology. Thus, since the US cell towers and buildings had about 300,000 wireless antennas since 2016 (doubling since 2002), 5G requires "exponentially more" – many small cell towers every 500 meters "each corner of the street." [19659002] …… Even in a home environment, 5G technology [will] blasted through walls and bed, mocking the idea that "your own home is your fort" where you should be safe. "

Organizations are concerned concerning the well being hazards of wi-fi radiation that" right now you don't have to live next to a cell tower …. but when they have these [5G] cell antennas everywhere, you can't [move away]. "Sadly 5G's" anywhere Hidden "points are much more critical as floor based mostly 5G methods complement satellite tv for pc methods. In March 2018, the FCC accredited the launch of over 4,400 low-Earth orbit 5G communications satellites, followed by hundreds over the subsequent two years, with a ultimate results of 11 occasions more satellites circling the globe than at present. The satellites send a "tightly focused, powerful microwave radiation to every 5G on the planet," while each system then sends a "radius back to the satellite".

because of this in crowded places, similar to airports, the our bodies of people cross via numerous beams of radiation as they walk or when different individuals walk around their 5G smartphones. "But even at home, 5G technology [will] blast through walls and babies," mocking "the idea that" your house is your fort "where you should be safe.

More than Deep Skin

Scientists, doctors and experts around the world have published repeated warnings of 5G risks based on published MMW studies and thousands of studies showing the disadvantages of other mobile and wireless technologies

. The 5G technology is safe, are completely uncomfortable. In fact, the health effects of MMWs are already quite familiar to US military and defense agencies around the world. The US has non-lethal violent weapon systems (euphemistically named Active Denial Systems) that use millimeter waves to get targeted individuals' skin, "without instantly producing an intolerable feeling of heat that makes them escape." The US Army "explains why individuals ran away when the beam touched them," they found that the goals "felt [their] from the physique's hearth." Scientists have also warned that "the identical elements of the skin that permit us to sweat also react to 5G radiation identical to an antenna that can obtain alerts." President Tom Tomer (former telecom lobbyist) promised “To allow new [5G] technologies and innovations to evolve and flourish without unnecessary regulations. and so widely criticized for radiation exposure guidelines based mainly on 30-year-old analysis … many years before digital wireless technology is in use today. “A recent study by the National Toxicology Program, which found that mobile phone radiation is carcinogenic, considered the three decades old guidelines as" unprotected ".

"… children who started using either wireless or mobile phones that were regular before the age of 20 had more than four times the risk of brain tumors." However, it is clear that fetuses and children are among the most vulnerable people, even before 5G Swedish researchers stated that "children are indeed more susceptible to EMF exposure to microwave frequencies" and reported that children who started using either wireless or mobile phones Regularly before the age of 20 ”, there was more than 4 occasions the mind danger of tumor. 03] RELATED INFORMATION:

The United Nations whistleblower says: “People's first reaction to the idea that 5G may be an existing threat to life in the whole country is generally disbelief and / or cognitive dissonance. When they study the facts, their second reaction is often horror. We must overcome this in order for 5G to be able to empower ourselves, take responsibility and take action. “Some of the actions people have taken are signing an international complaint; learning for many reasons not to worry about 5G radiation and others; talking to legislators about why an urgent legislation to enhance the introduction of 5G small cells is a bad idea (and also increases awareness of the risks of smart meters by legislators and state aids); and changing their relationship to their devices, including using wired, wireless Internet connections (or turning off WiFi routers at night) and introducing other simple steps.

5G promises to create even a "denser electric filter" with unpredictable health effects. In fact, all investigators have to agree with authors and over 40,000 signatories on an international complaint to stop the 5G on Earth and in space, agreeing that 5G on the planet 'is a human experiment and an environment defined as a crime under international law. ”

* The article originally appeared in Youngsters's Health Security. Restored with permission.

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