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16 documented cases of The Economist's racist Hindu Phobia

16 documented cases of economist racist Hindu-hobby

As a daily reader of The Economist, I understood that the S. Asian columns in most cases provide a complicated description of

Hinduism and its followers. As an alternative of details, the columns are full of neglect, rewards, abnormal terms, and unjustified claims; As well as, unjustified claims are repeated, despite the fact that they’ve proved to be incorrect.

Listing of The Economist Articles, Article Identify and Date of Publication:

1) “Bitter Fruit,” August 2008:

The article states that “pilgrims see (Amarnath) as the god of Shiva's phallic symbol” but it isn’t true . In all encyclopedias, it’s clear that Shiva's phonetic illustration is a controversial and primarily Western interpretation. Not providing area for Hindu opinion is dangerous, but making an attempt to maneuver non-Hindu faith, as a result of Hindu is dishonest. The article is a double normal by inviting a relatively peaceable Hindu Protester "Militant" and an aggressive "Protester" Muslim protester.

2) "Uphill", September 2012:

The Amarnath pilgrimage is known as "INVASION"

three) "The Future of Kashmir: A Fleeting Opportunity", July 2011; "Uphill", September 2012:

Amarnath Shrine named "Penis Shaped Ice Break".

four) "Mountains", December 2010:

The article states that Amarnath pilgrims are unmolested, however that isn’t true. Amarnath's pilgrims have been murdered several occasions. For example, on August 2, 2000, 34 pilgrims attacked terrible pilgrimage tents. Increasingly more, in the 1990s, the Indian authorities denied pilgrimage and denied spiritual freedom as a result of of the threats of terrorism.

5) "Hindu Self-Improvement", April 2011:

Hindu. Both paperwork and corruption are the legacy of Nehruvian socialism they usually don’t have anything to do with Hinduism. An economist skillfully protects Nehruvia's socialism and accuses Hindus.

6) "Searching for a Dream", September 2012; "Finish work" April 2012;

“Hindu Self-Improvement”, April 2011:

The Economist refers to the fee of Indian socialist GDP progress at "Hindu Growth Rate". Is Cuba's poor GDP progress fee a 'Catholic progress fee'? Both India and Cuba have constitutionally declared themselves "socialist secular republics" and have adopted a socialist financial model (ie the socialism of Fabian / Nehruvia in India until 1993). Why does the Economist not use the same normal to explain the expansion charges of other nations?

7) Swami Curse, June 2011:

The article not directly describes Ayurveda and Yoga. Personally, I am not a follower or supporter of Baba Ramdev and the Lokpal motion, however I used to be shocked by the tone, terms, bias and error of the article.

8) The Economist has many articles about Kashmir, as in November 2010 [19659022] “K-word”. They virtually all the time miss "The P Word" (ie not directly denying / undercutting Hindu Pandit Plight).

9) In 2012–2013, economists could have a number of articles about Bangladesh's warfare and political disaster.

Most articles condemn conflict felony proceedings, assault proof, and ask for an eyewitness account. Failures and rewards on this article, indirectly prohibit / undermine the Hindu genocide of 1971 and attacks on Hindus in 2012/2013.

10) The Economist has revealed several articles on the Ayodhya dispute.

Virtually all articles depart / suppress all history and deny archaeological evidence. For example, the article "The uneasy split", revealed in October 2010, states that "there is no archaeological evidence to support both beliefs", however that isn’t true. The archaeological evidence of the Hindu temple is a incontrovertible fact that has proved to be fairly uncertain to the Excessive Courtroom of India.

11) "The Approach to Rights", March 2010:

This can be a nice article on RTI that has nothing to do with Hinduism

12) "Witchcraft Assam Toil and Effort", April 2012:

An article on the superiority and rationality of Islam and Christianity, abandoning the original beliefs as superstition and failing to make the carried out social reforms in the primary Hindu group, such because the Rama-Krishna operation,

13) The Shadow of the Dark Decade, August 2012:

Immediately and not directly, the newest Muslim violence in Mumbai, based mostly on false accusations and numbers.

First, the economist claimed that "in 1992, Hindu-nationalist crowds and hundreds were murdered by Muslims," ​​however in actuality an Islamist who was indignant after the dissolution of Ayodhya started to focus on the Hindus. Through the first two days (6 and 7 January 1992) riots, 34 Hindu and 8 Muslims have been killed, 138 Hindus and 34 Muslims have been injured. On January 8, 1992, at 6:30 pm, 6 Hindus have been burned, 5 of them ladies and residing within the Radhabai Cave. Radhabai Chawl's massacre triggered a Hindu.

The official deaths are 900 (575 Muslims, 275 Hindus, 45 unknowns and 5 others). “Bitter Fruit,” Second, about 2002 within the Gujarat riots. The economist wrote: "2 000 people, most of whom are Muslims, were killed", but listed here are the precise figures: 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus have been killed (
“Bitter Fruit,” All numbers are from public studies revealed by the judicial authorities of the SriKrishna Commission in Mumbai and Gujarat. Report

14) "Bad House", March 2012:

The title is quoted by Charles Dickens, whose racial views are well known. The article tries responsible guilt on Godhra practice bloodbath for his or her dying, implicitly suggesting that nearly zero (official number 254) Hindus died in later riots and practiced double normal. An economist wrote: "The killing began on a fireplace in a practice…. When the dispute was …… 31, they have been convicted… ..but no man believes that the hearth was an accident… .Any cause for the hearth .. ”.

The Economist planted a stealth suspicion of the seed of Godhra, and it retains alive canals reminiscent of "dispute" and "accident". The fact is that there was no huge dispute that may have aroused such a terrible bloodbath. The capture story turned out to be an inexpensive doubt. Solely the extremely open-minded media tried to reject the hearth that started in the midst of an attack as a mere accident, and not directly relieves the attackers of all duty. First, the coach S6 would not have come to the hearth, in the mean time, with out the assault. Secondly, without attackers, passengers might get out of the coach.

15) "Positive Action", June 2013:

The article makes many false claims:

* The writer wrote: "Muslims additionally need quotas, however they lack political influence

The undeniable fact that the OBC quota consists of The OBC chests embrace Muslims reminiscent of Khatri, Gujjar, Jat, Ghanchi, and so forth. Muslim tribes resembling "Siddi" in Gujarat and Karnataka, "Gujjar" in Himachal Pradesh and JammuKashmir are included in the schedule train quota. The OBC and ST quota system is secular and consists of all religions.

* The writer wrote "low… Hindu baptisms, commonly known as OBC devices… also received quotas"

The reality is that OBC quotas are secular. They include all OBC baptism irrespective of faith. Muslims, Sikhs and Christians in India even have baptisms and tribes. Increasingly, many religions discover lots of castles.

* The writer wrote: "Most likely, more depressed for centuries, when Hinduism has suffered from harmful caste practices, are the Dalits…. Behind other Hindus." The reality is that harmful caste follow is secular. It’s found among all of the Asian religions (Tibetan Buddhist, Pakistani Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Sri Lankan Buddhist). All

religions and ruling elites saved the Dalits. Buddhists, Muslims and the British have been the elites that judged a big part of their historical past. Extra about this is the Hindu-American Basis's "Hinduism: Not Baptized"

16) "Religious Festivals and Violence", August 9, 2013:

The writer wrote: “From India, for example, great Hindu festivals can be a fear for Muslims and Christians . ”However the actuality is sort of totally different. Listed here are a number of examples and information from the & # 39; Indian Bloodbath Listing & # 39; Wikipedia:

* August 24, 2008 Jalespeta Kanya Ashram, the varsity of temple and housewives, was celebrated by Janmashtam, the birthplace of the Hindu pageant. Lord Krishna. The Ashram was attacked by a gaggle of 30-40 armed attackers, principally Christians and Maoists, who murdered five individuals, together with a 82-year-old monk, a lady and youngsters.

On 30 September 2013, the Courtroom found 8 individuals, 7 Christians and 1 Maoist who have been guilty of the monastery of the Jalespeta Monastery.

* Hindu believers are the primary goal of terrorists. Examples of the 30 amarnath massacre of 30 August 2000, the March 2002 assault on the Raghunath Temple, killing on 11 November 2002 an assault on the Raghunath Temple, which killed 14 individuals, the September 2002 attack on the Akshardham temple 30.

* August 10, 2013, Jammu, Kistwah , Eid, Large

The Muslim inhabitants attacked the Hindus, leaving two lifeless (1 Hindu, 1 unknown).

* July 27, 2013, Meerut UP, During Ramadan, Muslims opposed gambling on the Hymn Hindu Temple. They shut down the speaker and hit the Hindus involved in prayer. Results of riots died 2 (each Hindus).

* The reality is that 66 % of Indian massacres are Hindu massacres

Mayank Patel

Verifiable Source:

1) Go to http: //, enter the title of the article in the search field.

2) [19659004] FAQ: [19659004] Q. How did I learn a Hindu record?

Reply: The Economist homepage has a search bar to the correct. I'll write the phrase "Hindu" and Luke's search end result.

Q. Did we discover neutral articles that gave a neutral perspective (NPOV) to Hinduism?

Answer: No. I don't keep in mind any article that gives NPOV for Hinduism, however then I not looked at each individual article there.

Q. Listing an inventory of each particular person anti-Hindu article on this page?

Reply. I didn’t exclude information, constructive criticism and doubts; In addition, indirect anti-Hindu articles have been excluded. For example, all articles that attack the center right of India, akin to "Can Anyone Stop Narendra Modi" on April 5, 2014 have been omitted.

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